They bludgeoned his house, pilfered his personal files, trashed his closets, turned over furniture, broke windows and most of all had no reason to do so. What they did to Trump could be you. On top of that they had no reason to do so. A Democrat appointed Judge delivered by hand, the warrant, gave the orders to break into Mar-a-Lago.

This is what they found in Trump’s office, a bunch of shit. Where is the raid on “Lock Her Up”s office? Forgot, she is a lying, cheating Democrat.




The FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home highlights the alarming double standard that gives Dems a pass

And what about President Joe Biden’s wayward son Hunter? The FBI has been in possession of his “laptop from hell” for years, but despite reported evidence of alleged crimes the first son may have committed, he hasn’t been arrested or subjected to unannounced pre-dawn intimidation raids by dozens of armed FBI agents like what shockingly took place to Trump and his family.

“The laptop was seized by the FBI in 2019 as part of a federal probe that reportedly encompasses suspected tax fraud, money laundering and violations of foreign lobbying laws tied to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings, many of which took place while his dad was vice president under former President Barack Obama,” reported the New York Post.

But that’s not all. There’s also widely disseminated photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop of alleged illegal-drug possession, graphic escapades with escorts that may have violated sex trafficking laws and shady dealings with foreign entities jeopardizing US national security. Yet three years later, still no indictments.

On Tuesday, Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) tweeted, “If TODAY the FBI does not raid the homes of the Biden family members who took payments from Chinese communist officials, Moscow officials, and Ukrainian officials while holding ‘10% for the Big Guy,’ then we have conclusive proof of two systems of justice.”

And what about all the dirty cops at the highest echelons of the FBI and Department of Justice involved in the debunked “Russia Collusion” hoax — the fabricated, five-alarm conspiracy theory predicated on bogus opposition research used to try to stop Trump from being elected in 2016? When that failed, the FBI launched politically charged investigations to derail the Trump administration.

The “Get Trump” cabal at the FBI/DOJ misled the FISA court to spy on the Donald Trump’s campaign, an FBI lawyer doctored evidence, the devious Deep State colluded with complicit media in smearing the leader of the Republican Party. Are they above the law?

Hillary Clinton was never held accountable for her role in the genesis of the “Russia Hoax” or the unauthorized server containing classified information in her home while President Barack Obama’s secretary of state. Nor was Team Hillary charged with the destruction of over 30,000 classified emails and devices her camp reportedly destroyed with hammers, BleachBit and other methods.

The FBI hasn’t taken action against Hunter Biden despite being in possession of his now infamous laptop.
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There’s a dangerously corrupt dual justice system in America today where if one’s a Democrat, they’re often treated with kid gloves by DOJ versus the brass knuckles used against conservatives.

This cannot stand. If millions of Americans don’t trust the Department of Justice to enforce the law equally and fairly, regardless of one’s political affiliation, our country will continue to implode.

FBI raid on Trump’s residence takes US into uncharted territory

Unprecedented search of an ex-president’s home for official documents provoked outrage from supporters but proving intent will be key to any charge by the Department of Justice

The news that sent tremors across America broke at 6.36pm on Monday when the publisher of an obscure Florida politics website tweeted that the FBI had raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, adding with a pinch of self-deprecation: “TBH, I’m not a strong enough reporter to hunt this down, but it’s real.”

Eighteen minutes later another Florida resident responded to the news with more bombast. “These are dark times for our nation, as my beautiful home … is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents,” the former president said in an enraged statement.

Republicans dust off familiar playbook to weaponise Mar-a-Lago FBI search
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More than 30 FBI agents, armed with a search warrant issued by a federal magistrate from West Palm Beach, are reported to have entered Trump’s private residence and offices at his Mar-a-Lago club. According to NBC News, they stayed on site most of the day.

Once the operation was under way, the FBI placed a call to Eric Trump, the former president’s son, who according to the account he gave to Sean Hannity on Fox News on Monday night was the one who, in turn, broke the news to his father. At the time, father and son were in Trump Tower in Manhattan, where the former president is preparing to be deposed in a civil lawsuit brought by New York state relating to his company’s financial bookkeeping.

Eric Trump portrayed the search to Hannity in terms as lurid as those deployed by his father. “They started ransacking an office, ransacking a closet,” he said. “They broke into a safe! He didn’t have anything in the safe.”

More details will have to emerge before Eric Trump’s description can be assessed for accuracy. It will also take time for a full picture to be gleaned of the FBI’s reasoning behind its actions, and whether that meets the exceptionally high bar needed to justify the first such raid in US history on the residence of a former president.

Within hours of the news erupting, Trump, his family and inner circle, and a slew of top Republicans across the country had begun assailing the Biden administration and what they called the “weaponized Department of Justice” for trying to thwart another presidential bid by Trump in 2024. Several prominent conservatives likened the search to the actions of a tinpot dictator.

Barely 18 months after the violent insurrection at the US Capitol following Trump’s claims of a stolen 2020 election, rampant claims by leading Republicans that the justice department is using its formidable powers to interfere in the 2024 presidential election could also be incendiary. On Monday night a crowd of angry Trump supporters gathered outside the Palm Beach club in a taste of what might come.