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This must stop immediately; (click) pervert TSA agents getting their revenge on innocent Americans by feeling them up. These TSA A-holes have been investigated before for hiring illegal aliens; many have skirted the system to attain employment at the TSA. A good deal of them can’t speak English and even if they do can’t understand it. Conversing with them is like speaking to a pet rock. Fuggetaboutit!

But now they have gone too far by raping a 96 year old woman in a wheel chair. Watch closely as the agent feels her breasts. This could be your grandmother! This is nothing but ROAD RAGE BY THE TSA PERVS. You all know what we are talking about here. The officers said they are trained to do this. Something must be done about their handbook procedures; if you know what we mean.

Look closely at the TSA agent? We want to know her visa status, how she got the job in the first place, is she here illegally.  These questions must be answered. The TSA handbook needs revision yesterday. 

Critics have described the TSA’s search of LaBrier as “totally disgusting,” “horrible”, “unbelievable” and “uncalled for,” while supporters of the search say that the agents were simply following policy.