Obama’s full quote at the time: “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States, undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”

“We all agree on the need to better secure the border and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants,” Obama added. “We are a generous and welcoming people, here in the United States, but those who enter the country illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law.”

In his post, Trump also provided a partial quote from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, emphasizing her support for the Secure Fence Act of 2006. That legislation passed by an overwhelming 80-19 majority, and was backed by Obama, as well.

“I voted, when I was a Senator, to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in…” Hillary Clinton, 2015,” Trump wrote.

At a campaign stop in November 2015, Clinton told a crowd: “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders.”

Trump continued: “The only reason they do not want to build a Wall is that Walls Work! 99% of our illegal Border crossings will end, crime in our Country will go way down and we will save billions of dollars a year! A properly planned and constructed Wall will pay for itself many times a year!”

So let it be written, so let it be done

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