In case you haven’t heard about Keynesian economics we will give you a quick tutorial. When the economy is weak Lord John Maynard Keynes recommended that the government print money; this would add a spark to the economic lethargy thereby stimulating the marketplace. Maybe it worked on a small scale, like a laboratory experiment, but more often that not when a full roll out occurred it went plunk.

For a little while things went smoothly, like a person who jumped off a 100 story building, everything was going good down to the second floor, then squash. The same with the voodoo Keynesian theory. We are now one floor away from total obliteration. Another word used to describe the Keynesian model was socialism. Much ink has been spilled touting the benefits of it, but when all is said and done, socialism has buried every country where it has been tried. When it ended, he dictators who were responsible for the implosion were in many cases dangling from the hangman’s noose.

An excellent read authored by philosopher Friedrich von Hayek is “The Road to Serfdom, it lays out the premise that central planning leads to tyranny.  So what else is new?

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Gold is once again on the rise. The pundits can’t nor are they willing to understand the attraction to gold;  steadfast has it been in an island global turmoil. Uncertain on what will happen have caused many to insure themselves with the metal.

What have the naysayers missed? One wonders why they even mention gold at all. And the volcanic rise of Trump, Sanders and Carson, not to mention Carly Fiorina who would have thought. The pundits failed to miss their rise too. Americans are fed up with the Boehners, McConnells, Reids, Pelosis of the world. They are plain old ready for a revolution. teapartylogoredThe boxes of tea in our logo have names on them, Democrats, The Fed, Public Unions, Big Government and entitlements. Yes, Americans are FED UP with do good politicians who only care about getting reelected.

We tell you what, America and the world is in turmoil. The socialists thugs running the paper printing scam are now worried about the next three years, we would not be surprised if some of them commit suicide. They are desperate to find a solution when none accept gold exists. They have dug their own grave and now will reap the benefit of disastrous monetary policies over the past 45 years.


Nobody gave Bernie Sanders a chance, he was a dark horse in the race to capture the Democratic nomination. An avowed socialist from the Green Mountain State of Vermont, Bernie caucused with the Democrats, but was an Independent. Now he is running as a Democrat. There aren’t many bad things you can say personally about Bernie. He has captured the youth vote., the same type of thunder caught by Eugene McCarthy back in 1968.

As they say in horse racing parlance Hillary has blown the turn. Blew the turn: means the horse did not corner properly going into the turn, ran wide and most likely had a disastrous finish. This defines Hillary to a tee; she is not going to hit the board. 


Since Obama has mounted the thrown he has individually and collectively destroyed the fabric of America. The best way to describe him is a calculating madman; a divider of class, a race baiter American hater.  We should have known, Frank Marshall Davis his mentor, Saul Alinsky his architect, Louis Farrakhan his master. Barack Hussein Obama, doesn’t the name tell you something. He was a community organizer in Chicago.

What was the genesis of his name? As a young man, Barack Obama’s father Onyango had traveled widely, enlisting in the British colonial forces and visiting Europe, India, and Zanzibar. There, Onyango converted from Roman Catholicism to Islam and took the name Hussein. In 1960, Obama’s father met Stanley Ann Dunham in a basic Russian language course at the University of Hawaii and they started dating.

After becoming pregnant, Dunham dropped out of the University of Hawaii after the fall 1960 semester, while Obama continued his education. Obama married Dunham in Wailuku on the Hawaiian island of Maui on 2 February 1961. He eventually told Dunham about his previous marriage in Kenya, but said he was divorced—which she found out years later was untrue.

The fact that his father was a Muslim had great influence on the son; to this day it guides his every step, Sr’s philosophy was responsible for Obama’s initial beliefs. Muslims learned to bargain early in life as they frequent the souq. And what is Obama’s destination? A World wide Caliphate. In Obama’s eyes he is the new Muhammad.

Currently millions of Muslims are flooding Europe, this is the plan – start wars among themselves where those in harms way will flee and seek passage to Christian countries who welcome them with open arms. Later they will be killed, sacrificed to Allah. This is in plain sight. How gullible are the Christians, they are blind sighted while their culture is being destroyed.  A tragedy in the making in front of their very eyes. 2050 Europe will be no more. It will be a Muslim Ghetto.

And wait there is more, the call of Allah is now being heard here in America, thousands of Mosques are being built where churches once stood. This is not a Halloween outfit, it is a burqa,  soon they will be as ubiquitous on the newhavenpeople2 streets of America as the iconic Levis.  

The Iranian deal is the icing on the cake.


Anyone else caught in the devious web of lies that continue to be spewed by Hillary Clinton would be in jail. lies It is inconceivable that this lady, a deceitful one at that, is actually running for president. She is not fit to be the Washington D.C. dog catcher. As reported from the Daily Mail, more emails have been found and they will be released tonight.

She has ducked, weaved, snarled, slipped all allegations, so far. However, now she is caught in her own treacherous web, one with so many threads that it is impossible to tell which one is real. She has violated federal law by sharing national security information with others. Classified Top Secret information has leached from her server.

Now is the time for the FBI to up its game; it is their obligation to bring Ms. Clinton to justice. If they can’t do it then Congress should call in the CIA.  Central Intelligence Agency America cannot wait any longer; the truth must come out. The State Department is holding back stonewalling the investigation, most likely on Obama’s orders. Any other department employee did what Clinton has done would be an inmate at Club Fed.


