They had an insurance policy. Strzok and Page made a joke of this when confronted by the intelligence committee, but as it turns out, this was no joke. They knew what the back channel was up to. Our government was being subverted by Obama and Clinton and Democrat apparatchiks who worked their fare from the insides of the justice department. All of them, the cabal, aimed to stop a Trump victory. And if he was elected to use all of their efforts to overthrow a freely elected President; another words a coup d’eta.


Explosive, newly unsealed evidence documenting the FBI’s efforts to target national security adviser Michael Flynn — including a top official’s handwritten memo debating whether the FBI’s “goal” was “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired” — calls into question whether Brandon Van Grack, a Justice Department prosecutor and former member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Team, complied with a court order to produce favorable evidence to Flynn.

Van Grack further dismissed arguments by Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, that “General Flynn was targeted and taken out of the Trump administration for concocted and political purposes” as “conspiracy theories.”

What Van Grack didn’t inform the court about – and didn’t provide to Flynn – was the newly unsealed January 4, 2017 “Closing Communication” from the FBI Washington Field Office, which recommended the FBI close its investigation of Flynn, as its exhaustive search through government databases “did not yield any information on which to predicate further investigative efforts.”

Van Grack also failed to provide evidence to Flynn’s attorneys that anti-Trump former FBI agent Peter Strzok then immediately intervened and instructed the FBI case manager handling the Flynn investigation to keep the probe open, followed by indicators that the bureau would seek to investigate Flynn for possible violations of an obscure 18th century law known as the Logan Act — which has never been utilized in a modern prosecution.

Another Strzok text mentions that the FBI’s “7th floor” – meaning FBI leadership – may have been involved in the decision to keep the Flynn case alive.

Instead, Van Grack characterized Flynn’s alleged false statements as critical to the FBI’s “legitimate and significant investigation into whether individuals associated with the campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump were coordinating with the Russian government in its activities to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.”


He argued to Sullivan that Flynn’s “conduct and communications with Russia went to the heart of that inquiry.” And Van Grack said that Flynn’s alleged “false statements to the FBI on January 24, 2017, were absolutely material.”

But by that time, the FBI had already cleared Flynn of any improper ties or coordination with Russia. Shedding light on internal FBI deliberations, notes from the then-assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division Bill Priestap — written before the Flynn interview and after discussions with then-FBI Director James Comey and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Fox News is told — show discussions of whether their “goal” was “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

These people who tried to trap Flynn were hired guns, criminal minds, spies and ruthless archetypes who thought they were the privilege few who would decide who would run the government. When this is all over, and they are convicted, believe us, it will happen, the patriotic citizens of the U.S. will know who the enemy is. And these criminals knew that once Trump got elected, he would discover their crimes. That is why they tried to subvert the election and Trump campaign.



Vaughn called Gusciora a “motherf—ing drug-addict pedophile, that’s what you are.”

“You need to get the f— out of the office and get the f— out of Trenton,” she continued. “I’ve seen young boys coming out of your house.”

Vaughn signed off the call by telling one council member to “help pack [Gusciora’s] bags and suck his d— while you’re at it.”


How do we avenge the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

That is the question facing President Trump as the world learns that China’s leaders lied about the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan. People everywhere will demand that Beijing pay a price for the enormous loss of life and the incalculable damage done to economies around the globe.

An intelligence report from the “Five Eyes” alliance of Western nations reports that China intentionally misled the world about COVID-19.


The dossier, leaked by a newspaper in Australia, indicates that Beijing suppressed evidence that COVID-19 was transmitted between humans, silenced whistleblower doctors alarmed at the spread of the disease, censored news about the outbreak on social media and perhaps worst of all, destroyed samples of the virus which could have helped develop an earlier therapy or vaccine.

The report calls Beijing’s behavior an “assault on international transparency”; some might call it murder.

More from Opinion

We must retaliate by hitting Beijing where it hurts that despotic regime worst: by undermining its propaganda campaigns and by crushing its illicit pathways to growth. The good news is that the Trump administration has already paved the way on both those fronts.

