ElectoralCollege2000.svg The Electoral Map after the George W. Bush win in 2000 is indicative of what is to come in 2016. Easily taking the middle of the country, but leaving mostly the west coast and New England liberals in their wake besides the upper mid-west union strongholds. And this is changing, note Wisconsin’s Walker crushing all Democrats who threatened him.

What the Republicans need to do and quickly is to get their Presidential act together, stop the infighting and coalesce  around one candidate early. Campaign vigorously, transparent and tell it like it is. Do that and in 2016 we will rule the roost. Don’t let the lame stream media tell you any different. They have already stated that the Democrats will win back the Senate; wishful thinking losers are they.

We will win in 2016 because the Country saw Obama once and that was enough. Every Democrat running in 2016 is Obama, remember that. The good people in Louisiana did.

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