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Chicago brought out more then fire crackers (cherry bombs – T bombs) on the 4th of July, the real bangs came from the barrel of a 9mm. Fourteen people met the their maker, killed by gang bangers. This did not cause any alarm in Washington D.C.  Obama read about it in the paper while having his morning cup of Joe. When question about the violence in his hometown, Obama muttered, “only 14?” Like who cares, even if it was fifty it really didn’t matter to him.

When the United Nations becomes a hideout for Hamas, a terrorist organization, that takes refuge among children, firing rockets and missiles from a school into Israel, not a peep is heard from Obama. However, when Israel retaliates and nineteen children are killed, Obama goes into a rage. According to reports, Hamas was firing rockets into Israel from a site adjacent to the school; to them the killing of children was a public relations success. Israel would be blamed as always, not Hamas the real perpetrators of the crime.  There still is no official explanation on who was responsible for the killings.

It doesn’t sound like Obama is too happy with Netanyahu. Too bad Mr. POTUS,  it’s about time you got slapped in the face by Israel. You are hanging then out to dry on Iran, but sooner or later, the mushroom cloud will arise in the once upon a time Persian empire. Netanyahu figures that if the U.S. doesn’t have the will to do the job, they will.

One question for you Mr. Obama, are you now a spokesman for Hamas?