Unlike prior administrations, the Trump White House has not been afraid to call out China for its worst behavior. President Obama kowtowed to Beijing to get their support for the Paris Climate Accord, demanding almost no concessions from the worst polluter on earth just to get their signature on a deal that would have undermined U.S. growth. He also wanted their support for the flawed Iran nuke deal, which did zero to rein in Tehran’s terror blitz in the Middle East.

Those ambitions took precedence; Obama was not about to rock the boat, even as Beijing lied to him about their military ambitions in the South China Sea, as they hacked into our Office of Personnel Management to steal the records of 22 million Americans, and so much more.

Obama chose not to confront Beijing on unfair trade practices, even as millions of middle-class jobs in the U.S. evaporated.

Through our new measures, we must demonstrate that the United States can be trusted, and China cannot.

President Trump was elected in part to push back against China, and that he has done, at great risk to our economy and to his own reelection prospects. Against all odds, his team managed to ink a trade deal that would begin to right some of the wrongs, resetting uneven tariffs while also reducing the cheating by state-owned firms and the theft of American know-how.

That effort opened the door to a more honest relationship with China. COVID-19 blew the door off its hinges.

What now?

Through our new measures, we must demonstrate that the United States can be trusted, and China cannot. That rules out defaulting on our debt, which some have suggested. It also rules out more tariffs. The White House has claimed those taxes on imports were necessary to reset the trade rules for U.S. producers; that’s how they should be used, not as punishment.

Instead, we first need to bring critical manufacturing back to the U.S. We should, for instance, restore the tax benefits that helped create a major pharmaceutical hub in Puerto Rico. Rebuilding that industry would be good for struggling Puerto Rico and good for the U.S. It is unconscionable that we rely on China for a large portion of our drugs and medical supplies.

But, using tax incentives or regulatory relief – whatever it takes — other industries should also be encouraged to move out of China, to diversify their sourcing or, better yet, relocate to the U.S. We have learned recently that far too many critical supply chains wind through China; we need to investigate and protect against those vulnerabilities.

Second, we need to strictly limit access to our universities and labs by Chinese students and scientists. In January, the Department of Justice arrested Charles Lieber, Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department. DOJ alleges that Lieber lied about his longtime participation in China’s “Thousand Talents” program and failed to disclose millions of dollars he received from the Wuhan University of Technology. During the same period, Lieber received $15 million in grants from the Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health.

Two Chinese nationals who worked with Lieber were also charged, one with acting as an agent for a foreign government and the other for attempting to smuggle vials of biological research out of the U.S.

Lieber’s alleged duplicity is the tip of the iceberg. For years, American scientists and our intel organizations have warned that visiting Chinese students and scholars have penetrated the goodwill and secrets of U.S. universities, and then headed home with pockets full of secrets. This must stop.

Third, we must close down Chinese acquisitions of U.S. properties and companies. The EU, normally squeamish about confronting Beijing, has recently taken steps to prohibit Chinese state firms from buying European companies. We must do the same.


Fourth, we need an aggressive public relations campaign that will penetrate Beijing’s suffocating lockdown of news and social media in the country and undermine President Xi Jinping’s authority. Voice of America must help, and all efforts should be made to broaden its reach within China.

Lately, VOA has come under fire from the White House for broadcasting material viewed as helpful to Beijing; that must stop. The organization prides itself on being “independent” and not being a propaganda arm for the U.S.

But if Beijing lies to its people, VOA’s role is to counter the official narrative and to represent American values. Otherwise, why should taxpayers pay their bills?


None of this will be easy; the White House can count on Democrat resistance to every step. But the American people are on board; according to Pew Research Center, two-thirds of the country has a negative view of China, up from 38 percent five years ago. More impressive, 91 percent think it would be better “if the U.S. is the world’s leading power.”

Common sense Americans believe in our leadership. In November, they will choose a president who believes in it too.



