The Greeks have cast their vote in favor of Syriza who hailed the exit polls as “a return of social dignity and social justice.” Their socialist campaign message centered on the hardship imposed by the European Central Bank and IMF; austerity was a necessary evil to bring the country back from the abyss, but with Greek unemployment reaching toward 30%  the citizens felt that the suffering must end.

The government of Greece employs 41% of the working populations. They enjoy benefits only a CEO could dream of. The root of the problem is the condoning of deficits by political liberals who enjoyed the good life at the top of government year after year; , winning elections as long as they kept the spigots open. Sounds similar to politicians here in the United States.

So now we can look forward to tumultuous days ahead, the possibility of them leaving of the EURO, inflation, reneging on their debt and ultimately bankruptcy. It appears that Greece cooking the books is one recipe that may ultimately payoff – DEBTORBEWARE!



blackcoud Islamic wars tarp the Middle East, instigated by long ago hatred between Sunnis and Shias; a never ending saga that has killed hundreds of millions in its wake. Now a eponymous Muslim gang called ISIS is carving up Syria and Iraq, fueled by the vacuum left by the U.S. pullout.

Iran licking its chops as Mohammad is close to securing the weapon to end all. Nigeria, the target of the rampant Boko Haram, France and the continent overwhelmed by the Muslim onslaught that they helped create; nothing standing in the path of Allah.

Politically correct politicians greased the skid to destruction of Western Civilization. And we find the Pope, (click here) kneeling to Islam in his latest take on insulting the religion of Muslims and others.

However, the Pope is misguided here. For the most part believers in Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism don’t kill, rape, murder, behead when their religious icons are demonized. Only Muslims go on the war path thirsting for blood of innocents.

The Pope has not learned from the history that Islam’s call to Muslims is to rule the world – then there will be no press, no liberty, no women’s rights.  Just one example, in the 9th century Turkey was 99.8% Christian, today it is .2% – 120,000 Christians among 80 million Muslims. Over the years those who believed in Christianity were either killed or chased out of the country. 

Click here for a brief history of the Arab invaders. Christianity cannot escape Islam’s political geography. A part of the world will remain off limits for Christian witness, and the future is bleak for Christians living in Muslim countries. In the Middle East (with the exception of such countries as Egypt and Lebanon, where Christians are still numerous), Christians will have difficulty existing even as minorities. And in countries on the edge of the Muslim world, such as Nigeria, where Christians make up a large and growing part of the population, they will find themselves on the defensive as Muslims seek to implement Muslim law in society. And, of course, as their numbers mount in Europe, Muslims will be increasingly assertive in claiming public space for the practice of Islam.


Congress is preparing the groundwork for the all important vote on the pipeline from Canada, based on preliminary observations it does appear that President Obama will be hit hard by a key-stone . With the Senate expected to vote soon on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, the State Department is now giving eight federal agencies two weeks to weigh in on it.

From the White House mouthing the President, “he will make the decision that is best for the United States, that process is not finished yet. When it is done, a decision will come. Congress is trying to front run the process for politics.”

More of the same coming from the President. We expected that type of reply for we know that in the end POTUS will veto the legislation. Way to go Mr. Prez. Americans will never forget your expected veto. Still not finished with the process? How long will it take, another six years?  Apparently you have not received the news; Reid is gone, Pelosi is finished.

If it were to go to vote today, there are 54 Republicans in favor, 9 Democrats totaling 63.  To over ride the veto McConnell needs to round up 4 votes.  We shall see who on the Democratic side has the guts to send Obama a message as he starts his second term.


King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is deadKing Abduallah has reached his final resting place, no pyramids to memorialize the 90 year old Abullah. The new King, his half brother Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, will carry on. The world is different from when Abdullah first mounted the thrown, regional enemies are biting at the Saudi border, best manifested in the Yemen President resigning office under the threat of regional Shiite insurgents.

Soon, Saudi Arabia will have to defend itself with a more intense posture because the killers have a huge appetite that includes regional hegemony. We wish the King well, not only for his sake, but ours as well. Allahu Akbar. May the King rest in peace – Long Live the King.


So much bull crap gushed out of the anointed one’s mouth last night that an emergency call was made to the EPA. Clean up in aisle “hope for change.” For our President to not understand the word “no” is telling. In 2010 the Republicans took the House, in 2014 they took both the House and Senate; in between BO emerged the victor securing a second term. In Obama’s mind this is a winning hand, the implosion of the Democrats (can’t blame it on Bush this time)  in both years is meaningless, but what makes it more remarkable is the fact that Obama still believes in his ascendancy, when in fact his star is crashing to earth;  or we can put it another way, he has flown to close to the son.

