Americans celebrate Memorial Day, but on this fitting occasion it is important to remember and give tribute to those who have perished in our defense. They gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life, so we can live in liberty.

So today, with the parades coming down Main Street, the bands playing the Battle Hymn, Yankee Doodle Dandy and the Star Spangled Banner, please remember those who are not there to witness the America they defended.

Salute the Flag in their honor.  Thank you.

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Greece parasites have gnawed the bone clean devouring the marrow like there was no tomorrow. Bailed out by Germany and the United States (where did we get the money?) to the tune of $300 billion and change. Now we learn that the payment of $1.5 billion due on June 5 is not in the mail. Setting the record straight on the leaches of society we bring your attention to those on the government cuff.

And there are many, the last reported number of government employees was 25% of the working population. They don’t despair because their leader Tspiras will not throw them under the bus. In a weeks time he will tell the EU, in no uncertain terms, that they can shove their demands up to where the sun don’t shine. Critics have long lambasted the Greek public sector as riddled with incompetence and an image of civil servants sitting around smoking and drinking coffee and ignoring customers while piles of files filled floors and corners.


The first thing investigators focus on after a plane crash is the black box. The secrets stored there are imperative in its investigation and the cause leading up to the disaster. Without it investigators can only speculate. Questions such as, what was the captain doing in the minutes leading up to the investigation? Did the weather play a part? Was the disaster caused by a missile or could someone planted an explosive device inside the plane? All sorts of variables are in play.

When it comes to investigating Hillary Clinton forensic investigators are warranted for to get to the truth we can only rely on hearsay. Information leaks slowly, patterns exist, cover-ups are the coin of the realm. HRC is no stranger to the cloak and dagger; from her commodity caper to the Benghazi affair, she has been at the epicenter. However, as we have seen before, her answers are opaque, they dribble out, semantics define the patter. Don’t forget Slick Willie, “when asked the question of what the definition of is – is

The recent Benghazi revelations are prima facie evidence of Clinton’s long ago march for the top spot. She will do anything, including lying to our country, dismissing allegations as old stories. Hillary Clinton needs to be arrested by the Justice Department.

Beaten by the great Obama, Clinton has amassed a war chest rivaling the FED. However, much of the stash has come from tainted sources. Foreign actors to dictators, the Clintons have reaped the fields clean. But her unraveling is coming quicker than the hemp that ties bales of hay. IMPLOSION is the word now being used to describe her campaign. A liar extraordinaire, HRC ‘s campaign is coming under attack, soon she will suffer the same fate of the Benghazi four, killed in action.

The new emails counter Hillary’s original explanation that an Islam video was responsible for the Benghazi firefight. In actuality the attack was well planned in advance by The Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman. So as Clinton’s campaign unravels we look forward to more calls for Elizabeth Warren to enter the race. The black box is finally releasing evidence, albeit slow, but it is dribbling out.

“What difference does it make!” She can’t hide from the truth. Parsing words and blaming others is de rigueur for her.  But when a U.S. Ambassador gets killed because Clinton failed to provide the protection called for, the scope begins to change. This cannot be brushed off. September 11, 2011 Benghazi was a fire pit ready to explode, she knew it and failed to activate the defensive capability required; this  lead to Stevens death and three brave security personnel.


The Wild OneThe Justice Department can’t take it, that is the violence, they feel threatened by untamed hog enthusiasts who show their brawn. A member of the pack earns his respect through fear, intimidation and reputation. The iconic Hell’s Angels, who’s reputation preceded them, became the gang all others emulated. Mostly white, these motor cycle clubs were hell bent on terrifying anyone and everyone who crossed their pack.

