Those potential V.P.s waiting in the wings with the hope of Crooked Joe choosing any one of them for his running mate, are living a pipe dream.

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All of them are so into themselves. legends in their own mind, that they don’t realize that they will never see the light of day. In fact, if you ask the average American who is opting for the V.P. slot, not one single person could give you a rational answer.

When you mention who the candidates are, the common reaction is, “who is he or she”. Correct, Average Joe/Jane have never heard of them. So the political question has to be, why would any of them ever have a chance of being on the ticket. Will they add value, can they get votes? Remember Hillary’s V.P.? Who was that? Nobody can tell you. He was a flunkie from the get go.

Hillary, on the other hand has name recognition and a BIG MOUTH. Although she has baggage (her husband and 33,000 deleted emails) she can arouse the base. Biden, by end of the campaign will be dead and Crooked Hillary will have high hopes of mounting the thrown. However, Trump will stomp on these two like a Sinaloa Cartel artisan does to a brick of cocaine. God, she must be into S & M, loves to be beaten!

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