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The iconic pool term, “running the table” is the result of a player maintaining composure, being focused and self confident; keeping that posture enables the player to bank (pocket) the balls in their correct order leading to running the table. Donald Trump is in that position today, disposing of one opponent (ball) after another.

Many more wannabees will drop by the wayside in the coming days as we move closer to the primaries. Trump’s poll numbers are steady at 30%, when the talking heads said he will self destruct, Donald has shook off the criticism by stepping up a notch.

The Trump Wave is gathering tsunami heights as hit washes over the heartland. Playing to SRO crowds the Donald is on the verge of sending a message to the mainstream Republicans. That message is loud and clear, “you are through” America has had enough of  political correctness; we are sick and tired of compromising with the Democrats.

Our message to the lame brain Republicans, “you better get on the Trump Band Wagon now, tomorrow is to late.  Come January 2017 Donald Trump will be President of the United States.


Bernie Sanders is on a tear, (click) fund raising more than all Republican candidates put together. Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist and most left-leaning presidential candidate, is surprising the whole field with unexpected fundraising prowess. Sanders’s campaign says it raised $26 million from July through September, which would be more than every single Republican candidate raised during the same period. The only person who pulled in more cash was Sanders’ fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, who took in $28 million.

In the past week Hillary’s support from Democrats has imploded, losing 10 points in a week; down to 41% vs Bernie Sanders remarkable 28%. BTW Bernie was an unknown six months ago. Now he is on the clock, drawing SRO crowds across America. These days, Hillary only draws questions not crowds. Ladbrokes has Hillary at a 2 to 5 favorite, Bernie at 5 to 1 and Joe Biden at 7 to 2.



The Revolution is Over


News flash from the gummint and the Republican Party Establishment (aka, the Misleadership): “Ladies and gentlemen, the Revolution is over, and so as not to inconvenience anyone, nothing has been changed.” And so it would seem. Despite an historic landslide victory for supposed conservative Republicans in both houses of Congress, Obamacare has not been repealed or defunded; Obama’s illegal Executive Amnesty has not been defunded nor has anyone been indicted for defying court orders to end it; the butchers at Planned Parenthood will continue to be funded with taxpayer money; tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” are being forced on the country, despite the opposition of the  vast majority of Americans; the unconstitutional EPA is still operating as a Democrat political sledgehammer, killing jobs and extending federal control over all land use; the dismantling of our military continues apace and unimpeded; the Middle East, and thus the world, has been brought to the brink of WWIII, thanks to the ineptness or intentional machinations, supported by the Republican Establishment, of Obama and the globalist Council on Foreign Relations-dominated State Department; and though the traitor Boehner has been pressured into quitting, it appears likely he’ll be replaced by a business-as-usual political clone; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseam.


The mess Obama and the State of Confusion Department have made in their dealings with Putin, too, should be of extreme concern to thinking conservatives. Putin’s airstrikes against ISIS seem to be doing in a few days what the Obama-controlled ones of ours failed to do in months. Putin is looking like what a real world leader should look like, and Obama, and thus America, are looking like totally incompetent fools. And trust me, the world is watching very closely, much like wolves watching a crippled sheep.


China, in particular, is not just watching, but gathering its strength, getting ready to pounce. Comments by Chinese leader Xi Jinping indicate that the recent talks with Obama left him totally unimpressed and not the least inclined to alter their present aggressive policies with their Asian neighbors and in the South China Sea. Obama’s weakening of our military and the massive strengthening of China’s, particularly its navy, and Putin’s show of strength in Syria with the tail-between-his-legs-rollover submission there by Obama (and this ignores the glaring fact that we should never have gotten involved in Syria in the first place), make it very likely that China will also escalate its aggressive moves on its smaller, weaker neighbors.


