DO YOU HEAR US NOW” that is the shibboleth of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. But the greatest roar occurred on November 8, 2016 as Trump scored an unpredictable landslide victory over a CRIMINAL. YES A CRIMINAL. She thought time was on her side according to polls. But circumstances beyond her control served up a major disappointment. However, there were people inside the DEEP STATE that would protect her until hell freezes over.

We are patiently awaiting for the Orange Jump suit to be placed on America’s NUMBER ONE CRIMINAL. The Clinton Mob Syncdiate has been scamming its way ever since Slick Willie became Governor of Arkansas. Hillary’s first scam was on cattle future contracts.  

Hillary Rodham Clinton was allowed to order 10 cattle futures contracts, normally a $12,000 investment, in her first commodity trade in 1978 although she had only $1,000 in her account at the time, according to trade records the White House released yesterday.

The computerized records of her trades, which the White House obtained from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, show for the first time how she was able to turn her initial investment into $6,300 overnight. In about 10 months of trading, she made nearly $100,000, relying heavily on advice from her friend James B. Blair, an experienced futures trader.

And don’t ever forget the unfortunate death of Vince Foster. Clinton’s partner in that infamous Arkansas law firm. Vince, as the official line goes, was not able to handle the hubbub in Washington. The lying, cheating, scamming became too heavy for him to bear. In his eyes the only way out was suicide. But did he really take his own life? There are doubters.  His body was found in a park with a bullet through his head and a gun in his hand.

The latest controversy among others was the death of Seth Rich. Image result for the hangman's noose old western movie

Two weeks before the Democratic National Convention in July, Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was shot and killed in his Washingtonneighborhood. His family and Metropolitan D.C. police have said his death was the result of a botched robbery. But conspiracy theories have circulated in right-wing and conservative social and news media spheres fueling unsubstantiated rumors that Rich’s killing was political in nature.

Ten months later, the unsolved homicide and the conspiracy theories attached to it reached their biggest audience yet when they aired on Fox News, bringing fringe speculation about Rich’s death into the mainstream.

Here’s how the rumors took off.

JULY 10, 2016

Seth Rich is killed

Before dawn, 27-year-old Rich spoke to his girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka, over the phone as he walked home from a bar. Just days before, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had offered him a new job that would bring him to New York.

As the couple talked, Mulka heard voices on the other end. Rich abruptly ended the call.

Then gunshots rang out.

AUG. 9, 2016

Julian Assange fuels conspiracy rumors

“Our sources take risks,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in an interview with a Dutch television program, just after addressing Rich’s murder.

When asked if he was implying that Rich was a source for WikiLeaks, which on July 22 released thousands of emails from DNC accounts — centering around Clinton, her campaign and the DNC’s treatment of Sen. Bernie Sanders — Assange cryptically responded.

“We don’t comment on our sources,” he said. “We have to understand how high the stakes are on the case.”

QUESTION: WHY HAVE NO DEMOCRATS BEEN CHARGED WITH A CRIME. For instance Wasserman-Shultz, Huma Abedin, Podesta and others. Why?

What we want now is to bring justice to these perpetrators; white collar criminals in their own right deserve the maximum penalty allowed by law. We must keep up the pressure to insure that justice will be done and those guilty will pay the ultimate price for their crimes. 


Bring criminal charges against Clinton – lock her up. Bernie caved in to the wishes of a criminal. Donna Brazile lays it all out.

House Speaker Paul Ryan expressed outrage Sunday about recent revelations that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign cut a deal with the Democratic National Committee that effectively eliminated any potential primary challenger’s chances of winning the party nomination, saying, “this takes the cake.”

“We’ve all said the Clintons live above the law,” the Wisconsin Republican told “Fox News Sunday.” “But this takes the cake.”