Opinion: We Wrecked Our Economy for Nothing

Posted at 4:00 am on May 3, 2020 by Mike FordShare On FacebookShare On Twitter

AP featured image
Unemployed people, numbering about 5,000, wait outside the State Labor Bureau which houses the State Temporary Employment Relief administration in New York City, Nov. 24, 1933. The crowd began to gather at 5 a.m. to register for possibly 90,000 federal relief jobs during the Great Depression. (AP Photo)

Imagine if you will, an edict from your Mayor, Governor, the President or all three. This edict targets you and 30 million other citizens simply because you are a member of a specific economic class or category of worker. Your vocation has been determined to be “non-essential.” The directive is clear. You will forgo your wages for an indeterminate period of time. You have no choice. If you fail to comply, you face fines and/or imprisonment. The stated objectives of all of this, are to preclude the medical suite from being overwhelmed and to increase the lifespan of one million people, many of whom would perish within 6 months anyhow from already existing conditions.

This is exactly what has happened. The Federal government has encouraged mayors and governors to enact certain “social distancing” guidelines and forbade workers in “non essential’ occupations from earning a paycheck. This has over the past few months, caused over 30 million people to become newly unemployed and unable to feed their families. This number will continue to rise. It is not much of a reach to believe we could hit 20% unemployment…numbers we haven’t gotten to since the Great Depression.

There is little to no actual science behind this draconian decsion. The experts told us that by sacrificing the jobs of 30 million people (and still counting) we would “flatten the curve” on new infections and thus keep our hospital system from being overwhelmed. The “experts” and their models have been proven wrong time and again throughout this debacle.

The expected tidal wave never struck the hospital system as a whole. Point of fact, because of deferred procedures put off in order to free up bed space for the expected surge, many hospitals have laid of staff and some have shut their doors…permanently. The United States is now exporting ventilators.


The Media and Democrats Use a New Talking Point to Trash Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden


As more and more information comes in, we are seeing that this virus not near as infectious as previously thought, and it is far less deadly. When it comes right down to it, this disease is going to end up with a Mortality Rate at or below our annual flu average. For that, we brought direct harm, pain and suffering to 30 million other Americans.

The Chicken Little folks supporting Dr Fauci and COL/Dr Birx are claiming that we saved a million U.S lives by shutting down our economy. Fine. Let’s do some math. For the sake of argument, let’s agree here that without closing up our economy, the number of U.S. Fatalities would have reached 1.1 Million. Let’s also assume that by invoking Dr Fauci’s draconian measures, we were able to cut that number down to 100,000 (I chose 1.1M and 100K in order to make the math simpler).

Bottom line? For each life allegedly saved, we as a nation, the states & localities severally, DEMANDED under threat of fines and/or imprisonment, that 30 other (non essential) American workers forgo their paychecks. We (corporate we) told select classes of people that we were going to essentially deny them the ability to make a living…and without any sort of due process whatsoever.

Basically, the Governors and Mayors with the encouragement of the Federal government denied the civil rights of broad swaths of the American citizenry. They abridged the right to earn a living on the unproven chance that it might save a stranger’s life. What’s worse, it wasn’t like we demanded that all of America make this sacrifice. No. We actually forced the weakest (financially) among us to carry this load. Interestingly, I find anecdotally that the folks most interested in keeping this shutdown in place until we are “perfectly safe,” aren’t the hourly wage, service industry workers who have been forced to shoulder almost this entire burden. Nope. It’s the “essential workers,” people whose occupation allows telecommuting, the media and of course, folks on on government salaries.

Mind you, none of the above was done via legislative action, which might have made it somewhat more palatable. It was all done via executive orders, big and small. As new data comes in, we are seeing that all of this had little to no effect on the spread of the virus nor the number of fatalities. We trampled on the Constitution, destroyed our economy and wrecked the lives of millions of Americans…for nothing. And we aren’t done yet.Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters. Read more by Mike Ford Share On FacebookShare On TwitterSHOW COMMENTS


Democrats are getting nervous to a point that they may have to jump ship; mutiny is becoming a real possibility. The more the public sees DEMENTIA JOE speak, the more they see a tire old man without the necessary skills to lead this country. Joe can’t carry on a viable conversation without hesitating, forgetting nor remembering what the question was.

