Never think the possible is impossible! Strange things can happen in a heart beat. Revolutions are sparked by a numerous incidents. One can never imagine what or how a second American Revolution will begin, but as each day passes we are a day closer. Americans are distraught, discussed, determined to see that those who have brought down the United States be punished for treason. The Constitution has been breached.

Only massive rallies can send a message to Washington. Shutting down the economy will  send a message. Our concerns must be addressed or else. Large corporations will realize the power we have, we can send the stock market into a freeze; we can crash the dollar too.  We have the power to succeed in bringing about a revolution. However, to do so, in the interim it is the military that will take hold of the power, similar to what General Abdul al-Sisi has done in Egypt. They will see to it that justice will be done. The country needs to purge those guilty of treason. We know who they are, we know their fate. Only “we the people” can bring justice to our enemies.

Government agencies are filled with spies, liberal infiltrators who build impenetrable fiefdoms. The IRS, a political organization, targets Tea Party groups; they fail to provide information to Congressional investigators. Lois Lerner thumbs her nose at taxpaying Americans. Holder, now Lynch, feels there is no need to prosecute. The same goes for Hillary – stolen records – a crime deserving of the big house and she gets a pass.

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