The really despicable part of all this is the acquiescence of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and the Republican Establishment. They have sat passively, or voted to allow Obama to create unmitigated chaos, at home and abroad. They could, and should, have impeached Obama years ago, but instead have aided and abetted him at every turn, all the while publicly pretending to be opposed to all his unconstitutional and illegal actions. If there were a law that any elected official who violated his oath of office would be summarily removed from that office, tried, and if found guilty of doing so intentionally, imprisoned for, say, one-to-five years, there wouldn’t be anyone left in Congress or the White House, and ¾ of the judiciary would be gone, too. Perhaps if we elect Trump or Carson or Cruz, we can get such a law.


Washington and our once (relatively) honest political system have been fatally corrupted in the past 25 years. Money has indisputably become King there, the driving force in all our politics, and all of the current gaggle of politicians, Republicans and Democrats, have, to some extent at least, been bought and paid for by special interests. It’s been a long time since they have acted in the interests of America or We, the People. We are inches away from being a totalitarian state, ruled by a self-serving, wealthy, globalist elite who see us as cash cows to be milked until we are dry.


It seems crystal clear that We, the People, are fed up and finally ready to fight back. The popularity of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz is no some passing fad, no flash in the pan. It’s a genuine reflection of the feelings of the majority of Americans who are done standing quietly in the background while radical leftists and neo-fascists dismantle and loot the country.


And woe be unto the fools who doubt this.



In the movie “Gotti” Neil Dellacroce (Anthony Quinn) was passed over for capo of the Gambino crime family in favor of Paul Castellano (Richard Sarafian) upon the death of Carlo Gambino.  Gotti played by Armand Assante is in a state of disbelief that his mentor Dellacroce was not chosen. Gotti said, “Paul doesn’t know the streets.” In which Dellacroce answered, “maybe that is not what we need.” In the end Gotti whacked Castellano to become the Capo.

Well, well, well, John Boehner got whacked this week by the conservative wing of the Republican party. The reason for the hit, Boehner did not know the streets. Since 2010 the Tea Party has been treated with disdain by mainline Republicans, better known as RINOs. Working with Boehner became a difficult endeavor and in the end the Tea Party ruled.

There is a REVOLUTION going on, America’s Patriots, the (important read) Sons and Daughters of Liberty have been literally urinated on by our leaders. We have had enough, the tables must be turned or else a violent revolution will occur. Look around your neighborhood, your city, your state and see what is happening. Foreigners from a different land, different culture are threatening our way of life. If we are to survive as a nation based on the Constitution, all remnants of liberal doctrine must be eviscerated.

Boehner’s hit was the first of many to come. We call for Mitch McConnell to step down. Besides not getting anything done, he has carried Obama’s water for the past seven years. It is time we wiped the giddy smile off his face. We note that the Republicans hold the House and Senate, but under their leadership have been silent while Obama runS rough shod over our Constitution.gadsdenflag



This was a good thing, Donald Trump signing the agreement to back the Republican nominee. Mind you, Trump did not fall off the turnip truck. What he did was up the ante for the other twenty or so vying for the nomination. They now have to support him in the general election.

Tell you what, the reason why Trump left them in the dust is because they are politicians. The voters at large are sick and tired of listening to the political diatribe that spews from their mouth every election season. By and large these so called big timbers, Jeb Bush for example, are nothing more than political hacks capitalizing on their name.

But what makes Donald Trump stand out among the wanna bees, he has started and employed thousands of people in his many businesses. That cannot be said about any of the other candidates who on the most part have worked for government or on the fringes of government. A good many of them are lawyers and we all know what that means.


The mogul previously own and ran casinos; he knows that the odds always favor the house. In this case the House is the Republican stalwarts who are being beaten at their own game. Many a gambler knows when it is time to hold ‘m, fold ‘m or walk away from the table, but for the GOP a whale in their midst brings considerable risk.

Continuing to set limits on his play will only work to his advantage. Right now the house is not in a position to shut off his credit. He comps his own game. Main stream Republicans are bolting to the Trump campaign to the consternation of the RNC. Money flow has suddenly evaporated to the lesser known wanna bees.  This was not the scenario contemplated six months ago.