The Democrat game here is to get him elected, then resign and the V.P. , a woman picks up the pieces. Power is what they seek, it doesn’t matter how many Democrats have raped women, it is OK as long as they win.



Sen. Grassley Notices All DOJ/Flynn Docs Are Stamped With ‘SCO’ and Asks the Obvious Question

Posted at 12:00 pm on May 1, 2020 by Elizabeth VaughnShare On FacebookShare On Twitter

AP featured image
Former special counsel Robert Mueller, accompanied by his top aide in the investigation Aaron Zebley, testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Flynn records which were unsealed by the DOJ on Wednesday night sent shockwaves throughout Washington. The documents prove that Gen. Michael Flynn was “set up” by top FBI officials for purely political reasons.

A closer look at the pages contained in the document reveals another disturbing issue. While reviewing the “new” DOJ/Flynn documents, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) noticed that each page was stamped by the SCO and had its own identification number. It appears as if they were part of the Special Counsel Office’s private collection of documents.

He quickly fired off the following tweet.

New DOJ/Flynn docs are stamped w SCO as in Special Counsels Office

Did Mueller have these docs? Why did his team sit on them? What else is Mueller team that cost taxpayers $30+ million hiding? The ppl deserve answers 2restore faith in federal law enforcement agencies

— ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) April 30, 2020


Dan Bongino Identifies Several Overlooked Details in the Flynn Case, ‘It Was Worse Than We Thought’

Elizabeth Vaughn 

During his podcast on Thursday, Dan Bongino discussed a similar reference to the SCO in the footnote on the first page of the documents. The footnote reads: “Note that the enclosed spreadsheet (DOJSCO-700023473 – DOJSCO700023475), which contains messages between and among various Bureau personnel, is an index and another detailed version of these messages is forthcoming.”

If you open up the document below, you’ll see the footnote. If you continue to scroll down, you’ll notice that each page beyond the cover letter is stamped with SCO.

Anonymous Twitter lawyer “Techno Fog” was the first to notice the footnote. He wrote, “Curious if Team Mueller had these all along…?

And now that Grassley has brought attention to the stamps on each page, it sure looks like it.

Which means that the Special Counsel, that revered group of attorneys tasked to find the wrong doing of President Trump may have hidden exculpatory evidence.

It might be time to haul the prosecutors from Team Mueller before a grand jury. I’m not suggesting Mueller himself, not after the debacle which took place before Congress last July. But Andrew Weissmann, who clearly led the group’s operations, and prosecutors such as Brandon Van Grack need to answer some direct questions under oath. Based on the information that’s currently available, it appears as if the Mueller’s Team had this evidence and chose to conceal it.

Evidence of the deep state’s corruption is mounting. Wednesday night’s document release, in my opinion, marked the turning point. Prior to then, I didn’t truly believe that those who so grossly abused their power would ever be held accountable. The new documents have changed everything.

Take a look at how the evidence is marked.

DOJSCO-700023473 – DOJSCO700023475

SCO = Special Counsel’s Office

Curious if Team Mueller had these all along… ?

— Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) April 29, 2020

Writer at RedState
MBA, former financial consultant, options trader
Mom of three grown children, grandmother


We patiently waited for rope, it has finally arrived, thanks to Amazon. Now that the hangman’s noose has been knotted and the stage set we wait for those to mount the platform. The world shall see these criminals during the final hour for them and their henchmen as they beg for mercy; to see their gonads squeezed like oranges – to see them scream for air and faces turn blood red; we can’t wait for the SHOW TO BEGIN. Seeing them brought down to size after a long investigation is What Makes America Great Again.

Our man, Bull Durham, is still in the thick of it. His team leaves no stone unturned. Evidence that was previously squelched by Hillary’s comrades is finally coming to light. Criminal attorneys are panting like exhausted dogs trying in vain to save their client’s assess. Some of them aren’t worth saving. Hopefully, they will go the way of the Dapper John or Jeffrey Epstein. Michael Flynn was conned; set up by Peter Strzok. He is the guy who had an affair with Lisa Page. Bring it on Durham, the public is awaiting for a public lynching.