Lock her up Hillary saw to it that the Democrats would lose the election. Her campaign bred hate and division. Her nemesis was (click) Bernie Sanders who pressed her like road kill. Sanders though had theMO” and if nominated would have most likely beaten Trump. Bottom line is that the vein Hillary (Jail the Bird) was responsible for the Republican victory. Thanks to the egomaniac Hillary for her help.

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC

When I was asked to run the Democratic Party after the Russians hacked our emails, I stumbled onto a shocking truth about the Clinton campaign.

November 02, 2017I had to keep my promise to Bernie. I was in agony as I dialed him. Keeping this secret was against everything that I stood for, all that I valued as a woman and as a public servant.

“Hello, senator. I’ve completed my review of the DNC and I did find the cancer,” I said. “But I will not kill the patient.” 



CNN has severed ties with the Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, after hacked emails from WikiLeaksshowed that she shared questions for CNN-sponsored candidate events in advance with friends on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Ms. Brazile, a veteran political analyst for the network, was already on leave from CNN since becoming interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. On Monday, CNN said it had accepted her formal resignation on Oct. 14.


Allegations concerning news bias that were meant to help the Clinton campaign are true. Liberals own the media, with the exception of a few. Journalists, most graduates of progressive universities who were fed by liberal professors the socialist manifesto new world order. Anyone who disagrees with them is called a RACIST.

Upon rendering their biased stories they slanted the facts to fit their cause, leaving out many of the incriminating details that would undermine their claims. As the story below highlights, insiders, liberal journalists, who profess to be independent and fair minded, work behind the scenes to help progressives such as HRC to achieve their goals, one way or another.  Be vigilant Patriots, watch for voter fraud, it is out there, contrary to what the Democrats tell us. 


We are speaking once again about two criminals; Debbie Wasserman Schultz and John Podesta. They don’t know diddley squat. Their brain has turned into mush when questioned, a typical Democrat convenient reply.  They did no evil and saw no evil. Yeah right! Once head of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz and the ex-campaign manager of the disastrous Clinton implosion know nothing about the $12 mil they paid for a Russian dossier. Like all denials coming from their lips, this one is too hard to digest. It falls in the same category as Hillary’s email convulsion, “like with a cloth.” However, this time is different because they meant to entrap Trump by the utilization of a foreign propaganda machine. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of them. BTW he was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. And we can’t forget Saul Alinsky who mentor these two sleaze bags. Rules for Radicals.pngJust imagine the s..t these mental midgets would have pulled if Hillary mounted the throne. A Stalin archipelago would have been prepared for conservatives. That was not out of the realm of possibility. We know now what they had in mind, total control of the government; from judges on down the line to the local police force. It didn’t happen and that is a good thing.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz both privately denied to congressional Russia investigators that they had any knowledge about an arrangement to pay for opposition research on President Donald Trump, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN.



Clinton and here minions worked behind the scenes in preventing Bernie Sanders from securing the Democrat nomination for president. From the start it was a done deal; the shibboleth was Hillary and no one else. Surprise though, Sanders started to make his case cutting into Clinton’s once insurmountable lead, then all stops were pulled to crash the Sander’s party. Debbie Wasserman Schultz gang raped him with insulting emails forcing her to resign – actually she was fired.

So now the proverbial fork in the road is upon the Sander’s supporters; do they vote for a lying criminal who stole the nomination from the man they truly supported or do they hold their nose and vote for a stinking liar? They have three choices, Donald Trump, Ron Johnson or Jill Stein. Our recommendation to them is to vote their conscience and do the right thing which is to not vote for “Jail the Bird” Clinton. She stole the party’s nomination in broad daylight.

Wake up Sander’s supporters to what the Lying Clinton has done to you, she stole your vote.  You played fair and square and she did not. Do you think she will change once in the White House. No way, she will continue to subvert the United States in real time. No one will believe a word she says.

We are counting on you to indict Hillary at the voting booth. She deserves no less.  This is your last chance to make HRC to feel the BERN. Politics is a blood sport, time for you, the millennials, who worked the streets, the phones, the neighborhoods for Bernie Sanders to ditch the b…h on November 8. You were stiffed, time to return the favor. 


