Woodstock, the iconic smoke-out revered by many seems like a distant memory, but scar tissue remains in the diluted Swiss cheese brain of those who made it to the event. The folk festival of peace and love lasted four days with recent rains making a mess of the venue.  Taking you back to the days of free sex, free drugs and freedom from authority we are able to analyze the incurable cancer called socialism which has devoured like a swarm of locust the pea size brains of its victims. The Bohemian culture handed down through two generations has erupted in protest. Like crying infants screaming at the top of their lungs these newbie zombies are in for a shock called culture clash.

BTW, socialism is the worst disease known to man – INCURRABLE  Most of those afflicted by socialism now suffer from bovine encephalopathy or as its more commonly known, mad cow disease. This is best manifested in their behavior; protesting Trump in city and town across the land. They are the children of self proclaimed anarchists, tribal zygotes GONE MAD.

For a disaster waits when the blind lead the blind, but don’t despair they are self perpetuating masochists who take to the whip with ease enjoying the hard lash. Protesting is their coin of the realm. Black Lives Matter, Open borders, Move on dot org, click here for more of the same. These groups have been infiltrated by those who seek power, but the inevitable end to their psychedelic flashes of aggrandizement will be similar to a burned out star collapsing upon itself.

You can call them Generation Z or the millennials, however in the end few will come to their senses. They will eventually succumb to the beast they created. A bonfire will engulf the most hardened in the sewer pit of socialism. Ask the Venezuelans how it feels!

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