However, when a whale (high roller in casino parlance) shows up a good casino manager knows that there is always a slim chance of the odds turning against the house. And so far the Trumps run has been a very devastating for the GOP who have lost some of their invincible allure. With Donald in play the rules have changed, decorum is out, exposing the Repubacrats for what they are is a game changer.


Pollsters are nothing more than blabber mouths, akin to rumor mongers looking for suckers who will give them a hint on what way the political winds will blow. Their prognostications in most cases are nothing more than wild guesses. Take the latest vote in Greece; up to the vote the tally was expected to be a 50-50 affair to be decided by a razor’s edge. We can also cite the Eric Cantor whupping in 2014 by a virtual unknown as another example. The results of these two races were nothing like the fortune tellers bleep. That brings us to the 2016 presidential race.

Currently, the statistics cited are not too favorable for any Republican because they can’t win without more Black and Hispanic vote; their white vote in the last election was 59% and that too will be hard to increase. Check out the numbers here. However, a well run campaign can attain 75% of the White vote and increase the margin to double of that of the Black vote while picking up another 10% of the Hispanic vote. How can the Republicans break out of the proverbial statistical jail they are in? The path is fairly simple, but so far no Republicans are aware of the gains that can be had by soliciting unions, Blacks and Latinos to their cause.

Republicans can follow the Democrat strategy to win. Old line Republicans will have nowhere else to turn in 2016, but to pick off independents and Reagan Democrats is easier than one might think. Republicans must bring their message to the union masses, convincing them that to vote Republican is not to vote anti union but pro work, pro growth, less taxes, more freedom, more stability, safer pensions, enforcement of labor violations such as when companies higher illegal workers.

Point out today’s Republicans are similar to yesterday’s Democrats. That today’s Democrat’s are similar to yesterday’s socialists and Communists combined. For instance, the seizure of property without due cause, the fight against individual freedom to bear arms. Republicans are not anti-Black nor are they anti-Hispanic, they are against criminals who violate the laws of the land.

Dukakis had Willie Horton and now the Democrats have  the illegal alien Francisco Sanchez the killer of Kate Steinle, Plaster his face next to all Democratic candidates with the phrase under his name, Killer; this could happen to your child, your streets, your neighborhood is not safe, don’t count on the Democrats to protect you. Continuing on with the message can include themes such as “education is local” the Republicans will not interfere. Or the next Attorney General will bring those people to justice who violated the law, no matter what their political persuasion. For instance bankers and their ilk; send fear into the Jon Corzines of the world, they are not too big to fail or go to jail.

There are literally dozens of issues that will convince Independents and borderline Democrats to move to the Republican side of the aisle. Tell it like it is, afterall the Democrat party has become a rubber stamp for radical socialist, the EPA is their lackey. This is manifested in the damage they did to the union labor who work deep in the mines of VA, PA and OH. Republicans can easily cut these union men from the Democrat herd. And what starts in the West can travel East with lightning speed, press hard on the environmentalists who went all in on the snail darter/delta smelt killing jobs for Mexican farmers and landscapers. The wedge is there, use it. All they need to do is get the message across.


The Republican Kentucky Derby is about to start; expect ten or more entrants when the gates open. Trouble is that most of these non winners of previous races are back, running in a Grade 1 stakes when they are most suited for a claiming race. Don’t get us wrong here, they have their good qualities, but when it comes to 2016 they will be up against the Democrat Secretariat. You see the problem with the R’s are multitude – before the race starts they have beat themselves up so badly that Ladbrokes morning line places them in the 1000:1 category.

A look south in Mexico and another look across the pond will not give these also-rans any solice. Turkey for instance went radical sweeping the power of Erdogan out from under his rug. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is rolling over laughing in his casket. Down south the tables were turned on the ruling party as a long shot came home first. A sweeping victory for people power. One voter offered this reason for the win, “the major political parties are made up of crooks, criminals and liars.” Seems like they were describing our government. On second thought hey were.

