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Is ‘Our Democracy’ Failing Our Country?

Pat Buchanan, American Renaissance, September 30, 2022

Asked, “What is an American?” many would answer, “An American is a citizen of the United States.”

Yet, at the First Continental Congress in 1774, 15 years before the U.S. became a nation of 13 states, Patrick Henry rose to proclaim that, “British oppression has effaced the boundaries of the several colonies; the distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers, and New Englanders are no more. I am not a Virginian, but an American.”

Henry was saying — more than a dozen years before our constitutional republic was established — that America already existed as a nation, and he was her loyal son.

In an 1815 letter to Thomas Jefferson, long after both men had served as president, John Adams wrote:

“As to the history of the Revolution, my Ideas may be peculiar, perhaps Singular. What do We mean by the Revolution? The War? That was no part of the Revolution. It was only an Effect and Consequence of it. The Revolution was in the Minds of the People, and this was effected, from 1760 to 1775, in the course of fifteen Years before a drop of blood was drawn at Lexington.”

Adams was saying that America was conceived and, as an embryonic nation, grew within the hearts of the peoples of the 13 colonies, two to three decades before the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

In short, our country came to be before our republic came to be, and long before what we today call “our democracy” came to be. A country is different from, and more than, the political system that it adopts.

France was France all through the Bourbon dynasty, the Revolution of 1789, the creation of the First Republic, the Reign of Terror, Napoleon’s First Empire and the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy — all the way to the creation of the Fifth Republic by President Charles de Gaulle.

And beneath the carapace of the USSR, the heart of Mother Russia continued to beat. Rightly, during the Cold War, we regarded Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria as “captive nations” and captive peoples.

The point: Neither the regime nor the political system imposed, nor some abstract idea, is the country that predates them and has first claim upon the loyalty of its sons and daughters.

In his famous toast, American naval hero Stephen Decatur declared: “Our country! … May she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong!”

The crisis today for those who incessantly proclaim, “Our democracy is in danger,” is that millions of patriots are coming to see our incumbent regime, “our democracy,” as faithless and failing in its foremost duty — to protect and defend our country and countrymen from enemies foreign and domestic.

Forced constantly by the establishment to choose between them, patriotic Americans may one day come to choose, as did their fathers, the country they love over the crown that rules them.


The Biden regime that currently rules us has allowed 3 million migrants to invade our country in two years. These illegals continue to break our laws and cross our border at a rate of 250,000 a month.

Among them are terrorists, robbers, rapists, murderers, cartelists and child molesters. The Biden regime has abdicated its duty to halt the invasion that is changing the ethnic, racial, religious, social and political character and composition of our American family without the consent of the American people, into whose national home these intruders are breaking with impunity.

President Joe Biden is assuring that the future of the nation will be determined by millions of people who have in common only that they broke our laws to get into our country. Vice President Kamala Harris smugly dismisses demands to address the crisis by saying America’s southern border is “secure.”

With this invasion has come a flood of the narcotic fentanyl, which last year took the lives of 100,000 Americans, a number equal to all the U.S. war dead in years of fighting in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Under the Biden party’s policy of softness on crime and indulgence of the criminal class, assaults, robberies, carjackings and “mass shootings,” where four victims are killed or wounded in each episode, have surged in U.S. cities.

With America’s currency and economy in his custody, Biden has, in 18 months, run up inflation, that cancer of America’s currency, to 8%, run up the national debt to where it far exceeds the gross national product, and crashed the stock market, wiping out trillions in wealth.

“The pandemic is over,” Biden told “60 Minutes” in September, a month when more than 400 Americans were dying of COVID-19 every day, a death rate higher than World War II and equal to the bloodiest war in U.S. history, the Civil War of 1861-1865.

The custodians of “our democracy” are failing in the most fundamental of duties of any political system — to protect and defend the people. No failed regime can justify its permanence by claiming some inherent superiority.