Violence erupted this week in Waco, Texeas between two rival gangs the Cossacks and Bandidos. When it was over nine gang members were slabbed on their way to the morgue. An altercation in the bathroom seems to have sparked the violence. Shots were fired inside the eatery and a brawl spilled onto the patio area, before scores of men flooded the parking lot in broad daylight. Some bikers were beaten with brass knuckles, clubs and chains, while others were stabbed or shot, Click here for more on the Bandidos.Bandidos Motorcycle Club logo.jpgClick here for the most feared motorcycle gangs.

The Lynch Justice Department has identified the most violent clubs; their argument is simple, the Feds are riding bitch. What upsets Lynch’s dark riders is the threat they pose to the criminal activity in Washington. Why else would these law enforcement people go after mostly white cycle gangs and leave the more deadly Latin American gangs to run rampant in the hood. In case you are not familiar with them click here for an education. The MS-13 is the most deadly.


The city of Chicago has been looted by liberal parasites for decades, now the bill is due. Chicago is about to fall into lake Michigan.  However, as Rahm says, you should never let a serious crisis go to waste. Believe us when we tell you, Chicago needs more than one crisis to fix its problems. Each Chiccago household is on the hook for $60,000. So the rock and hard place are facing the taxpayer as Emanuel searches for funds to pay the pensioners.  We recall the old saying when it came to Chicago during Daly’s time,  it was called the “CITY THAT WORKS.”  Yeah right!

Looking at Detroit, Chicago sees itself in less than a decade. The drums are beating, the people are leaving  and the city has nowhere to turn but to tax, tax and tax again. Bankruptcy is out of the question. Chicago is not our kind of town,  it is town built by liberals for liberals. Those savvy enough have left or are making plans to leave as soon as possible.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. This phrase was attributed to Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin and others.  The phrase fits the Democrats perfectly; raise more taxes, spend frivolously on schools, extend unemployment, fight for more police and firemen, increase pensions call for a $15.00 minimum wage etc. and they expect the economy to boom. The truth be told, the Democrats are always one tax away from that expected boom they forecast, so they keep on taxing. To quote ex speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “that giving more money to the unemployed creates jobs and thereby helps the economy. “


Never think the possible is impossible! Strange things can happen in a heart beat. Revolutions are sparked by a numerous incidents. One can never imagine what or how a second American Revolution will begin, but as each day passes we are a day closer. Americans are distraught, discussed, determined to see that those who have brought down the United States be punished for treason. The Constitution has been breached.

Only massive rallies can send a message to Washington. Shutting down the economy will  send a message. Our concerns must be addressed or else. Large corporations will realize the power we have, we can send the stock market into a freeze; we can crash the dollar too.  We have the power to succeed in bringing about a revolution. However, to do so, in the interim it is the military that will take hold of the power, similar to what General Abdul al-Sisi has done in Egypt. They will see to it that justice will be done. The country needs to purge those guilty of treason. We know who they are, we know their fate. Only “we the people” can bring justice to our enemies.

Government agencies are filled with spies, liberal infiltrators who build impenetrable fiefdoms. The IRS, a political organization, targets Tea Party groups; they fail to provide information to Congressional investigators. Lois Lerner thumbs her nose at taxpaying Americans. Holder, now Lynch, feels there is no need to prosecute. The same goes for Hillary – stolen records – a crime deserving of the big house and she gets a pass.


Hillary has clammed up. Nothing can penetrate her wall of silence; no touching her personals. But we know that there are many items there that deserve our attention. For one, will she cooperate with the United States Congress investigating Benghazi? No way Jose!  The fact is simply this, “Hillary Clinton is a foreign agent.”

During her tenure of Secretary of State she traded political favors for $$$$$. Millions upon millions have been donated to the Clinton Foundation in a “quid pro quo” scheme. Remember the Hillary quote on Benghazi when referring to our dead Ambassador Chris Stevens, “what difference does it make.” This is a typical carte blanche response expected from a foreign agent, a traitor, a spy. Hillary fits the profile. And most Democrats have sanctioned her destiny to be President of the United States?  One word to describe Hillary Clinton, “RADIOACTIVE.”

