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This must stop immediately; (click) pervert TSA agents getting their revenge on innocent Americans by feeling them up. These TSA A-holes have been investigated before for hiring illegal aliens; many have skirted the system to attain employment at the TSA. A good deal of them can’t speak English and even if they do can’t understand it. Conversing with them is like speaking to a pet rock. Fuggetaboutit!

But now they have gone too far by raping a 96 year old woman in a wheel chair. Watch closely as the agent feels her breasts. This could be your grandmother! This is nothing but ROAD RAGE BY THE TSA PERVS. You all know what we are talking about here. The officers said they are trained to do this. Something must be done about their handbook procedures; if you know what we mean.

Look closely at the TSA agent? We want to know her visa status, how she got the job in the first place, is she here illegally.  These questions must be answered. The TSA handbook needs revision yesterday. 

Critics have described the TSA’s search of LaBrier as “totally disgusting,” “horrible”, “unbelievable” and “uncalled for,” while supporters of the search say that the agents were simply following policy.


Summer travelers, Americans, patriotic Americans, have come down with travel sickness anxiety (TSA). In other words Americans are afraid to travel because of the onerous demands of TSA personnel. Who are these enforcers and why do they believe they can harass Whitey with impunity? The great majority of the people who fly in the United States are white and it is these white people who are treated as guilty until proven innocent by the TSA.

Unwed mothers and dead-beat dads make splendid government employees harassing airline travelers. The backlash against the TSA is growing daily, light searches that serve no purpose other than to dehumanize these paying customers. And this backlash is more important than the 2010 mid-term elections, because the TSA is – like most government agencies – a jobs program for Black people unemployable in the private sector.

Blacks make up 21% and Latinos add another 14% of the TSA crew. White employment is 59%, well below the 71% of the population as a whole. Black percentage overall is 12%, but they are well represented by the 21% TSA employees. We are not singling out minorities here, what we are bringing to your attention is the GROWTH OF THE BEAST; fed by Big Government they are an agency that does little to protect the traveler. The time has come to privatize airport security. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE TSA.

Matter of fact some airports are planning on hiring private security companies to run the screening operation. Many travelers are up against the wall when security personnel pat them down, run their hands up their thighs, then tell the traveler that a problem exists; what problem the traveler asks? The TSA personnel quizzes the traveler to no end about something in or under his/her shirt. This requires another pat down, another harassment. Why is it that the x-ray/gamma ray machine is not calibrated correctly? And some of these folks are into their 80’s, old timers to boot. What threat do they pose?

Time to give the TSA a little bit of their own medicine; make their employees wait a month for their paycheck. Or how about patting them down for three hours upon entering the airport. In 15 years they have not caught anyone carrying hazardous materials or bomb making equipment. Time for them to face the music. Fire them, like Reagan fired the air traffic controllers; replace them by a private sector enterprise. That would be a good first step for Donald Trump. americaneagel


Confirmed, the TSA offers valid proof that typical government agencies employee workers who are asleep at their job; not qualified to hold their positions.  Sixty Seven out of seventy attempts to pass through TSA security stations with weapons and bombs were not detected.nyontherunway

Many of the TSA employees just barely qualify to hold their positions. Where did these people come from, who hired them, what was their previous experience and who trained them? God only knows. Now that they have been outed, their boss has been reassigned; not fired mind you, reassigned. Can you imagine if a backpack suicide bomber was able to slip through and carried out his/her mission.icebadge

Before announcing the reassigning of Carraway, an 11-year TSA veteran, Johnson issued a statement outlining a series of actions he had ordered in response to the findings, including more training for all transportation security officers, re-evaluation of airport screening equipment and continued covert testing.