It’s about damn time! Lizzo just became the first person to play James Madison’s 200-year-old crystal flute

I don’t know what a “Lizzo” is, and don’t want to know. However, when state institutions endorse deliberate desecration, it is a humiliation ritual. It is symbolic conquest of whites. It shows that the new, non-white America is taking ownership of the old America built by whites and mocking its symbols.


In addition, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., appeared to suggest that Americans need to vote for Democrats to avoid future hurricanesduring an interview Tuesday.

And a series of progressive commentators and climate activists took to social media to similarly peg the hurricane on global warming.

Multiple experts contacted by Fox News Digital argued that there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest climate change caused Hurricane Ian or any individual natural disaster.

The experts’ comments come as a series of media outlets, Democrats and progressive commentators continue to blame the hurricane on human-caused global warming. Hurricane Ian slammed into southwest Florida as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday, causing more than a million residents to lose power and prompting stark safety warnings from Florida officials.

“What they’re trying to do is politicize the pain and suffering of these people to promote their green agenda,” Gregory Wrightstone, the executive director of the climate policy think tank CO2 Coalition, told Fox News Digital in an interview. “Well, their policies and their agenda to promote renewables will do far greater economic destruction to the country and Florida.”



Leora Levy is attempting to take down an ambulance chaser by the name of Blumenthal who has rubber stamped the Branden-Obama Agenda from the get-go. Levy is a staunch Conservative who will set the country on the Right Course. Her Quest to take down this “PHOTO OPPORTUNIST” is akin to moving an iceberg. But if anyone can topple him, Leora can. Vote Connecticut for Leora Levy. 

Leora Levy - Wikipedia

Leora Levy has lived the American dream. She came to this country as a child, escaping Castro’s communist regime in Cuba. She knows firsthand what it means when Communism conquers your country.

Leora worked hard, got a good education, and broke the glass ceiling in her career. She came to this country a Cuban refugee and by 2019 she was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as Ambassador to Chile. All of these things were possible because of the opportunity and freedom we have in this country. But that freedom is now at risk.

CT continued


George S. Logan is an American politician and member of the Republican Party. He served as a member of the Connecticut State Senate from 2017 to 2021. He is the Republican nominee for Connecticut’s 5th congressional district in the 2022 United States House of Representatives elections in Connecticut. Wikipedia

” The Fifth Congressional District have no representation down in Washington. I want to change that. I want to bring some sensibility down to Washington. I think we need some better checks and balances to counter the Biden-Harris administration in Washington. I think Nancy Pelosi and a lot of her far left liberal proposed bills and policies have been hurting our district. This has been hurting our country. And I think we need some better balance down there. I think the incumbent is just not doing a good job representing the people of the district.



On health care, Herschel Walker has another embarrassing policy fumble



U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)



House seat



Abbott, 2015






Polls show why DeSantis leads crusade against 'wokeness' - CNN Video




Tim Scott at the 2020 Republican Convention



The Wizard of OZ in make believe land. This ain’t Kansas anymore.

Mehmet Oz is backed by Trump


The Dr. Oz Show' Ending in 2022 — Mehmet Oz Senate Run | TVLine


Former President Trump endorses Leora Levy

Lenora Levy taking on the institution of Dick Blumenthal – Time for a change. Blumenthal is a rubber stamp for Branden. And we all know what a disaster this clown is.

Leora worked hard, got a good education, and broke the glass ceiling in her career. She came to this country a Cuban refugee and by 2019 she was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as Ambassador to Chile. All of these things were possible because of the opportunity and freedom we have in this country. But that freedom is now at risk.



Republicans say Biden's bizarre episode is cause for alarmPresident Sleepy Joe has gone beyond the realm of sanity. Yesterday, he has joined those who profess to speak with those who have passed the ungainly divide between the above and below planes or the living and dead. Only those who speak with the medium can accomplish such a feat. But as he called for the unliving to respond, there was no such retort. Proving once again that Joe’s reality is at odds with the living.

Republicans say Biden’s bizarre episode is cause for alarm


The Stock Market has imploded, gone down like the Hindenburg – off 20% from its high. Other indices have dropped over 40%; a Titanic type of dive. This was a foreseen event, but the public was blind sighted by the optimistic rhetoric – bye the Dips. Stock sales men love to pimp their wares, but when the phone rings, they are nowhere to be seen. Once a drug pusher transition you to a junkie, the game is over.

