More often than not in races where a third party candidate is a long shot in a political contest, they usually receive very little publicity from the main stream media. Of course there are times when these third party candidates are considered unique and atypical, for instance H. Ross Perot.

The question has to be asked why would the media give a lesser candidate from a third party any wet ink when their chance of success is less than nothing? However, in times of a two horse race going head to head, a neutral observer would think that both would receive equal treatment, where the media would honestly discuss their views and accomplishments. But this was not so in 2020.

As many of you know the journalistic world, like Hollywood, is skewed with liberal arts majors who have been indoctrinated by the Communist Manifesto/socialism; the gotcha types, the provocateurs, the antagonists. So whenever anyone challenges their domain they resort to what they know best – PROPAGANDA aka FAKE NEWS. The public, at least in the beginning, doesn’t realize the sublime messages that are feeding their cerebellum. It is important to mention that Hollywood is the quintessential example of perversion, sexual innuendo, so you need to go no further to understand the progressive bent that feeds the hungry socialist.

In the day, many of the major publications would endorse a candidate for office, that was their right, but they were not blatant liars like today. In days gone bye the mainstream media gave press on an equal basis, letting the public decide who was the best candidate or for that matter expressed their views. This, again did not happen in 2020. From the outset, the major media organizations in cahoots with the Deep State sought to bring down the Trump Presidency at every turn. We need not go into the minutia here, but we provide on example. The Middle East is calm once again, Arabs are embracing Israel. Iran has been neutralized for the past four years, our troops are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. And standing up to China like no one has ever before. None of these major accomplishments have hit the front page.

That brings us to the criminal organizations, better yet criminal syndicates that dictate what you see. These anti-American entities, Fake News Organizations, did not waste any time in denigrating President Trump. In fact it started six months before entering office. Whispers of collusion with the Russians were commonplace. And so it went on for four years. Despite the Mueller fraud and the bogus impeachment, President Trump did a stellar job. America should be grateful to him and his administration. But many individuals who did not vote for Trump due to the fact that they have not been educated on the aforementioned accomplishments.

What we have seen during this election is voter fraud on a wide scale that an independent observer would question the integrity of the vote. Votes were cast by dead people, others voted more than once, ballots showed up after the official count. And then computer chips with voter tallies appeared out of nowhere. We sincerely hope that the Supreme Court weighs in on this and determines that in-person voting in future presidential elections to be mandatory. We are counting on them to do the right thing, so that America will be saved from the Hollywood archetypes.


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