Trump takes command in the Year of the Rooster. Click here to BIG JOE tells it all. Go Big Joe. My Man tells it like it is.  Listen up you Deplorable losers, if you don’t like it here go to Cuba; go to Venezuela.

  Trump is hitting the road running. He has put a stake in the ground, a line in the sand. However, this does not sit well with the illegals and their cohort liberals who continue to seek the destruction of our country. Round em up, put them in jail and send them back to where they came from. That is our rallying cry.

These people aren’t Americans. Why are they coming here? The one simple truth is for “economic reasons.”  Why don’t they go to Venezuela? Because the economy is a disaster, the people work for a pittance, the economy is in shambles.

The Syrian fiasco is over; why come here when you can build anew. It is your country, you belong there, not here. The United States is a melting pot – integration has always been our policy. Your philosophy is segregation, not assimilation. Very few of you will ever accept our culture; Europe is a proving ground – Islamic ghettos abound in France, England, Belgium. Your ultimate objective is the takeover of Western Civilization. It won’t happen on the Trump watch – count on it. 

Vetting those who want to come to the United States is the sane thing to do. Seven countries are on the list that Trump identified as being the home of Islamic Jihadists whose intent is to destroy America. BTW, these seven countries are the same ones Obama focused on.

The progressive destroyers of America now find themselves on the outside looking in. Muslims have been caught in the lurch. Homeland Security is doing the job they are charged with.  Chaos reigned! You come to America, you obey our laws. Simple as that. We are not a stepping stone for those who seek our demise. We suggest that those who choose to come here, don’t. Go to Venezuela, they love Muslims. You will receive a very warm welcome there. The socialist destroyed the country perhaps you can build it back up with the help of Allah. 


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