They ripped the cities apart, murdered each other like there was no tomorrow. Not a word was said about the killings, not a peep, just one more gang banger to pay tribute too; mourners were there only to show that they live to see another day. Glowing words from the clergy: “he had high hopes.” But now the kiss of death of living in the hood brings home the ugly reality of the liberal ghetto built brick by brick and as we see in Baltimore, destroyed brick by brick by the liberal hood mentality.

In the aforementioned cites over one thousand murders last year, yet no riots ’cause it was black on black. But when a black man dies at the hands of a white man – in this case 3 white and 3 of color, the town erupts in a volcanic display akin to barbarism. Yet the liberals condone such behavior because it is them who built the society of the ghetto. We all know that the liberals can do no wrong nor do they ever admit so. However, as we see the world in a state of destruction, urban ghettos breed flame throwers with abandon, The truth is that the welfare society has bred decades of generations of degenerates who are inbred to hate whitey. Any black man worth his salt who speaks otherwise is a target. Until more speak out, the continuation of urban riots will be with us for years to come.

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