“Hell no”, you ain’t dumping a bunch of scabies laced illegals in my back yard says Murreieta California protesters who turned back a bus of illegals. They were later seen heading toward a border facility in San Diego.

This is one more flagrant act by Obama prior to the fall election; the only one objective is to incite the Latino/Hispanic community enough to bring out the November vote, thus damaging the Republican chances of controlling Congress. We can’t imagine how many illegals will be voting in the fall, but certainly there will be thousands.

Patriots, we are in a war on several fronts.  Obama and Holder are dangerous criminals who must be brought to justice.  The two thugs are looking for an opening where they can declare martial law. For the mean time we will let cooler heads prevail.

We have the law on our side, these two hoodlums will pay for their deliberate violation of our Constitution. They are guilty as charged.  Boehner indicated a suit is in the offing. He better walk his talk, that is all we can say.


Notice that Hondurans top the hit list. 

Honduran killers
Honduran killers


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