Hillary Clinton was last seen at Walmart purchasing under garments. Lately she has been going through them like her husband used to go through women. What has caused such incontinence? Well, for one, the California primary is on the horizon and secondly she is been hounded by “THE BURN.” If Mr. Sanders pulls off a victory in California next week all hell will break loose.

The possibility of that happening is real. And if it does the Democrat liberal progressives will have to do some soul searching. And then there is the Philadelphia convention in July, a raucous affair in the making. Words have been exchanged between the two camps, fighting words. And thirdly we have Donald Trump, aiming his wrecking ball straight at here head.

These are types of situations only novices find themselves in, yet Hillary has done such a good job, she earns the title of Ms. Incontinent. You can depend on them, but not on her. Depend Silhouette Briefs for women

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