How could they not see this from happening? Inflation was out of control, interest rates were rising, the war in Ukraine intensifying, Branden falling up the stairs, most people fall down the stairs,

Congressional suicide bombers dictating the socialist anti-White agenda, CRT taught in schools, Moms targeted by AG Garland as domestic terrorists, ANTIFA torching cities, Russia halting gas exports to Europe, need we say more?

John Q Public as been torched once again, old stalwarts are now in the bargain bin But is there more pain to be had is the question? Don’t be surprised if another 10% or more haircut happens, This will not be pretty, carnage never is. Watch the polls, watch the November election, visualize the 2024 election from two years out Will Trump arrive in Washington and be given a Hero’s Welcome? A lot of stuff going on,

Hindenburg disaster.jpg


An 18-year-old was executed in cold blood by a Democrat political terrorist because of rhetoric like this,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., claimed on Twitter along with a video of Biden calling Trump supporters “extreme.” “Democrats want Republicans dead, and they’ve already started the killings. Democrat’s political war against patriotic Americans must end!”

Sen. Paul, conservatives warn of ‘violent consequences’ of Biden rhetoric following death of North Dakota teen

“.@GOPLeader should promise to open a congressional investigation into Joe Biden if Republicans win back the House for Biden inciting violence in his Sept 1 speech that led to Shannon Brandt confessing he killed Calyer [sic] Ellingson simply for being a Republican,” former Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis tweeted. Fox News logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG


President Zelenskyy stands at 5’7″, Vlad the Impaler about the same. However, Zelenskyy stands much taller in the world view. A diminutive figure before the Russian – Ukraine war, he now stands among the world elite.Zelenskyy Turns to the Laws of War in Prosecuting Kremlin Ally Caught in  Uniform

President Zelenskyy has shown the world that standing up against a bully is possible. But as we said before, the EU and USA did not have gumption, the nuts to prevent this from happening. Europe is now paying the price in spades. A long cold winter awaits them because of their weakness, NATO included.

However, the United States under Branden is 100% to blame for the invasion. They did not establish a No Fly Zone at the outset. Vlad would not attempt to invade Ukraine under Trump; he would have stood down,

Additionally, the weak Obama allowed Putin to annex Crimea. Another action by Branden, the pullout of Afghanistan manifested weakness which Vlad interpreted as “go ahead” to invade.

But through it all PRESIDENT ZELENSKYY MANNED UP in the face adversity. That is why we chose him as the NBTP Person of the Year.


Powell has it dead wrong. Yes, inflation is 8.5% and interest rates are net negative (3-8.5 = 5.5%) underwater. The unemployment rate is 3.7% because less and less people are working. For example, if a targeted group of one hundred available workers finds that 90% are employed, the unemployment rate is 10%, but if ten of the unemployed workers retire they are no longer considered to be in the work force; therefore the unemployment rate is now 0%. We have a slippery slope here. Keep in mind there will always be shortage to some degree of demand  for workers with specialized skills.
Bringing a recession will not effect the unemployment rate, but will bring misery to the workforce. Pouring gasoline on the fire is not a solution, but will cause an unsurmountable problem. This is not palatable. Powell believes that cutting demand will bring inflation down. However, because of supply chain issues, which are slowly being resolved, oil price escalation due to limited supply issues brought upon us by Branden who shut down the Keystone pipeline in addition to suspending Gulf drilling.
There is only one way to resolve the INFLATION ISSUE, that is to let it run its course. Most people will cut back purchases, prices will drop until the X Y chart reaches equilibrium. 


However, we add that the future scenario is precarious at best. The United States government owes thirty trillion dollars ($30,000,000,000,000,000) and counting. But overall obligations, including Social Security, Medicare and other off the book liabilities bring bring the total to one hundred thirty trillion dollars. This sham cannot go on forever. Something has to give.