A liberal CNN reporter (talking head) says Donald Trump is anti Hispanic/Latino. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Trump is not at war with the Hispanic community. He said that the illegals should wait in line like everybody else. What is wrong with that? Then you get others defending Ramos, the reporter by saying America is exceptional, that they should let the illegals stay here. Pardon us, as we recall those immigrants from abroad came to the United States through the legal means, many via Ellis Island, not over a river or fence.

The CNN racist who condones illegals, criminals and drug runners thinks its right to break in to a country and then dictate the terms of their stay. When you have anarchists like this there is no other alternative than to give them all a swift boot. Our bet is that more than 50% of the legal Hispanic/Latino community agrees with Trump. Secondly it is important that all previous immigrants became Americans by assimilating to our culture not the other way around. Most vicious and malicious criminal gangs such as MS-13 out of El Salvador and the 18th street gang are Hispanic; they reek havoc in city after city in the United States. Trump will send them packing the first day in office. You bet he will. Their drug culture and violence has permeated every country in Latin America, the time has come to put a stop to it. Donald Trump will.muchasgraciasamigo


There will be no change if either a Bush or Clinton walks in to the White House. They will promote themselves to the end of the earth thinking that we are all fools.  They will hire the same bunch of cronies that served under the previous Bushes and Clintstonewalls. It will be the same old, same old. The departments will be stacked with their crony lifetime bureaucrats from A to Z.  They will not make waves, but apply the same diplomatic B.S. that got us into the trouble we are in. The FED will be run by money printing wall paper hangers.

Hillary will most likely appoint AFL-CIO president Richard Trumpka as Labor Secretary, John Kerry Defense Secretary and the head of the NEA, Lily Garcia as Education Secretary or Randi Weingarten, the head honch at the AFT.  Additionally, Slick Willie will be working the back room, secondly Huma Abendin will be Hillary’s left hand woman.

It is important to remember that with the Bushes and Clintons the governement will continue to control and manipulate your life.


Americans have always risen to the occasion and so it is no surprise that a non politician, non politically correct businessman comes out swinging; a dark horse by the name of Trump. No one gave him a chance, boy were the pundits, talking heads and Republican machine so wrong; they can’t figure the guy out. Talking about news people, did you see the Univision reporter get booted; wow what a thrill to see that. Then he was allowd back in to question Mr. Trump, Donald unloaded on him like the Texans did at the Battle of Gonzalez.Battle of Gonzales – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He is not politically correct. He punches back, not a pulled right, but one straight on target. Cross him and he will hit you with a double cross. The other politically correct, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, panderers to the illegals, the invaders, the gangs, the drug runners have never fought the true fight, but were sanctioned by the neophytes who run the party machine. Once in they showed their true colors, especially Rubio. Who knows where he stands, no one does; our heads are spinning just listening to him.  The same goes with the rest of the bunch, they have no cajones.

What Donald has done, and he is a real cowboy, the kind Americans like; he comes with that Dirty Harry 45 magnum loaded. “Make my day” is Donald Trump. With him riding heard from the White House, there will be no bowing to Saudi Kings. There will be no giving an inch to foreign governments who seek to destroy us. As he said last night, Douglas McArthur and George Patton are his heroes. So watch out America, the new King of the Volcano (John Gotti was the last) will be Donald Trump.


the jurisdiction thereof.”

Overwhelming evidence against the interpretation of “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” or “not subject to any foreign power” as reaffirming the common law doctrine of citizenship by birth to aliens can be found following the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment. In 1867 George Helm Yeaman, United States Minister to Denmark, in his well received treatise on allegiance and citizenship, which was presented to Secretary of State William H. Seward, said: “But the idea of a double allegiance and citizenship united in the same person, and having reference to two separate, independent, and sovereign nations or governments, is simply an impossibility.”

In the year 1873 the United States Attorney General ruled the word “jurisdiction” under the Fourteenth Amendment to mean, which Justice Gray would recognize in Elk v.Wilkins years later:

The word “jurisdiction” must be understood to mean absolute and complete jurisdiction, such as the United States had over its citizens before the adoption of this amendment… Aliens, among whom are persons born here and naturalized abroad, dwelling or being in this country, are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States only to a limited extent. Political and military rights and duties do not pertain to them. (14 Op. Atty-Gen. 300.)

House Report No. 784, dated June 22, 1874, stated, “The United States have not recognized a double allegiance. By our law a citizen is bound to be ‘true and faithful’ alone to our government.” There is no way in the world anyone can claim “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” affirms the feudal common law doctrine of birth citizenship to aliens because such doctrine by operation creates a “double allegiance” between separate nations.

If there is one inescapable truth to the text and debates, it is this: When Congress decided to require potential citizens to first be subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States they by default excluded all citizens of other nations temporarily residing in the U.S. who had no intention of becoming citizens themselves or, disqualified of doing so under naturalization laws. This was no oversight because it was too simple to declare the common law rule of jus soli if indeed that was truly the desired goal by these very competent lawyers (both Howard and Trumbull were lawyers).

Aaron Sargent, a Representative from California during the Naturalization Act of 1870 debates said the Fourteenth Amendment’s citizenship clause was not a de-facto right for aliens to obtain citizenship. No one came forward to dispute this conclusion.

Perhaps because he was absolutely correct.


Parsing words on the Hillary emailgate it is now possible that she had a second server.

Platte River Networks, which managed Clinton’s server and private email network after she left the State Department, has indicated it transfer – or “migrated” – emails from the original server in 2013, according to The Washington Examiner.

Clinton’s doomsday clock is ticking.