Hey liberal, like paying higher taxes? Soon you will see a surge in amigos from Central America entering school. Yes, look for budgets to be bludgeoned by new hires, police, teachers, nurses, doctors, administrators, counselors will be part of the mix. Instead of concentrating their efforts on helping Blacks move forward, Obama’s order has killed their learning curve. Expect more Blacks to drop out due to the influx of the illegal invader and failure of educators of the past to improve their educational experience and future. .


Amnesty? No, Treason!

After committing a long list of well documented crimes against the people of the United States, the man – and I use the term advisedly – occupying the White House and the formerly respected office of President, has finally topped his shameful list with the penultimate political felony, treason. With clear knowledge that declaring his so-called amnesty for millions of criminal invaders – including countless murderers, rapists, child molesters, violent thieves, pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and addicts, virtual slavers, and terrorists – is a totally unconstitutional act, and therefore, totally illegal, Marxist revolutionary Barack Hussein Obama has committed an act that will wreck our economy, put us more trillions into debt, destroy our educational and health systems, and permanently put more millions of American citizens out of work. Black people, the group he has lied so often about caring about, will be especially hard hit, with those at the bottom of the pile, socially and economically, doomed to stay there in perpetuity.

That this action will likely bring on economic and social collapse, race wars (see his involvement in Ferguson, MO), and perhaps another civil war is just fine with him, and with many of his fellow-travelling Democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and their billionaire puppet masters like George Soros and son, and Tom Steyer. The destruction of America as an independent, sovereign nation and the subsuming of it as a subservient source of raw materials and cheap labor into a global fascist dictatorship has been their goal since at least 1913. It appears the fascists are about to realize their dream – and our worst nightmare.

In the meantime, the supposed opposition, the Republican Party, is doing what in the days since the departure of Ronald Reagan it does best: Nothing. Beyond mealy-mouthed cheap talk, they are allowing this to happen, right on prime-time TV. Well, not quite prime-time TV since the major networks didn’t cover it. The traitor didn’t want legal Americans to find out what he was up to right away, so it was only on Spanish-speaking TV. He didn’t want We, the People, to find out until it was too late to stop his coup d’état.

The Constitution, for all intents and purposes, is dead. Barry Soetoro, the Marxist Indonesian citizen and apostate or taqiyya Muslim, posing as Barack Hussein Obama, and the co-conspiratorial revolutionists in his administration, Congress, and the judiciary have made a dirty joke of their oaths of office, repeatedly and with impunity, violating every article of it, including the amendments. Instead of the Rule of Law, lawlessness rules and we are living under the Rule of Lies. And rather than taking a forceful and steadfast stand against these traitors, our self-proclaimed “leaders”, our supposed conservative, patriotic, elected representatives have gone into their usual dithering and caving mode, promoting their own Big Lie that this isn’t really all that bad, and they’ll fix it all at some amorphous point in the future that will never arrive.

We, the People, have once more been conned and left to twist slowly, slowly in the wind.

However, we are not totally without recourse. It is still quite possible that the States will find the patriotic backbone that the federals so clearly lack. The States can refuse to recognize the authority of the lawless usurper and his aiders and abettors. They can refuse to obey the unconstitutional dictates from Washington and instead, enforce the immigration laws that stood our country in good stead until the Democrats and Republican fascists falsely declared the system “broken”. Our county sheriffs can assert their vested authority and tell the feds to _____ (fill in the blank). If We, the People, apply the pressure and don’t let up – calling, writing, emailing, showing up individually and in mass marches – even Democrat governors may stand up and do what is right. Who among them wants to go down in history as presiding over a state that was turned into a Third World sewer due to their cowardly siding with totalitarian destructionists?

Every state has a National Guard that is for the most part made up of patriotic, middle-class Americans, the exact people that the traitor Obama-Soetoro and Co. have been targeting for the past six years. Should the traitors in Washington decide to try to use force to gain compliance with their lawless dictates, the Guard, in conjunction with the millions of We, the People, who actively still support the 2nd Amendment, and very likely, many local units of the Reserves should be quite adequate for our defense. One hope that things will never get to this point, but it’s not something to be feared to the point of backing down and giving up.

Our federal government has turned on us, like a rabid dog. Now, it’s up to us to make sure it doesn’t bite us.


