It was quite obvious to the cognoscenti that the Democrats would attempt to trash the Constitution from the get-go.  Don’t be surprised if Roe v Wade is overruled. You will then see a brazen attempt by ANTIFA, BLM including other anti-conservative groups go on a rampage. They will trash and burn one city after another. CIVIL WAR will be at hand. The president will be forced to call in the National Guard as major cities go up in flames. But will he?

The Portland’s of this world will be no match for what is to come. Expect Molotov cocktails to be ubiquitous. Gunfire and looting will be prevalent. However, murder and mayhem will be everywhere. Don’t rule anything out, such as suicide bombers honing their wares. And above all else, kidnapping of politicians, maybe judges too. As we said this is WAR.

This WAR on America began in 2020,  the result of the stooge voter who drank the Kool Aid, voting for a Dummy who ran with a Fake Black. Many Americans got sucked in by dementia Joe. But now the chickens are coming home to roost. We are currently at the whim of a Brutal Dictator. The fight is not only Black against White, it is Fascism vs Freedom. Which one will you choose?