(click here to watch the bobble head) Talk about temperament! This lady is in a violent stupor, blaming everyone but God for her devastating defeat. After the election she went into a violent tantrum.She can’t blame God because she doesn’t believe he exists. A suggestion Ms. Clinton,  check into a clinic for the mentally deranged. Apparently you see a conspirator behind every tree. Oh by the way, how did you make a $100,000 on that commodity play? No small achievement for a novice.

Go back in time when she fired the White House travel staff; a perfect picture of what would have gone if she won. Talk about Trump saying your fired, she is the one who constantly did the firing in real time.  But don’t stop there. Knowing his reputation, she married and lived with a pervert, a sexual deviant, a hunter of the weak, a male chauvinist pig; hiding his affairs through threat or bribery. And Hillary didn’t divorce him – she a supporter of women’s rights. Yeah right. The truth is that she condoned his behavior to further her own career.

Let’s be clear hear, Hillary Clinton is a loser. She lost to Barack Hussein Obama ( a political novice) then, as Ali would say, she took a whooping from from a, non-politically correct, Donald Trump. This defeat is eating away at her very soul; don’t really know if she has one, but in any event it is tearing her apart from the inside out.

Other question remain, for instance why is she still free. With evidence of fraud, deceit, lying, destroying evidence any other mortal would be in the clink. 

Who had the responsibility in the justice department for bringing charges? None other than the three Musketeers, Lynch, Comey and Mueller. All Democrats by the way.

James Comey

“If not for the dramatic intervention of the FBI director in the final days we would have won the White House.”

Vladimir Putin

“I never imagined that he would have the audacity to launch a massive covert attack against our own democracy, right under our noses – and that he’d get away with it.”

Barack Obama

“I do wonder sometimes about what would have happened if President Obama had made a televised address to the nation in the fall of 2016 warning that our democracy was under attack. Maybe more Americans would have woken up to the threat in time. “

The media

“Many in the political media … can’t bear to face their own role in helping elect Trump, from providing him free airtime to giving my emails three times more coverage than all the issues affecting people’s lives combined.”

Bernie Sanders (and his supporters)

“His attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”

Jill Stein

“There were more than enough Stein voters to swing the result, just like Ralph Nader did in Florida and New Hampshire in 2000.”


“This has to be said. Sexism and misogyny played a role in the 2016 presidential election. Exhibit A is that the flagrantly sexist candidate won.”

White resentment

“He was quite successful in referencing a nostalgia that would give hope, comfort, settle grievances, for millions of people who were upset about gains that were made by others … millions of white people.”

We demand an independent counsel to open up the investigation, get the facts and bring justice to those who broke the law. Americans demand it. 



Donald August 19 (cropped).jpg

He has been called many things, but never “stupid.”  The Donald entered the Republican race for President with one goal in mind, to win. Losing is not in his vocabulary. He has sent shivers into the  Republican National Committee because he could win.

What sets Mr. Trump climb to the top was to call out those who expounded “political correctness.”  Trump has called out Muslims, Politicians, candidates, the media; he has left no stone unturned.

Donald J. Trump  touched a nerve among those who are sick and tired of liars, thieves, big government ,progressives, hypocrites. This has caused the expected backlash which has helped Trump in the polls. So, for Donald to bring the message to America and expose its enemies, we select “The Donald” for our MAN OF THE YEAR.