Garland has weaponized the DOJ. But long before that, it was Obama’s command to an IRS employee, who by the way took the fifth when interviewed by a Congressional committee. She, Lois Lerner, who vetted 501-3c applications, submitted by Tea Party entities prevented them from educating the public on the socialist BIG government policies of the Obama administration. The Racist President was sued, lost in court, and had to fork over millions in damages to the Tea Party.

In the dead of night, employees were screened before promoted to positions of power. As we have witnessed, he corruption has run rampant inside the DOJ, the FBI and CIA. Rogue employees, mostly all members of the tard party, have and will continue to target us, unless stopped by an administration change.

Now, we have come full circle. Not only has the president politicized the FBI, DOJ and CIA, the attorney general has doubled up on his effort to go after TRUMP. Our 45th President put up with hell for four years; they continue to go after him for, he alone, has exposed the deep seated corruption imbedded in our government. These agencies are saddled with life time Democrat stalwarts.

This raid was beyond the Pale. They must pay for this salacious act, which is something that is employed by dictators in Tin Pan Countries. 

Garland, had a hair up his ass because he was given the boot by Mitch McConnell. His nomination to the Supreme Court was shelved during the Obama administration’s remaining months. Because of this, Garland became vicious, a drooling dog on the loose. Biden, then chose him for attorney General – from that time on he had one goal in mind, to take Trump down, in the words of Waters. “to take him out tonight.” 

But again, this contrived raid, will come back to haunt them. In January 2023, we will hold sway. We will be out for Blood.


to be continued