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Criminals shall be warned that testing our will has consequences; Trump must exercise the power he has and protect the citizens of the United States with Brut Force. Be it cutting them down on the ground or to take to the air it must be said and done. Either way this show of force is necessary, not for intimidation, but for our right to keep out the the trash coming to our the Homeland.

Trump says the military will secure the southern border until wall can be built!

We don’t have laws, we have catch-and-release,” he said. “You catch and then you immediately release and people come back years later for a court case, except they virtually never come back.”

Trump did not offer specifics, but the move appears to be at least partly motivated by a caravan of over 1,000 Central American migrants heading toward the U.S. border. Buzzfeed, which first reported on the caravan, said that Mexican officials had not yet attempted to stop the flow.

Reports of the caravan angered Trump, who has sent out a number of tweets threatening to end the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and to cut foreign aid to countries such as Honduras, from where many of the migrants originate.

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, said on Fox News Radio’s “The Todd Starnes Show” that it gives Border Patrol “certainty of apprehension.”

“The criminal smugglers, this is a multibillion dollar industry. They smuggle humans, they smuggle drugs,” he said. “This criminal enterprise, if we arrest the majority of people that cross the border illegally, we put a dent into their criminal enterprise, and if you put a dent into their criminal enterprise, then you can possibly stop them.”


Without mincing words Donald Trump has given the Republicans something to worry about – POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (PC). For years now the establishment has paid homage to progressive movement; little by little they have inserted their foot in the door.

This week the Donald has caused much ink to be spilled, the cause being his remarks concerning law breaking illegal aliens that have committed crime after crime while in the United States. Unfortunately a couple of days subsequent to Trump’s remarks a criminal from Mexico (five times this murderer was deported according to ICE) shot dead in cold blood an innocent young woman. Read about it here. The city of San Francisco is culpable to this murder. They released him knowing full well that he was to be handed over to ICE. icebadge

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 23 percent, more than 43,000 illegal aliens, were convicted of drug offenses. The violent crime category of assault, robbery, sexual assault, and family offenses comes to 12 percent. The non-violent crime grouping of larceny, fraud, and burglary totaled seven percent, and on the list goes — equaling 100 percent of illegal aliens who have been through the criminal justice system and inflicted thousands to millions in cost per alien on the system, for issues having nothing to do with their illegal entry into the country.

An FBI crime study also shows heavy illegal alien involvement in criminal activity revealed these statistics:

  • 75 percent of those on the most wanted criminals list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.
  • One quarter of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals, as are more than 40 percent of all inmates in Arizona and 48 percent in New Mexico jails.
  • Over 53 percent of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.
  • 63 percent of cited drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that number, 97 percent are illegal aliens. 66 percent of cited drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66 percent, 98 percent are illegal aliens.
  • Click here to read more. Mexico has exported the drug violence, drug culture, criminal activity to the United States under the auspices of President Obama and political correctness. The time has come to call a spade a space. .muchasgraciasamigo Ten un buen dia amigo.
  • Look for politicians to come to the aid of the Latino community, pandering to them. Of course we know why? There is a Presidential election next year and without the Spanish vote no Republican will see the light of day. Jeb Bush weighs in on Trump’s remarks. One thing which is worth noting, Trump has not walked back his comments. Although they may hurt him financially he has been steadfast in telling it like it is.


Operating on the Texas-Mexican border drug gangs have shot at an American helicopter  patrolling the the Lone Star State’s border. This operation is the start of an ISIS type campaign where they will bring their long arm into the United States. President Obama, thus far, has not commented on the firing. If there is not an equal reaction by us the Mexican-ISIS connection will continue to penetrate our air space.

However, the question that is on everyone’s mind is, will the traitor-in-chief actually make a response for this incident. I’m guessing not, but even more than that, it does cause one to wonder whether or not the Islamic State and/or Mexican drug cartelsare involved. However, at this point, shouldn’t we consider the two one in the same?muchasgraciasamigo