Please note, the interest payed by the FED increases $30,000,000,000 (thirty billion) for every 1% increase in rates. This is not funny money; somebody has to pay up. You may ask when? Right now there is no answer, but dollar apocalypse is not too far away. When this happens, the dollar price of gold will go through the roof. Currently the dollar price of dollar is sinking due to the rise in interest rates. But in most all other currencies the price of gold has gone up.

Federal Reserve’s inaction will lead the U.S. into a deep recession

There is never been a time in history when the Federal Reserve effectively reduced inflation without moving their key interest rates to at least equal to the current level of inflation. When inflation began to rise and was at 3% or 4%. The pandemic and recession in 2020 resulted in average inflationary pressures to come in at 1.2%. By 2021 inflation began in January at 1.4% and rose to 2.6% in March 2021. If the Federal Reserve acted and begun to raise rates and not maintain that inflation was transitory, it could have had a dramatic impact. Instead, the Federal Reserve did nothing. Had they acted at this point and began to slowly raise interest rates which had been set artificially low between 0 and ¼% they would’ve had a tremendous impact just by taking interest rates to 2%.

In April 2021 inflation was running at 4.2% in the Federal Reserve continued to do nothing and keep interest rates artificially low. By May 2021 inflation had risen to 5%, 5.4% in June and still the Federal Reserve did nothing. In fact, inflation rose to 6.2% in October, 6.8% in November, and 7% in December and still the Federal Reserve did nothing and kept interest rates artificially low at 02 ¼%.

By the time the Federal Reserve initiated its first interest rate hike in March 2022 inflation was already at 8 ½%. At this point, it would require the Federal Reserve to raise rates to at least 8% to have any sustainable impact to reduce inflation.

It is clear that the signs of rising inflation that occurred in 2021 showed a clear and systemic growth by the first quarter the point at which the Federal Reserve needed to act and did not. It was his primary misjudgment that inflation was transitory that led to the inaction of the Federal Reserve until it was too late.

Now the Federal Reserve is dealing with attempting to reduce and level of inflation and interest rate that cannot be supported for any sustainable period of time. With the national debt well over 120% of GDP if interest rates were raised today from 3% to 8% it would add $1.5 trillion per year to service our national debt. Clearly, the Federal Reserve has painted itself into the corner and by a critical mistake that led them to do nothing when they could’ve had a strong and immediate impact on inflation, instead, they sat on the sidelines and watched interest rates rise out of control.


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Evidence of harm

A short collection of key pieces of evidence showing the COVID vaccines are not “safe and effective.” Not even close. They are the most deadly vaccines we’ve ever produced.

Steve Kirsch

Sep 22


▷  Listen

Executive summary

Here’s a high level collection of some of the most compelling pieces of evidence I’ve seen to date. This is not an exhaustive list, but just the key pieces of data that are impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe and effective.

I’ve divided the collection into sections and I’ve tried to limit each section to the most compelling data points. So don’t be disappointed if your favorite item isn’t mentioned in this article; I wanted to keep it short enough to be read..

I’ll try to keep this updated over time. It can be found in the Reference section of my Substack.

The phase 3 clinical trial data

1.  The Pfizer trial 6 month report showed absolutely no all-cause morbidity or mortality benefit. There were no benefits at all. It was all negative. Ask your doctor why you should take a new, unproven medical intervention that is not shown to have an overall benefit.

2.  The Pfizer trial 6 month report showed that more people died (and were injured) who got the drug than who got the placebo. It’s supposed to be the other way around. More importantly, none of the people in the vaccine group were judged by the drug manufacturer to have been killed by the vaccine. They do not reveal the tests they did and how they were confidently able to make that assessment. Why the secrecy here, especially in light of the study by Bhakdi and Burkhardt showing that trained medical examiner missed the causality link in 93% of the cases they looked at?