In his 6 years in office Obama has pissed off one group after another – his campaign style is divisive,  a divide and conquer mentality where hard working Americans, those who have succeeded without a government handout are to be demonized. Never  will POTUS accept the conclusion that some people don’t have a job  for a reason. Taking from the rich and giving to the parasite is Obama’s modus operandi, starting a cultural war is his cup of tea. Class warfare the coin of the realm. “We are the victim and the rich are to blame.”

One of the main issues pitting Republicans and a handful, possibly more, Republicans is the ongoing negotiations with Iran. One deadline was not met, another is set to expire in June. The Senate is adamant on passing legislation which would once again punish Iran with more sanctions if the negotiations fail. However, Obama says no, do this and Iran will be mad enough to walk away from the table,  they will not negotiate with a hammer over their head.  Why is Obama is in Iran’s corner touting their position?  Why is he  their advocate; for what reason?  It is still fresh in our mind,  Obama’s vigorous and unwavering support for the Muslim Brotherhood. That too is very suspicious.

Taxes, Obama loves that word more than any other in the English language; without them his socialist utopia collapse. So he must tax more in order to spend more, a financial nuclear reaction. And we can go on and on, but what is the use. Perhaps the Senate will give him a good kick in the butt with his first override. Humble pie is hard to digest – can’t wait to see the snake lash out and Democrats after that happens. Stay tune!

In passing, the price of gold has not responded the way many pundits have prognosticated. On the way to $700 the gold has surged to $1300. What has inspired many to hop on the gold wagon is the continued debasement of world currencies. Venezuela and Russia have seen their currencies lose 50% of their value in short order. their citizens have learned their lessons well, many have purchased gold as insurance for just sort an event. But Europe is  approaching the abyss, printing fiat money like it is going out of style – we have to believe that many of the EU’s citizens are buying as well, for the Euro has dropped 15% too. What is surprising is that the dollar run up vs these currencies, typically not good for gold, has not had the usual effect. One other item worth mentioning, deflation is not good for gold too, then why is it going up? Our guess, “somebody big knows something.”

Through out history gold has been the medium of exchange; the store of value. Paper money displaced gold early in the 17th century; first used in Massachusetts then by the states during the Civil War. The banking industry’s genesis was initiated early on by warehouses which issued a receipt – thus a warehouse receipt – entitling the holder to redeem the receipt for the said amount of gold as defined in the receipt. As the industry blossomed it became apparent that the holders of receipts very rarely requested the physical gold; they only transferred the receipts. Thus the warehouses evolved into lenders realizing that a call for 100 percent of the gold at any one time was not a probability.

The 18th through the 21st century became the glory days of gold. Banks became behemoths lending more gold than they had in inventory. When a run on a bank occurred, which it ultimately did, culminating in bankruptcy and ruin. As the United States entered the 20th century as the world’s big money player the world treated the dollar as if it was good as gold.

This was true up until 1971.  Not dismissing the illegal taking of individuals gold by FDR back in 1933 (see executive order 6102).  The world was on the path of becoming a dynamic and risky adventure from 1971 on; the dollar was no longer convertible to gold, the dream of El Dorado became a reality by inventing paper gold on a scale never seen before. The physical gold window had closed, the dollar pyramid scheme began.  Hence the printing of paper money on a scale never seen before. Economies were on financial cocaine, a euphoria that is still manifested by governments gone wild. More printing enabled the exalted to exert control of economies, countries and world politics. But good times don’t last forever.

Entering the 21st century has proved that the dollar panacea has a long reach, but things can changes in a quant moment. Across the globe one country after another has defaulted; Greece and Argentina head the list. Is it possible that the United States is next?  A probability that cannot be counted out. What brings us to that conclusion is the loss of faith in the United States. We are no longer control world events – Obama saw to it.

Future obligations are the tail wagging the dog and that is about to become the albatross under our neck for the next two decades. Obligations are coming due. And the question remains, who will be responsible to pay them. for sure you can’t count on today’s youth to hand over their hard earned cash.   17 Trillion and counting is a gargantua number, that is just debt, counting social security, medicate obligations and interest on the debt we are looking at a google type number closer to 100 trillion. $100,000,000,0000,0000.