In light of the Flynn public hanging, new information has come to light that exonerates him and at the same time finds government criminals at the FBI guilty of overstepping procedure and law.

EXCLUSIVE from Fox News: U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham has reviewed the bombshell files released earlier this week showing FBI officials discussed whether they wanted to interview Michael Flynn in order to “get him to lie,” sources familiar with his investigation told Fox News, as the document drop renews attention on his probe of the law enforcement community’s Russia case.

Sources even said charges could be justified against officials, and that those reviewing the Justice Department and the FBI’s actions are building a “serious case.” Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr are said to be speaking regularly.

Durham has seen all of this already,” one source told Fox News, adding that they “could be sufficient for some charges against agents.”


Documents unsealed late Wednesday by the Justice Department revealed that top FBI officials openly questioned if their “goal” in interviewing Flynn in January 2017 was “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

The handwritten notes were penned by the FBI’s former head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap after a meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and before Flynn’s interview.

The notes suggested that agents also considered getting Flynn “to admit to breaking the Logan Act” when he spoke to former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition period. The Logan Act is an obscure statute that has never been successfully used in a criminal prosecution and was intended to prevent individuals from falsely claiming to represent the United States government abroad.

Flynn did not admit to such a violation during his 2017 interview, and later pleaded guilty to making false statements. He has since tried to withdraw the plea.

The files prompted accusations from Flynn’s defenders that agents essentially talked about setting a perjury trap.

The source added that it is “disturbing to Durham” that “there weren’t any whistleblowers” that came forward in the FBI and Justice Department at the onset of the Russia probe.

Sources also told Fox News that more exculpatory documents are forthcoming, as Attorney General Barr continues to look over the DOJ’s investigation into the handling of the Flynn case.

“Barr talks to Durham every day,” a source told Fox News. “The president has been briefed that the case is being pursued, and it’s serious.”


Durham was appointed last year by Barr to review the events leading up to the 2016 presidential election and through Trump’s Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration.

But, as Fox News first reported, Durham has since expanded his investigation to cover a post-election timeline spanning the spring of 2017 — when Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel.



North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended the opening of a fertilizer factory on May Day, according to state media, in his first public appearance since a flurry of media reports in April prompted questions about his health.

Kim cut the ribbon to denote the completion of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory, the official Korean Central News Agency reported Saturday. The report didn’t initially provide any photos of the event.

The Burial Train waits patiently for the corpse, will one be loaded into the morbid chamber that awaits. Has Kim Jong Un finally met death, not by the gun, but by the gummie. A quite charismatic leader who frolics in the limelight, over indulges in the sweetness of consumption – gummie bears are his favorite. Did he get the short end of the stick?

Rumors that the bulky leader of the Hermit Kingdom has succumbed to his perverse way of life; always feasting on the best of Scotch, Ice Cream, beer, steak and other Western goodies, WHILE THE POPULACE STARVES – did over indulgence finally compromise his health?

Rumors are swirling. Some say he is suffered a cardiac infarction that caused blood flow to his brain to cease for untold minutes; has the corpse laid in the hospital, brain dead for the past two weeks? Are the leaders doing their best to commemorate his death by breaking the news slowly to the populace? They have been huddling in meetings while hunkering down just in case he took his last breath. Are they making plans for the burial train to make its journey to the capital?

Show is important here. How to break the sorry news to the in-crowd – making sure it is carefully crafted. Questions now arise on who will step in to fill his shoes. Will it be his sister or will they shun her and choose another coiffured fatso? Is he dead? The world awaits his coming out party.

With rumors swirling about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a state-run newspaper tried to prove the despot is alive and well by reporting that he has sent a thank-you letter to builders in a seaside resort.

The Rodong Sinmun outlet claimed Monday that Kim penned the message to builders working on a tourism project in Wonsan, where South Korea believes the leader has been staying since April 13, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

“Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has sent his appreciation to the workers who devoted themselves to building the Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone,” the Rodong Sinmun reported.

The Korean Central Broadcasting Station made a similar report, according to Yonhap.