Do not let them fool you, every, repeat, every Democrat is guilty of association with Obama and his policies. They voted 100% for Obamacare, 100% for Harry Reject Reid, 100% for Nancy Pelosi. By the way, Reid has not allowed a vote on any controversial issue because he knows that the Republicans with a few renegade (in trouble like Landrieu of Lousiana) Democrats will side with the Republicans thereby inflicting harm to Obama’s policies. But most of all Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC mouth, has refused to confirm that Democrat candidates are aligned with Obama’s policies. Do not be fooled by her double speak.

Obama offered fodder to Republicans during a speech in Evanston, Ill., earlier this month when he said that “I am not on the ballot this fall … but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”


The old saying goes like this, “if you tell a lie so many times you will start to believe it yourself.” And to a politician of the Democrat stripe, this not only goes for them, but they have indoctrinated many Americans and the news media that this is true. The latest examples are the IRS scandal and Benghazi.

For instance, the administration pushed out Susan Rice to brief the public that the terrorist attack on our Benghazi embassy was triggered by a film. Funny thing was no one saw the film or even heard of it. As the story matriculated so did the lies. Hillary Clinton, a wanna be liar in chief, then said the film was responsible for protests around the globe; not embassy specific. Again questioned about the killing of Ambassador Stevens, Clinton resorts to obfuscation when she admonishes the listeners that the attack was spontaneous and we did not have assets on the ground to neutralize the attack. Now it has come to our attention that we did have assets on the ground only one mile from the compound, but their mission was delayed by a CIA command. Who will you believe, the political distortion of the Obama administration or the men on the ground?  More to come on Fox Saturday night.

Women are always a good subject, brow beaten over and over again in every election. You heard the allegations, Republicans are against women’s health, Republicans are for paying women lower wages, Republicans have a Muslim philosophy when it comes to women preventing them from breaking through the glass ceiling. This is a lie of a gargantuan portion. When it comes to women’s health we are all on board, but the Democrats persist by saying women should be free to have an abortion.  Dissecting these unfounded allegations is a lot easier than the procedure most abhor, but most feel that sometimes an abortion is necessary to protect a women’s health. Only the left wing agitators and far right religious zealots, the triumvirate of Obama Reid Pelosi constantly beat the drums on this subject. Enough already.  And this week the Democrat party head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said that Governor Walker gives women the back of his hand. A disgusting comment later retracted, but without an apology and with it the same lying allegations continued. Vitriolic diatribe dished out under the guise of the same old mantra.

One of the largest lies is that the Republicans will make you breath poisonous air, drink contaminated water. This is the most preposterous of allegations one can imagine. Every Republican is for clean air and potable drinking water. Republicans are fisherman and most of all they love open space, big sky type country, clean rivers and uncontaminated fish. Another blasphemous and unfounded allegation. What the Republicans are against are unrestrained regulations and unnecessary burdens that prevent economic progress. Think Keystone XL.

Turning swords into plowshares. Year right; Obama has done a good job at that. The world is now in chaos. The libs have opened up jails and all hell has broken loose. We don’t hear much about Egypt right now – the General has decimated the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama didn’t like having the Muslim Brotherhood outlawed; he said it was undemocratic, coup d’etat.   Iraq and Syria are being burned to the ground by a barbaric Muslim caliphate condoned by Obama. Not standing ones ground as we should have unleashed a world wide enemy hell bent on our destruction. Obama has given them the key and invitation to plunder and wreck carnage throughout the Muslim world.  Vladimir Putin has stared Obama down in the Ukraine conflict. As the country shudders under today’s lying administration we watch impatiently as Rome burns.

What more evidence do we need to understand the threat that exists to our very survival and way of life than the daily warped vision of the Obama et al administration. Expect more of the lies going forward because it is US against them. And we are a mortal threat to the multitude of lying naysayers who threaten our freedom and liberty.