You go WOKE, we take a TOKE. The Libtards who have touted the Big Lie are now feeling the Blacklash. Dope politicians of the WOKE PERSUASION are facing the Rope. Yes, the Black members of Atlanta are up in arms; they call for a public hanging. “String them up, tar and feather them.” Their ire is understandable. What gives?

The recent legislation signed into law by the Georgia Governor Kemp triggered their WOKE activism. “RACIST LAW”, “JIM CROW IS BACK”, “BLACKS WILL DIE OF THIRST WAITING TO VOTE”, “BOYCOTT GEORGIA” was the shibboleth across the Great Land. And the WOKE corporations such as COKE hopped on the wagon, sucking up the kool-aid. Ups, sorry, the Power Aid. OK stop, “we didn’t mean it.” OOPS, we f’ckd up.

And how was that? Apparently those hurt the most will be the vendors, the purveyors of candy, dogs, souvenirs, restaurants, hotels, bars, cabs, motels, gas stations etc. who mostly employ Blacks and people of color. In our haste to inform we forgot to tell you that MLB WENT WOKE. They bowed to the Libtards in a whim. “Yes’m we are with you my Brothers and Sisters.” We will move the All Star Game from Atlanta. Bigoted law, racist law, Jim Crow law. So in General Sherman’s march to the sea burning everything in sight, the Woke Pol has literally done the same to the minority worker who votes for the Libtard. They will never forget this slap in the face.

The politicians of the Libtard Stripes are now feeling the WOKE pain; the wrath of the people who will be hurt most, the minority worker who depends on the economic activity geared up by the All-Star Game. But suddenly the Woke Racists are now reversing their 69 call for boycott; yes they have turned around. Come election time they will feel it at the polls; there is no two ways about it. These pols will be f’ckd from behind, wait and see. Black folk have long memories.

The  (click)move of the All Star Game will deal an economic blow to Atlanta, which is 51% Black, and provide a boost to Colorado’s capital, which is only 9% Black, according to U.S. Census figures.

A head’s up for the Blacks heading to the Mile High City, liquor stores don’t carry Olde English 800 or Colt 45. Stay put in Atlanta where you are welcome by The Braves, but not by the WOKE Pols who are pandering to you. Taking their advice will keep you pickin cotton from their plantation. Affectively, you got fk’d without going to the mile high city. Nice people those WOKE!

MLB botches Georgia boycott as league is poised to move All-Star game to state with similar voting laws

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