We do admit that on past occasion we have watched Hannity, Glenn Beck and O'Reilly and listened to Limbaugh once or twice. The same rhetoric gets to be old hat. You know, how many times can you say the same thing. Putting that aside though, we do have to admit we are more than sick and tired of the vitriol and  rhetoric coming from the progressive fans of the President. Some of these zealots believe that Obama has done a superlative job during his 20 or so months in office. In fact these supporters of the Prez lie throught their teeth trying to defend Obamacare, QE1 and now QE2, not to mention his collapsing foreign policies. Those in the know understand the Obama destruction machine and they made it known to him on November 2. We all remember Nancy, the ex-speaker of the House, calling us Astro Turf, Janet Napolitano, calling us Terrorists (how would she know what terrorist is, her TSA has never caught one)? And that Reid fellow up there in Nevada; we still don't know how he won, calling the Tea Party Patriots some type of "monger". These are fine people, but somehow when it comes to disagreeing with them, they show their animalistic side.

History speaks for itself, as we now begin to understand the havoc caused by the socialist policies of governments throughout the world. We can be very open about this, name one country in the world where socialism has survived? This brings us to Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Iceland. Oh, Portugal we must tell you about their Civil, Civil Servants. They, all of 3 million of them, went on strike, all because they are getting a 5% haircut and pension benefit cuts. The socialist unions added their two cents, babbling that cutting salaries and benefits will cause the economy to tank even more. This type of action must be applauded by all free market, private sector advocates. We in the United States must follow the lead of the PIGS, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. Long live the socialists.  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg


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