Hey no fooling around here, we are dead serious. On many occasion the courts have come down with diarrhea of the mouth, but so far none has offered evidence, only hearsay.  As any reputable lawyer knows, facts make the case and the devil is in the details. But we still wanna know where is the offended. Yes we are talking about that person who was rejected at the voting booth because they didn’t have a voter ID.

Put up or shut up is not a term used lightly; we want to know where are they. Do they really exist and why did they fail to procure the appropriate identification before the election knowing full well it was a statutory requirement. What impediment stopped them from adhering to the legal ID requirement. Where are they?  They are imagined by an LSD saturated brain high on psychedelic euphoria. Can anyone in their right mind give us a reason why a 50 or 60 year adult doesn’t have a state or federal identification card?

Never had a driver’s license, passport, military ID, prior voting ID, state issued identity card, gun permit, social security card, library card, bank credit card with photo, naturalization papers, college ID, etc, etc, etc? And then you show up to vote.  We can tell you by default that you are most likely about to commit a crime if you don’t have that ID. That is the reason for State ID laws. They do not suppress voters from voting, but they do stop criminals from voting; 80% of the public is in favor of voter ID laws according to the Washington Post.

So to the liberal lying false news aficionados still shouting Jim Crow, we are calling you out once and for all.

Click here for voter suppression

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