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Its inevitable, no matter how calm a human seems to be, one can never tell about the inner rage that churns inside them. These individuals can be triggered by an external or internal force, attacking unsuspected victims in an instant and at random to boot. That is the nature of the beast. That being said it should be no surprise of the recent rundown in Toronto.

Names and places may change, but the perpetrators are in most cases the same. To them living in a world with Western Values is anathema to their way of thinking. They have a burn inside that must be satisfied. It will never change. Living a happy life or to see others live one causes a deranged mind to turn to vengeance. We have seen them in action, from Columbine to Sandy Hook to Parkland, mentally unfit to be of any use to society, some of these individuals were shielded by loved ones, others fell through the cracks and still others known to police who failed to ascertain the threat first hand.

It is up to all of us to recognize the dangers that exist in today’s multi cultural society. We can no longer be silent; it is incumbent upon us to be vigilant and take action when necessary.  Intervening before it is to late is a chance we can’t take.