So let this be a warning for the Republican wannabees, you are all losers sans one. We will leave that to the voter to decide, but in order to put a nose in front at the wire and it will be a photo finish, he will have to go radical. Clean house, bring out the guns of radicalism for all to see. One more bit of advice, tell it like it is. (thirteen point manifesto follows) Tell the public that when you are elected the first priority is to bring charges against Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner. Second, you must tell the Americans that America is for the rule of law and your justice department will enforce the law of the land. Third, tell America that you will eliminate fraud in government that even a stolen safety pin is theft and those responsible will be brought up on charges.

Fourth, you will prosecute those bankers who cooked the books leading to the financial crisis. Fifth, that you will prosecute those who have swindled the government, either by filing false disability claims, tax returns and welfare and medicaid claims.  Six, you will eliminate the IRS code and set two rates, one at 10% and the other at 25%, seventh you will dissolve the Department of Education, Commerce and Agriculture, Eighth you will immolate the ethanol subsidy and all agriculture subsidies to boot. Ninth, you will eliminate the exempt status on the Clinton foundation while bringing charges of income tax evasion against it. Tenth, withdraw from the World Bank, Eleventh, quit the United Nations, twelve , legalize drugs – this might be very controversial, but will bring down the drug cartels from their fifty year highs.  And  thirteen, last but not least shout from the top of your lungs that you will cut government employment by 50%. That is just for starters.

If we can find a candidate to do all of the above, then we can win in 2016, if not expect more of the same.


teapartylogoredHappy New Year. Since January 1, 2008, long before Rick Santelli’s rant from the floor of CBOE, the New Boston Tea Party engaged the public with their first blog entry. The question we posted then and still do is, is a “Revolution” possible? We still believe it is.

Marx’s philosophy was such that he thought it best that socialism prevail over capitalism; that is the profits of labor be distributed by the state to the people rather than kept by the capitalists. Well today we find ourselves in a similar position, but the profits are no longer being kept by the capitalists, sure some are, but it is the government (local, state, federal) that is picking the pockets of the middle class via a burdensome tax system (fees, regulations, excise) and distributing the profits to the government employee and society’s loser. This has to stop.

We are entering a new phase in 2015, Republicans control Congress. Now is the time for them to produce. The Tea Party is responsible for them taking power; for we mad it plain and simple that the past way of doing business, compromising our principles, will no longer be tolerated.  They better take note.

Happy New Year Patriots.


Harry Reid, the one time amateur pugilist, was sent to the canvas last Tuesday, going down hard suffering a knockout in the twelfth round. Any student of boxing knows that winning on the card through eleven is incentive enough for the challenger to look for that one punch; the one to take out an opponent when least expected. Harry Reid was on the receiving end of one Tuesday night; an overhand right followed by another and another and another. “Down goes Reid, down goes Reid” bludgeoned by “we the people”  was the call to describe the massacre.

The next day Reid sat with Obama and the to be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Majority Leader Boehner. Reid looked straight ahead, still dazed from the beating he took the previous night. It is not gentlemanly to stomp on an opponent when he is down, but what goes around comes around. We expect the Republicans to open a full frontal attack against the once impenetrable defense of the Obama front line. Now a fraction of what it once was, some Democrats will have to break bread with the Republicans.

First on the list will be the Keystone XL pipeline. Our memory is not short, Obama did everything in his power to prevent a vote on it. Many Democrats and union boys are for it, but Obama gave them the pipe. Now is the time to turn this around and give Obama the pipe. And so on, the Affordable Care Act, a misnomer if you ever had one, will be next on the list, peeling away the bureaucratic regulatory agency it generated is a must. Coal regulations demanded by the EPA are to go up in smoke. And don’t forget the big fight to come, the budget. Soon, programs will not be funded, pet projects to evaporate and we hope that the largess of Big Government be stopped in its tracks. The beast must be starved.

One thing in passing. We sure did not want to be in Harry Reid’s corner on Tuesday night, he took a good whoop’n.