A sidebar to the Hillary clam; George Stephanopoulos has divulged his $75,000 donation to the Clinton foundation. Not that this is an amount that will move ships it does implicate him when reporting the news in an independent and objective manner. This puts him in the same category as that Williams fellow who was pumping his own horn. But Stephanopolus went one better – his reporting of the news actually was a form of bending it to hype the liberal cause.

Since he cannot be trusted, therefore there is only one action for ABC to take, fire today’s Joseph Goebbels a snake of the Clinton propaganda machine. Click here for more on the Clinton water carrier George Stephanopoulos, an inside stooge who apologized, yeah right; caught with his pants down he now says it was wrong not divulge the information beforehand. He had no intention of doing any such thing. Like a drug addict, Stephanopoulos can never be trusted to toe the straight line again. Reverting to his old ways is a foregone conclusion. Time to give him the boot – let him join Connie Chung and Brian Williams in the cemetery of deceptive reporters.


Did you ever hear of the snail darter?  This was the fish that caused such a frenzy back in the ’70s. But not many of the remaining 49 states have ever heard of what – the delta smelt. To put this in perspective this little, excuse the language, piss ass fish is responsible for the Golden States parched earth policy. The delta smelt is classified by the environmental goons in California and Washington as a protected  species; we all remember the snail darter, now California has its own snail darter.

The Supreme Court decision set off a fury in Congress as some members sought to rework the act. In his tome “The Fishes of Tennessee”, David Etnier later wrote: “the snail darter had become almost a household word, and in current usage ‘snail darter types’ is approximately synonymous with ‘ultra-liberal environmental activists


Look around America and what do you see? A vigorous country dominant in all respects or a nation on the verge of crumbling like the walls of Jericho. Of course as told in the Hebrew bible, the story was more fiction than fact, but it serves as a metaphor of the once sacred borders of the United States which are crumbling like dust seen in a desert sandstorm. The question does not need answering on who is responsible for such a calamity. Look no further than the Congress of the United States, who have a backbone made of rubber, believe in political correctness at all costs. The Republicans, don’t expect any sympathy from the Democrat lackey, have over and over compromised their principles (actually most never had any principals) to guarantee one election after another. How else do we have 20 trillion in debt. And by the way, the states are running on fumes with a total debt load close to 5 trillion.  And the can gets kicked down the road once again. Even this week the Illinois supreme court said, no cuts to union retirement benefits, they are sacred. Just a small fact to get your blood boiling is the average retired teacher is  – sit down please – we don’t want to see you avert to mass murder – is $77,000. As the Looney Tune character Porky Pig said,”that’s all folks


The truth be told the greatest threat to America is Black on White crime provoked and incited by the Obama administration. When five hundred Chicago Blacks meet their maker we don’t hear a peep from the once Holder and now Lynch justice department. We will tell you why!  Black on Black crime must continue to support the legions of police, firemen, lawyers and courts that live off the hood. Without Black and Hispanic crime upwards of millions of police, firemen, attorneys and court personnel would be out of a job. So to perpetuate the myth that more money is needed to halt the drugs, murders, thefts etc. the liberal brigade seeks to increase the funding for their various supporters year after year. But look where the money comes from; the middle class.

This is the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen.  In simple terms we are paying people to work in jobs that do not contribute one cent to the country’s wealth, an expanded bureaucracy. Deplorable as it may seem, it will only get worse. Baltimore is the quintessential example. To suppress the animosity of those who seek to burn down a city, more funds are called for. And the patronage system continues, money for teachers who effectively are parents baby sitting unwanted children. Their job is made harder by rules which prevent them from disciplining students. Before this is over we will see one city after another, then one state – Illinois and Connecticut –  leap into the brink never to return again.

And the bottom line is more voters for the liberal cabal. Don’t forget these liberal parasites are always first with an answer; “more money will solve all problems.”