IRS stooge, Lois Lerner, is one step closer to the gallows. Many of her so-called lost emails have been found. Although it will take weeks to decode them, we are of the opinion that they will provide enough rope to see that justice is done.

Remember that Lerner and her colleagues presumably on Obama’s order, targeted the TEA PARTY; limiting their ability to form 501-3c entities and thus stopping them from raising funds for the 2010 election. This stifled their 1st Amendment right to free speech enabling Barry Soetoro to survive a tough election and claim a 2nd term.


The rent a riot rabble rouser Al Sharpton of Tawna Brawley fame is stirring up the racial divide. Obama has sent him to Ferguson with match in hand, so at the precise moment he can torch the town the minute the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Officer Wilson is announced.

However, the main stream medias focus on Sharpton has not caused others to speak out on the dire employment situation of young Blacks; not a Sharpton priority. Exemplary Blacks have moved into the void, Case in point is Joe R. Hicks, former executive director of the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference who said, ” President Obama strode into the White House promising to give the American people the audacity of hope.  What we are witnessing instead, with his immigration agenda, is an audacious grab for power and an evisceration of the Constitution.”


Joe R. Hicks is not one to pull punches, even against one of his kind; he is not a step in line foot soldier, adhering to the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist line of POTUS. Infact Mr. Hicks is very much upset at Obama’s tenure in the White House. What has Obama done for the Black since mounting the thrown, to Mr. Hicks, nothing.

Charles Butler, talk radio host:

“The fact is President Obama will do with the stroke of a pen what 300 years of slavery, Jim Crow and legal segregation could not: destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of black Americans.  His position on illegal immigration and reform is not tenable given the numerous sources of information that warn of the negative impact of immigration reform on black Americans and low-income Americans.”

Click here for more of the influential Blacks who are speaking out. They are most disgusted at the White House. Don’t forget that many of the relatives of the 100,000 plus Blacks who fought on the side of the Union during the Civil War are in need of a job. Now with the flood gates open their chances become slim indeed.


President Obama, the Dictator in Chief, has unleashed 11 million criminals into America’s town and cities. Many of you have seen them, standing on street corners, others selling flowers and many more working the gardening and construction trades. Check your local welfare office, pay a visit to the Social Security office or better yet check the emergency room of a local hospital. Living in a small city that is not culturally diverse may limit ones exposure to the society Obama is trying to build. But do yourself a favor, pay a visit to a nearby big city, you will be both amazed and frightened in what you will see.


With the political tide turning against Potus on November 4th, Barry decided to take the matter into his own hands. Instead of deportation he has offered them a green card and a hand shake. Another words, those who are guilty of breaking and entering are given the house for free even though they don’t have the title.

Yes, they are illegal by any sense of the word, but their  offspring, if born here, are American Citizens. There are few countries in the world that would give citizenship to “anchor babies.” In fact the United States stands out as one of the few.Most importantly of the 11 million illegals, 30-40 million of their offspring are citizens. This is the travesty. Empirical evidence suggest that learning curve of these southern invaders puts them in the bottom quartile of intelligence.

The problem here is two fold, dropouts and grade repeaters. The cost to society cannot be calculated. Incarceration of the border jumpers is at an all time high; rapes, robberies, drug dealings and murder are common place. Social norms that pervaded the European immigration of the 18th and 19th centuries is not inbred in them. Cultural difference can be traced back centuries exacerbating the cohesiveness of society. Obama’s edict will cause major imbalances in some communities and in a few years they will represent the drug and gun ridden gang infested communities of Latin America.


Obama launched his immigration missile yesterday, heading to Las Vegas today to sign the executive order, we must respond in kind by returning the favor, send a tactical nuclear warhead in return.  This is a blood sport and it is about time the Republicans understood this. Come January they will be in control of the both houses of Congress; the most important is the House of Representatives. Using their power of the purse they can GO NUCLEAR by cutting off all GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

Many will say that this can’t be done, well many said before that Obama would not give carte blanche to 5 million criminals, he did.  By stopping the flow of money that greases the liberal machine the House can bring down Obama in an instant. Yes there will be rioting across broad swaths of the country, financial disaster will result, the economy will collapse, but what a Muslim President needs to understand that America has spoken and it is time for him to face the facts, he is not the boss.