Another relevant question to ask a politician of the goldbrick variety is:  Will we ever be able to pay back the money we owe?   Don’t expect a straight answer.  The next question is, Will gold provide a solution to political largesse?


The Governor of the Cajun state of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal=told it like it is. What provoked the liberal press to excoriate the Governor was the term he used in defining the Muslim ghettos of Europe – no go zones. They asked him to name one, he didn’t, but continued to tell it like it is. The reporter interviewing him tried to trap him into a reply. Jindal was having none of it.

However, Jindal stood his ground and called on Muslims to integrate – assimilate into society. Three cheers for Mr. Jindal.  The interview is not only eye opening, but reveals something else. One look at Governor Jindal,  he is of Indian descent, does not give us pause, but gives us proof that a southern state, once the heart of plantation country is colorblind. His assent to the highest position in Louisiana attests to the philosophy of  Assimilation – don’t and you become a persona non-grata.

“And I’m also making a bigger and maybe even more controversial point that radical Islam is a grave threat, we need Muslim leaders to denounce the individuals, not just the acts of violence,” he said, adding that “it is absolutely correct to insist on assimilation” of immigrants in the United States.”


Click here for preview of London Speech.


Ever since President Obama entered the White House the United States has gone down hill. America’s guilt trip, the lame stream media are to blame. What sets the Obama presidency apart from all of the other Presidents is a simple notion, Obama is out to destroy America. That is correct; everything he has done before and after acquiring the throne has been to debase our culture, country and standing in the world.

Case in point number one was his belonging to the Church of Reverend Wright. Obama has taken this with him from day one. And who can forget the Reverend Wright “God Damn America”  video. To be honest here Wright makes a point, we did  not so glorious a past regarding the treatment of individual groups -Indians, slaves, Japanese – but we confronted these challenges  and change has occurred. However, Reverend Wright continues to blame White Americans for the problems in his community when in fact he should be blaming them. Add in the Reverend’s church which continues to lash out at the Jews and Israel. Again these are all lies that continue to spread falsehoods that people of ignorance believe resulting in anti-Semitic diatribe.

Moving forward from day one we began to see his strategy. First off was the kowtow to Russia’s Putin by not implementing the Bush plan of building a defensive missile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. This new posture emboldened Russia and Iran. They saw Obama as weak; facts on the ground have not only proved this, but have put America at risk of nuclear war. Once again, ongoing talks with Iran concerning their quest to build a nuclear weapon have gone nowhere. However, Obama warns Congress that to penalize Iran with more sanctions if talks fail will only irritate the Islamists who by their very nature will not only build a bomb, but try to use it against Israel. That is their plan all along. We don’t have to interpret what Obama is doing, we can see it with our very own eyes.

Immigration is one more avenue utilized by Obama to subvert the Constitution. Deferring the expulsion of 5 million invaders into this country is an impeachable offense. Many of them are from countries at war with the United States. Islamic Suicide bombers presenting themselves as Latinos. That is not all, Obama has given hundreds of thousands more from the Middle East permanent residency cards. Don’t take our word for it, take Obama’s word, he calls the Fort Hood killing of 13 of our finest, “workplace-violence.” In what might be termed the audacity of nope, the government has declined to call this al Qaeda–inspired mass murder an act of terrorism because to do so would be “unfair to the victims.” The official reasoning is that it would jeopardize the case because, as stated in a Pentagon memo, “defense counsel will argue that Major Hasan cannot receive a fair trial because a branch of government has indirectly declared that Major Hasan is a terrorist—that he is criminally culpable.”

Let’s add to the recent Paris attacks the Obama line was not Islamic-terrorism, but plain old terrorism. The president himself, before the United Nations, revealed his own appeasement of Islamic terrorists and hoodlums when he declared in September 2012:“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  The first comments came from Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, who refused to even call the massacre an act of terrorism, but made sure to add the now typical non-sequitor  which now routinely follows Islamic terrorist attacks,  that “Islam is a religion of peace” and therefore no one should associate this with the “extremists” in Paris with Islam.

How many more examples do we need, how many more deaths will be the result of these Islamist terrorist, how many more politically correct defenders of Islam will continue to be seduced by Islams who tout brotherhood?  Within hours Of the Paris shooting Obama gave the militant Jihadists being held at Guantanamo the key; off they went to join their fellow Islamic terrorists in a welcome home party. If anyone does not believe we are in a war with Islam, they soon will when these same Jihadists come back to America with a missile on their back crying Allahu Akbar.



