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Once again the Democrats stepped up, or should we say stepped down, falling on their own knife; creating a bloody mess. Joe Biden and Harry Reid, two also rans showcased their stupidity, duplicity and hypocrisy. For Reid and the current  Senate Majority Leader Schumer they proved that reconciliation, compromise and cooperation was never and will never be part of their modus operandi.

Schumer, limited to second fiddle, had that awful smirk wiped off his face by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who trumped him by employing the nuclear option, File:Greenhouse George Early Fireball.ogv

which by the way was conceived by Harry Reid’s, call it Reid’s “little boy”. Thanks Harry for dropping the bomb. You started the nuclear war.   Oh we have a question. What was it that hit you in the head on the way out? Was it the door or a machine. Anyway good riddance to you and Godspeed ahead.

On April 17 Gorsuch will be sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. Bringing back the court to a semi-conservative bent is of prime importance. In lieu of the many decisions that wait to be adjudicated due to the death of our revered Scalia, we have no doubt in our minds that Gorsuch will bring common sense and a constitutional prospective to the bench.  The election of Trump was more important than any other policy decision he made. Choosing a Supreme Court nominee will set the stage for later victories. We have lost time to make up. 

The devastating defeats by McCain and Romney set the United States back by a half century. Remember two of Obama’s choices, Sotomayor and Kagan – paired with Bader Ginsberg who for all intents and purposes had one thing on their mind, RUBBER STAMPING THE LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE AGENDA. The triumvirate wasn’t for justice, they were anti Constitutionalists. But looking ahead and anticipating the retiring of Kennedy and maybe Ginsberg we have a bright future. To many of the initiated it is obvious that Ginsberg has lost her marbles and in the not too distant future will enter the world of oblivion joining the rest of the judicial psychos in the asylum.

For us Patriots, he number one item on the agenda is the breath of the 2nd amendment. The question here,  does it allow citizens to carry a gun outside their home? Being a Constitutional scholar we believe Gorsuch will be a straight shooter, hitting the target with a bull’s eye. 


With the 2018 election season approaching and their jobs at stake, House Republicans were in no mood to WALK THE TALK. The effort to replace Obamacare was filled with so many loopholes causing the Conservative Caucus to walk out. We don’t blame them. As President Trump said, Obamacare will fall on its own knife. Premiums will lift skyward this year forcing many to abandon the welfare ship. More will be without insurance than ever before;  then and only then will they clamor for repeal. Keep in mind that these RINOs, who ran on the shibboleth, “repeal Obamacarewere all talk but no action. When push came to shove they fell in with the Democrats. Not wanting to take possession of the repeal with a bill filled with so many entitlements that it was difficult for the Conservative Caucus to swallow.

The Republicans do not realize that they are in a war. The Democrats do not compromise on any issue. Take Neil Gorsuch for example. He should slide right through, but no, Schumer, the idiot that he is, demands 60 votes.

Go Nuclear guys, go Nuclear on every bill this session. Change the rules. Image result for nuclear explosion