With America on the verge of civil disobedience he will have no choice, but to reverse his immigration stance; if he doesn’t the majority of states will take action all by themselves. A civil war will develop and succession will occur. When dictators do the unthinkable it is time for those who have the gold to set the rules. Time has come for Boehner and McConnell to grow a pair.



Recently so much hot stuff has come off the press that it is easy to forget the phenomenon of “global warming – climate change. The past week has see North America blanketed with the mother of  cold air masses. For some reason this has escaped the attention of the greens who most likely are relaxing on some beach in the Caribbean. We look forward to their distorted excuse for the reason of the current cold wave. On their way back from their vacay they can take the Polar Express.

Expect the usual obfuscation. Instead of landing a spacecraft on a comet, they might have been better off trying to influence the weather. In any event, the evidence against global warming becomes less and less convincing as the days and years go on. According to those who keep track of weather related things, this past week had the coldest average weather across the United States since temperatures were recorded.


And please, please go to Buffalo this weekend to see the Jets take on Buffalo in the Snow Bowl. And by the way they are paying $10 per hour for anyone interested in shoveling snow off the stadium seats. Cold cash!  Governor Cuomo called people who entered the closed New York Thruway between Albany and Buffalo stupid because the highway was closed; just because they didn’t close the entrances didn’t mean the thruway was  open he said.

The picture below is a Global Warmer who stuck his head in the sand only to find out that it was not a mirage, but really water. It was too late for him to extricate himself as a flash cold wave turned the water into ice. Enough said about the warmers.  A dead body is seen frozen in a block of ice in an elevator shaft in a former Detroit Public Schools warehouse on Jan. 28. A paper is alleging it took 3 calls to get authorities to investigate.


Mary Landrieu pushed the drill to grease up here reelection chances, but in the end it was Landrieu who bit the dust. The likelihood of a Landrieu win on December 6 is nil. Her opponent,Bill Cassidy will be an asset for Louisiana.  In the end the Cajun Senator ran out of the drilling fluids needed to convince others in the Democratic party to become wildcatters.


Logo of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.svg Just back from the Far East, our hope is that President Obama enhanced his martial arts skills while there. He most likely will need them soon. He is about to enter the political octagon where the loser suffers irreparable damage – the fights usually go to the finish. Obama picked this fight, one of many during the past six years, but now the odds are heavily stacked against him. Always ready to engage his adversaries, a skill he learned in the South Side of Chicago perhaps will not offer him much protection this time.

With the Senate heavily armed with new members of the Republican bent and the House safely in control of the Elephant, the match appears to be lopsided. One other factor in the GOP’s  favor is the seemingly 5-4 Supreme Court advantage. They may be the ultimate referee of this blood match. Of course, President Obama has an advantage coming into the ring, the executive action technique. But will it have any effect when the House cuts off the purse strings. You can do and say all you want, but without funding nothing will happen. It remains to be seen who is the first to Tap Out.




Democrat money distancing itself from the Mary Landrieu oil slick

Senator Landrieu is in the fight of her life, her reelection campaign deeply immersed in thick sludge. She will vote for the Keystone XL pipeline legislation due to come up Monday.  In Cajun country, the good folks down there know a flipper when they see one. Towing the Obama line for six years without speaking out; an Obama lackey who did what she was told to do, is now telling folks back home that the Keystone XL matters to our energy independence and is a job creator. This is to appease the oil industry folks in Louisiana. But let us be the first to tell you, Cajuns aren’t about to swallow this non-sequitur.


Her opponent Bill Cassidy has waged a vigorous campaign on the issues most important to the citizens of Louisiana; come December 6 , with our help, we will make him the victor over the mud bug  Mary Landrieu. Keep in mind that she did Obama’s bidding for the past six years. Louisiana is much better off without her.

The talking heads estimate that the sixty votes are there for passage. It really doesn’t matter because Obama will veto it.  This again is ample evidence of the powerless Democrats who have no sway over what Obama does; they are staging this meaningless vote at Landrieu’s insistence. The legislation has re-emerged after Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu began championing it, in a bid to not only help the energy industry but also her struggling runoff Senate bid. In response, Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is running against Landrieu in the runoff, sponsored the House bill that was approved on Friday.