3.  The Pfizer trial 6 month report showed that at best, the drug saved only 1 COVID life per 22,000 recipients. This means that at best, after vaccinating 220M Americans, we might save 10,000 lives from COVID. But the VAERS reports show an excess death toll of well over 10,000 people and that’s before applying the minimum estimated under-reporting factor of 41. So there isn’t a mortality benefit: it’s actually the reverse. Furthermore, VAERS only considers the short term deaths and is highly unlikely to report those deaths happening 5 months after the shot which appear to be the bulk of the deaths. This makes the comparison even worse.

4.  The Classen paper analyzed the clinical trial data for all three US vaccines and confirmed the lack of a benefit (there was an increase in morbidity which was highly statistically significant in all three vaccines): “Based on this data it is all but a certainty that mass COVID-19 immunization is hurting the health of the population in general. Scientific principles dictate that the mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines must be halted immediately because we face a looming vaccine induced public health catastrophe.”

5.  The paper by Christine Stabell Benn entitled, “Randomised Clinical Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines: Do Adenovirus-Vector Vaccines Have Beneficial Non-Specific Effects?” confirmed that there was no mortality benefit by taking the COVID mRNA vaccines. “Based on the RCTs with the longest possible follow-up, mRNA vaccines had no effect on overall mortality despite protecting against fatal COVID-19.” See this article by Daniel Horowitz for more information. In other words, these vaccines have no death benefit. Period. Full stop. This is just like the Canadian analysis below showed.

6.  Serious adverse reactions, including paralysis, were not reported to the FDA and there were other serious discrepancies in the trials. For some reason, nobody seems to be interested in exploring or explaining these very serious issues. Some are very clear cut such as the case of Maddie de Garay who was one of 1,000 kids in the clinical trial. She’s paralyzed now and has to eat with a feeding tube. The FDA and Pfizer never investigated, but reported her results as mild abdominal pain in the trial results.

7.  Pfizer admitted to clinical trial fraud in federal court. Their defense was that the FDA was in on it.

Official government data

1.  The VAERS data, which is the official adverse event reporting system used by the US government, shows that an estimated hundreds of thousands have died and millions have been injured. If these weren’t caused by the vaccine, what caused them? Why are there more adverse events reported for these vaccines than for all other vaccines in history combined? Nobody can answer that question. See this tutorial and this recent confirmation and this article on VAERS and causality. Here’s how these numbers were calculated. Here is independent confirmation of the estimates by Dr. Naomi Wolf who used different datasets. No fact checker was interested in contacting me to challenge the facts since I insist on recording the call. Also, the causality of events was confirmed by the Israeli safety studies, but nobody wants to look at those.

2.  Can you spot the unsafe vaccine? People at the CDC don’t see any problem with this mortality chart: all the vaccines look perfectly safe.

3.  The US Social Security Death Master File showed a 60% increase in death rate in September 2021 vs. September 2020. According to the insurance companies, it wasn’t COVID. A five month delay in death vs. vaccination was discovered in multiple countries, not just the US. Different studies found nearly identical delays.

4.  US disability rose dramatically soon after the vaccines rolled out (Y axis is Z-score). A 3 sigma increase is hard to explain.

5.  As of Sep 2, 2022, the vaccination rate in Israel is now just 2.4%. They used to be one of the world’s most vaccinated countries. Today, very few people in Israel are considered to be vaccinated. If the vaccines are so beneficial, why has nearly the entire country shifted from extremely pro-vax to extremely anti-vax in such a short period of time?

Statements from government officials

1.  The Israeli Ministry of Health revealed in a confidential meeting with scientists that the reason that they never notified the people of Israel about the safety issues from the vaccines was because of budget/staffing issues. Apparently, while they had millions of dollars to promote the vaccines as safe and effective, they forgot to budget for the possibility they were wrong.

Independent expert reports solicited by government officials

1.  The Israeli vaccine safety data showed very clearly the side-effects are serious, long-lasting, and caused by the vaccines. Secondly, it showed that the Israeli authorities and the worldwide mainstream media are covering it all up. It also showed that US officials were not interested in seeing credible COVID vaccine safety that didn’t go along with the narrative. I tried to find out why, but nobody would talk to me. Harvard Professor Martin Kulldorff, a widely respected authority on vaccines, when asked why these people wouldn’t want to see the data, replied, “I don’t know.” This is the single most damaging report in the history of the COVID vaccines. Nobody wants to talk about it. They are hoping it will die. It won’t.

