Pelosi threatens Trump in a belligerent manner. She tells him to take down the tweet exposing the vitriolic diarrhea spilling from the mouth of a suicide bomber. Yes, Pelosi, now hugging Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and ISIS aficionados. This low life from Somalia who has done nothing but blame Jews and Republicans, calling President Trump a White Racist.

Pelosi moves to ensure Ilhan Omar’s safety, calls for Trump to take down video. Omar says we lost our civil liberties, go back to Somalia and get your civil liberties.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday that she’s taken steps to ensure the safety of Rep. Ilhan Omar following President Trump’s tweet of a video that, according to critics, showed the Minnesota Democrat being dismissive of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The California Democrat also called on Trump to take down the video. That same day, the video was no longer pinned to the top of Trump’s Twitter feed, although it was not clear whether it was because of Pelosi’s request.

Pelosi was among numerous Democrats who had criticized Trump over the tweet, with some accusing him of trying to incite violence against the Muslim lawmaker.


The White House defended Trump earlier Sunday, saying the president had a duty to highlight Omar’s history of comments that others have found offensive and that he wished no “ill will” upon the first-term lawmaker.

Pelosi, who was traveling in London, issued a statement saying she had spoken with congressional authorities after Trump’s tweet “to ensure that Capitol Police are conducting a security assessment to safeguard Congresswoman Omar, her family and her staff.”

“They will continue to monitor and address the threats she faces,” the speaker said. She called on Trump to discourage such behavior.

“The President’s words weigh a ton, and his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates real danger,” Pelosi also said. “President Trump must take down his disrespectful and dangerous video.”

The video in Trump’s tweet included a snippet from a recent speech Omar gave to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). She had said, in her defense of the organization, that CAIR was founded after Sept. 11, 2001 “because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” CAIR had been formed in 1994.

The video tweeted by Trump also included news footage of the terror attacks on the Twin Towers. Trump captioned his tweet with: “WE WILL NEVER FORGET!”

Critics accused Omar of offering a flippant description of the attackers who killed nearly 3,000 people. She later sought to defend herself by tweeting a quote from President George W. Bush. Days after 9/11, the Republican president referred to the attackers as “people.”

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