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If it ain’t hot enough in Philadelphia, they now are going to see the temperature ratched up a notch.
Sanders supporters are not through, they are expected to raise the heat; oh yeah the BERN is coming tomorrow.

This is on the eve of Wasserman Schultz’ resignation standing as a stunning development. The resignation comes after WikiLeaks on Thursday released roughly 20,000 DNC emails, with more revelations emerging Sunday about Wasserman Schultz criticizing the Vermont senator to staffers.

On Sunday in Philadelphia, several large protests took place near City Hall, in nearly 100-degree temperatures and under the watchful eye of city police officers.

Clinton picks  Tim Kaine of Virginia for the V.P. slot. Who is Tim Kaine? Click here for Clinton Cash.

Latest poll has Trump turning the tables on Clinton; feeling the Bern does she?


UPDATE, Archer could be part of a group threat.  CLICK HERE.

Yesterday, in Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, (click here)a violent Jihadist shot one of Philadelphia’s finest 13 times. The officer has enough left to shoot the runaway fugitive in the ass, other officers apprehended the human excrement before he got away. Of course the Muslim Community has assuaged the narrative. Americans are not sucked into this diatribe. x-default

Soon, America will be overwhelmed by the Muslim Community, the takeover will be complete when Sharia laws will be sanctioned by judges, legislatures and regulations. America, we have seen our best days. Muslims will never culturally integrate with the Judeo-Christian ethic. Political correctness, the enemy of We the People, has targeted Americans and the Constitution for the past three decades.

Listen to Hannity video, the Mayor of Philadelphia says this has nothing to do with Islam, the Police Commissioner said it the shooter was an Islamist schooled in Jihad.