Black Swans are everywhere you look. China, Mid East, Europe, Mexico and the United States. China is a CROOK, the Mid East is one bomb away from a nuclear strike, Europe is being destroyed by a ruthless religion bent on world hegemony whose followers will stop at nothing to subjugate Christianity and Judaism to waste bin of history, Mexico is on the verge of unleashing millions of illegals across the border and here in the good old USA we are faced with liars, scam artists and ruthless cheats in charge of the House.

So in the scheme of things we see a world in chaos. Latino/Hispanic killers are everywhere; Trump is doing his best to prevent these serial rapists, murders and gangs from entering our country. On the other hand the likes of Pelosi love to see Americans raped, pillaged, beaten and murdered. Her love for the United States is no more, her love for United States citizens is no more. Pelosi and the sanctuary city aficionados are on attempting to euthanize the God loving honorable people of the our country.

Make no mistake about it, we are in a fight of our lives. Not only a fight of our lives, but a fight for our lives. Believe us when we say it, we are not against Hispanics/Latinos or their culture; we are against illegals violating our sovereignty. This must stop.

Click here to learn more about the Conquistador mindset. This information will educate each and everyone of you about the Spanish killers who stopped at nothing to pillage Latin America. By the way in so doing, they murdered, raped and violated the indigenous populations. And the irony today is that many of the leaders of Latin American countries preach to us today about morality.

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