What is happening in France is a prelude to the future confrontation in the United States. Allowing a few million Muslims into a Democratic country turned out to be a disaster. They never wanted to be integrated as some suggest but these North African invaders desired to import their culture from the devastated lands they left. This has led to a clash of civilizations, one medieval the other modern. France, the liberal institution, has no one to blame but the progressive, say QUI to all things liberal, are now facing the proverbial rock and hard place. The United States will be there in the not too distant future. with Obama in the White House the risk grows deeper.  Progressives do not learn from their mistakes nor are they willing to learn what is transpiring in their very midst; their myopic vision prevents them from seeing the forest from the trees. The enemy from within, Obama and his cadre of Muslim advisers will see to it.

The view from France finds that most European countries are in the same boat; the guest (Muslim) is forcing the host (France) to heel to their knees, forcing them to accept a violent religion (not a religion at all but a subversive political agenda). Obviously this will lead to a civil war. One might say that they brought this upon themselves due to their Eros -anything goes- philosophy. However, things have gotten out of hand, orgies aside, To extricate the Muslim threat many Europeans see fighting taking place block by block, a Mozul or Sadar City type guerrilla warfare. The events in France this past week are a sign of bigger and explosive things to come. We wonder what kind of weapons these Jihadists harbor.

With 5 million Muslims in France, venom flowing from the mouths of their Imams, sleeper cells on call 24/7, look for more al-Qaeda soldiers to take revenge on innocents. There is no middle ground for the Islamist; it is kill or be killed. The Muslims of France did not want integration, they came to destroy the civilization they encountered, to spread the word of Allah. These immigrants were attracted by the liberal welfare systems that pervades Europe, free handouts including housing was the invitation to produce more babies, work was not required. These no-go zones or ZUS’s are off limits to the French gendarmes.  There these Islamist breeders hatch their future mission and targets, timetables known only to the top commanders; moles executed with dispatch. And reactions come from the political elite, NONE. They are afraid to criticize the Frankenstein in their midst.

Muslim ghetto dwellers always tout the same line, “the Jews are the problem.” This is expected. They have learned from the Germans. Don’t forget that the Arabs supported the Germans in WWII; they felt that the more Jews killed,  less would make their way to Israel. But the question always arises, why do these French immigrants from Morocco and Algeria have a gripe against Israel?  Of course this is a non-sequitir.  Because the Jews make an easy target, they become the scapegoat. Of the world population of 8 billion there are 2 billion Muslims, but only 14 million Jews; 150 to 1. Its always the Jews because the Muslims don’t want to blame their self for it is them who have failed to embrace the 20th Century. Their story is long in the teeth, right wing Nationalist parties are emerging, they see the threat physically and culturally and want none of it.  Western nations , including Holland, do not see a place for the Muslims in their countries.

As the Charlie Hedbo killings manifest, the Islamist jackal is everywhere warning the infidel non-believers that they are next. Politically correct politicians are our enemy as well for their failure to condone the Jihad movement. We have not seen the last of it. Believe us when we tell you. Bottom line: Islam is absolutely incompatible with western democracy and civilization. Muslim immigration to all western countries should be immediately banned.


Turkey once had high hopes of joining the EU, but now those hopes have disappeared in wake of the Paris attacks. Turkey is a member of NATO which by itself is hard to understand how this ever came to pass.  A country bent on the destruction of Western Civilization, its most important targets are Israel and the United States. The EU learned a long time ago that Turkey would never accede to the demands necessary to become a member of the Europe community; democracy is anathema to their culture.  Erdogan is still adamant that the Israeli’s stymied his his plans to send weapons to Hamas on the Mavi Marmara Trojan Horse.

The criminal has taken the country on the road to Jihad, Recip Erdogan,  harbors terrorists – giving them sanctuary,  a diminutive authoritarian with a Napolean mindset, he supports worldwide Jihad, a blood brother of the Muslim Brotherhood who continues to blame the rest of the world for mass murder at the same time the Islamists are butchering millions of their fellow Muslim brothers with impunity. Apparently Muslim blood is an after thought on the road to a world caliphate.

First of all the New Boston Tea Party does not pull punches, Erdogan is  more than Turkish scum he is a leader of the Jihadists movement, a supporter of Hammas, ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban, not to mention Iran’s Ayatollah.  Recip Tayyip Erdogan’s increasingly bizarre rhetoric continued this week when he told reporters Muslims have “never taken part in terrorist massacres” and appeared to blame the West for the recent Islamist attacks in Paris.