Those Patriots who fought and died in the American Revolutionary War did not die in vain. Those Patriots who fought in the Civil War did not die in vain. Those two events, the two most deciding events to date in America's short history are now being eclipsed by the Tea Party Movement. The difference today is that We The People are fighting to stop a corrupt socialist machine that has inbedded itself into all levels of government. This cancerous machine has metastasized throughout our nation under a cloud of secrecy. Only now have we felt  the pain to such an extent that it is incumbent upon us to fight the disease. And the only way to do it is through major surgery. The type of operation that will cut out the fat, the backroom deals, the criminal socialist politicians and those who are sworn to uphold the law, but are opponents of it. The disease of Socialism, is one that pits the Patriotic American against the un-Patriotic Parasitic Leach. It pits the hard working taxpayer against the enabled, the entitlement monger. These parasitic leachs live off productivity of others, they are blood suckers. We all know who they are, they can be found in every town and city across this great land. Todays leaches have grown in numbers by 1000 fold during the past 45 years. Government policies and programs enabled them to proliferate. To halt their insidious damage, a campaign to snuff out their numbers has been born. It is called the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. This is reminiscient of the orginal Boston Tea Party. One by One, we are recruiting new members, who in turn become part of our Tea Party Army. All across the nation, millions of us are coming together with a common goal; to cut the size of Big Government. Only then will we be Free again. We don't seek glory, we seek to throw off the chains of Big Government and regain our rights, liberties and freedoms..


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