Like Kim Jung Un, Joe Biden has disappeared. He is hunkered down, afraid to face the music, afraid to face his accuser. No line up here. After all, his legacy is on the line. Witness after witness have come forward corroborating the “me-too” incident. Democrat pervs, such as Hillary Clinton have come to his defense. Why wouldn’t they? They protect their own. Ask Harvey, ask Bill, ask Jeffrey, they will tell you; oops, only Bill is still kicking. Oh BTW, where is he?

Big deal, he issues a STATEMENT, so what. Face the accuser Joe. You are a Girly Man.

Joe Biden has addressed assault allegations from former staffer Tara Reade — saying the 1993 incident never happened.

“They aren’t true. This never happened,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said in a statement on Friday morning.

Reade has accused Biden of pinning her against a wall in 1993 when she was a staff assistant to Biden’s Senate office. She said Biden reached under her skirt and assaulted her.

Reade has called for Biden to release his Senate records which she believes will have her original complaint form, separation letter and other documents relating to the alleged assault.

The thousands of boxes of documents from his 37 years in the Senate are kept by the University of Delaware which has refused to make them public.

But Biden on Friday said the personnel records would be kept in the National Archives and called on the Senate to pull the records to exonerate him.

Many Democrats have struggled with the claims after they steadfastly backed Christine Blasey Ford, Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, during his 2018 confirmation hearings and as they continue to highlight the host of accusations facing President Donald Trump.

A former neighbor of Reade’s spoke out earlier this week to say Reade had told her about the attack in the mid-1990s.

But it will remain to be seen if those groups, as well as groups like NARAL Pro-Choice America and the National Organization for Women, will be satisfied with Biden’s response. Those organizations did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Fox News.

While Biden gave a firm denial of Reade’s accusations, and also called on the National Archive to search for relevant records, he declined to approve a search for Senate records at the University of Delaware, saying that those files would not pertain to personnel issues.


Heather Drevna, vice president of communications for anti-sexual violence group RAINN, also issued a statement Friday pushing for the release of any relevant records: “We appreciate Vice President Biden finally addressing Tara Reade’s allegations. These allegations deserve a rigorous investigation, and we urge Vice President Biden to release any and all records that may be relevant, including those housed at the University of Delaware, in addition to any Senate records housed at the National Archives. We urge him, his campaign, and former staff to cooperate fully and provide complete transparency.”

Former Biden Senate staffer Reade and seven other women had come forward last year to accuse Biden of inappropriate contact. However, the story she told in March was far more graphic, raising the allegation to the level of sexual assault.


Its obvious now, Kim is dead, “long live the king.” Kim Jung Un is brain dead, suffering a massive cardio infarction that restricted valuable oxygen from reaching the brain. The Chinese experts were called in, but what could they do? Kim was already on his way out. Yes, the heart monitor was pulsating, brain waves were detected only slightly. The color of his skin was gray-blue, he showed no reaction to exterior stimulation; the sign of a cadaver waiting for the gurney. We know this is true because not one single Polaroid has shown up. Why all the secrecy? The answer thought is in what has not been said, so be it. The world knows the truth, the leader of the Hermit Kingdom has bitten the dust for good. He is no more, but his legacy lives on. “LONG LIVE THE KING”

New York Post

Taiwan’s intelligence chief said Thursday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “sick” — and his country has emergency plans for a potential power struggle if he dies, according to reports.

Chiu Kuo-cheng, the director of the National Security Bureau (NSB), gave a vague health description when pressed at a government hearing about rumors of Kim’s possible deathaccording to Taiwan News.

He merely laughed and refused to reply when asked if that meant the Hermit Kingdom’s leader was indeed alive, the report said.

“My answer is from the intelligence that is available and it is not an opinion,” Chiu told lawmakers, according to the Taipei Times.

He refused to elaborate, citing the need to protect the intelligence service’s sources in North Korea, the report said.

He assured legislators that contingency plans were in place ready for a potential power struggle in the region if the North Korean leader did succumb, according to the reports.

However, his deputy, Hu Mu-yuan, later insisted that their intelligence was “unable to confirm the status of Kim Jong Un’s health,” the paper said.