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The ink isn’t dry yet, but it is obvious to all Patriotic Americans that we have been raped in broad daylight  by a bunch of  gangbanger tyrants. The press wants you to believe that Trump’s transgressions are the most important stories of the day. We know otherwise, sex is sex, there is no two ways about it. But Rape is something else and we have been gang raped.

Obama/Clinton/Kerry are complicit in the violations we have incurred. China, Russia, Iran have treated us like roadkill, plucking away at our dead carcass clear to the bone. They watched us being violated and did nothing.

This has been their plan, a win by Hillary will eviscerate the Supreme Court, a rationalization of our military will occur, the press will fall in line, as is they have not already, government will rapidly intervene in our personal lives by declaring martial law, searching our homes for defensive weapons and sending us to jail without a trial.

What have they done, first and foremost they took sides in the Black Lives Matter movement, they put an exclamation point on our downfall by allowing hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Yemenis and Somalis enter the country without vetting, not to mention the illegals coming in from Mexico. Then to top it off they gave Iran everything they bargained for and we got absolutely zilch. Third, they have taken sides with the Shia Muslims throwing Saudi Arabia, Egypt under the bus; also they treated Israel with disdain. Overall, Obama has defied court orders and cited executive privilege in many instances, but we cannot forget the politicalization of the FBI and court system. Jail the Bird.

Only we can stop this from occurring. 


Will Trump pull a Harry Truman. To the political hacks they well be advised to check their HISTORY BOOKS. Some 60 years ago the pundits went to bed thinking that Harry Truman was soundly defeated in the 1948 presidential race. The press had Truman dead and buried going into the election, but they ended up with egg on their face the next morning; Truman pulled victory from defeat in what was called a miraculous upset.

IN RUSSIA, the old saying goes, “THE FINAL SCORE IS KNOWN, THE GAME WILL BE PLAYED TOMORROW.” We are not to sure about that. Don’t forget that the lame stream media wants you to believe the stories they promote are to be taken as truth, questioning is not allowed. However, this time a November surprise awaits.

Donald Trump is seen as a threat to the NEW WORLD ORDER, the Illuminati are throwing everything at him, including the kitchen sink. Viewing the old world from across the pond we get a taste of the pushback by EU states such as Hungry and Poland, while in the mean time we passionately watch the elections in the Netherlands play out over the next year. Go Dutch!

So it is important to see Trump’s threat to the New World Order; for instance his views on the United Nations and Nato fly in the face to those of Obama, Clinton and Kerry. What comes clearly into view is the pushback against a world without borders; NATIONALISM HAS ROARED ITS HEAD as citizens have seen the future and don’t like it one bitlies


Kissing cousins, how else will you describe their incestous relationshipS?  John “swift boat” Kerry to meetS with the Rouhani guy and what does Swift Boat do? Bows! Kisses his ass? This is reminiscent of Obama kissing the hand of the Saudi King when he bowed to him like a camel ready to be mounted.

The American people want to know why our government has sought to undermine the security of the United States at the expense of the American people. This covert Iranian deal smells like a cesspool ready to erupt. It stinks to high heaven, leaching human excrement faster than a Chicago sewer. And what about the nuclear scientist who dropped dead from the hangman’s noose. Hillary spoke to this guy, her server revealed numerous conversations between the two of them.

Because Hillary’s server was not secure, Wikileaks was able to compromise it. Low and behold Hillary was the Iranian go to person, she funneled  $$$’s in return for secret information concerning the Iranian uranium enrichment and nuclear program. Bam, Bam, Bam the guy is now dead at the end of a hangman’s noose.. Crooked Hillary must accept full blame she is totally responsible for the execution. If her server was secured by the State Department we doubt that Shahram Amiri would be alive today. Another roadside kill notch on Clinton’s gun; she keeps piling up the bodies.

But we can never ever forget that Clinton was directly responsible for the murder by Muslim Extremists in Benghazi Libya; she blamed it on a Muslim film. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were hacked to death by the Jihadists. Blood is still on the hands of Clinton who spills one lie after another. It is time to Jail the Bird. (click)Clinton is being sued by the parents of  Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith for wrongful death. They alledge that here unsecured server was responsible for their deaths. CHAPPAQUA


The Prime Minister of Israel will be addressing Congress tomorrow. The prospect of his appearance has greatly upset the anointed one to such a degree that he has sent out his pit bull libtards to attack the Prime Minister. The question arises. What is Obama afraid of?

In a nutshell expected Netanyahu to reveal more details of Iran’s nuclear capability that Secretary of State and President Obama are willing to admit. Not that Iran is moving toward the capability of manufacturing a nuclear weapon in the next ten years, but they are today on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb. Netanyahu will propose the one and only option available to Israel at this point in time.


Who will be the first to step forward? Don’t count on Hillary to answer the phone at 3 a.m. – she is history; a do nothing Secretary of State – sold us out.  The United States is looking afar for that one person to step into the void. Words coming out of Obama’s mouth are bewildering; Americans of all stripes are very much wondering what has driven Obama to throw in with the Muslims. Democrats who do not break from the pack are just as guilty of selling out America. Don’t be surprised if a Mosque is built on the “south lawn.”

Obama was behind the over throw of Mubarak of Egypt paving the way for his Muslim Brother Morsi to ascend to the Presidency. But a majority of Egyptians were not pleased with Morsi’s iron handed rule. The people rose up fearing for their freedoms; there was an under current brewing leaving no choice for the military to step in. And so General Abdul al-Sisi took needed an immediate action, jailing the Muslim Brotherhood criminals. This coup infuriated Obama; immediately aid was curtailed and defensive weapon shipments halted. Al-Sisi was guilty of a military overthrow said the anointed one – Morsi was democratically elected.

General Al-Sisi has risen to the occasion, countering the Islamist threat in Libya and the Sinai. Obama does not praise him, but dismisses the General as a dictator; what then does that make Obama – seems to us he is Dictator in chief. As life goes on and the more it does the more we hear of the new urgency to give jobs to the Muslims – with jobs Obama and Kerry theorize the Muslim terrorists will be too busy making money that suicide bombing people will be the last thing on their mind. “The check is in the mail on this one.”  But when it is all said and done, history will not be kind to Obama, cut and run is his philosophy; and so he does from one fight after another.