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A stab in the back is rarely pleasant, but to be the recipient of one while mortal enemies are present is no laughing matter. This is called a learning experience; as the old saying goes “the enemy of my enemy may turn out to be my friend.” And this is the case with Trump breaking bread with the Libtards. He is putting the RINOs on notice that those who opened their big mouths in 2016 to get elected are liars; he calling them out. When push came to shove Obamacare lived for another day.

So here we have it; a three month extension to keep the government going, PLUS funds for the hurricane victims. Expect FEMA to be under water in short order. Who will bail them out? Of course WE, who else?

The cognoscenti have noticed the dollar diving off a steep cliff, gold ascending to new highs and the Euro, we thought it was dead and buried has suddenly come to life, rebounding about 20% against the greenback. We wonder if the 20 trillion in debt that is on the books is becoming an issue.

Back to reality. Republicans have done nothing since regaining Congress except collect their fat pay checks; welfare for the rich! Obama rolled over them like a Caterpillar, flattening one RINO after another. Compactors The likes of McCain, Romney, Ryan, a bunch of losers who hated Trump from the get-go. He beat them at their own game.  Trump is very much aware of the game these backstabbers play; they forced his hand, he outed them, the do nothing Republicans who can’t fight themselves out of a paper bag.

2018 election is at hand, many of these RINOs will find it difficult to hold onto their jobs. Maybe the others remaining will wake up and do the job they were hired to do; WORK. Expect Trump to campaign for those who can do the job we pay them to do.



Mr. S…  eating grin, New York’s Senator Schumer, came clean after the November 4th election or did he.  The Democrats took a  whupping across the board,  one for the ages, a clean sweep for the Republicans. But Mr. Up-Chuck was in no mood to accept responsibility for the loss,  he blamed the catastrophe on Obamacare.

Said, we should not have concentrated on it (Obamacare)going into the 2010 election cycle; the economy was going through turmoil and our constituents were in dire condition, the focus on Obamacare was wrong, we needed to focus on their plight, helping them to enter the main stream, but we didn’t and the results showed. We were given the exit.

Of course anyone with a half a brain realizes that Harry Reid’s kissing cousin is more of a blowhard than a truth teller. A life long politician with only one goal in mind, patronizing the left if it suits him or jumping ship when a tsunami is bearing down hard.

In the next election cycle, New Yorkers would be wise to take the Senator out to the back forty for the kind of Whupping that Mary Landrieu will receive on December 6. Adios Senator.