2.  The Canadian report prepared for the Liberal Party of Canada (Trudeau’s party) showed no benefit for infection, hospitalization, and death for those under 60. “The empirical evidence investigated in this report from PHO and PHAC does not support continuing mass vaccination programs, mandates, passports and travel bans for all age groups.” You can’t have a vaccine that doesn’t work in Canada work in other countries. The authors of the report had to hide their identities for fear of retribution.

Pre-prints from highly credible sources

1.  The Harvard-Hopkins-UCSF study showed it is unethical to mandate vaccination for college students and anyone younger. The clearly said, “University booster mandates are unethical.”

2.  The Thailand study did blood tests before vs. after the jab and determined that nearly 30% of young adults experienced cardiovascular injuries after the jab. How is that safe? And why didn’t anyone in the US ever do such a study? Do we not want to know? This was a simple as a blood test before and after the vaccine. Why did they not notify parents as soon as the study was published?

3.  The study by Bhakdi and Burkhardt showing 93% of deaths after vaccination were caused by the vaccine

4.  The data showing the vaccines cause prion diseases shortly after vaccination. This is impossible if the vaccines are truly safe. See the paper on (after ResearchGate removed it).

5.  Determinants of COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Requiring Hospitalization by Jessica Rose and Peter McCullough showing the myocarditis caused by the vaccine have distinct biomarkers.

Papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals

1.  The Fraiman-Doshi paper looked at serious adverse event rates and found that the vaccines may not be as safe as has been claimed, but they cannot do a proper analysis because they are not allowed to see the data. “Full transparency of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial data is needed to properly evaluate these questions. Unfortunately, as we approach 2 years after release of COVID-19 vaccines, participant level data remain inaccessible.” You have to wonder: if the vaccine is so safe, why are the drug companies hiding the data?

2.  The Levi cardiac arrest rate elevation paper showed a troubling correlation between vaccine doses and increased cardiac events from January–May 2021. When they tried to get data after May 2021, they were refused access. This begs the question: if the vaccines are perfectly safe, what are they trying to hide?

3.  There are over 1,250 papers published in the scientific peer-reviewed literature showing the vaccine cause significant adverse events.

4.  The Walach paper found that the vaccines harm more people than they save.

5.  This news article published in the BMJ showed that at least 10% of the deaths after vaccination were caused by the vaccine. Funny, in America we think the number is 0. They can’t both be right. Someone should investigate why we have different results. This is very important. In fact, with a deeper investigation, over 90% of the deaths thought by medical examiners not to be caused by the vaccine were shown to be caused by the vaccine. This suggests that the US isn’t looking at the deaths.

Autopsy reports

There are specialized tests required to diagnose a death from the COVID vaccine.

The CDC has never told any medical examiner in the US about these tests.

So the medical examiners aren’t implicating the vaccine in any of the deaths.

The question is we know what the tests are, we know there is solid evidence from multiple countries that the vaccine causes death, yet we refuse to even consider the possibility that the vaccine caused the deaths. Why?

Retracted papers published in peer-reviewed journals

This paper, A Report on Myocarditis Adverse Events in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in Association with COVID-19 Injectable Biological Products, was retracted because the publisher didn’t like the result. So he unilaterally decided to retract the paper. This is unethical.

Here’s the “withdrawn” notice.

Here is the backstory as well as this censorship update.

The publisher hasn’t fixed the problem in over a year despite assurances it would be quickly resolved.

Here is another retracted paper that was correct:

Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19? by Ron Kostoff
“Compared with the 28,000 deaths the CDC stated were due to COVID-19 and not associated morbidities for the 65+ age range, the inoculation-based deaths are an order-of-magnitude greater than the COVID-19 deaths!

That is basically what I found: the vaccines kill >10X more people than the number of COVID deaths that they save. The paper passed peer review and was published. The editor of the journal quit after he was over-ridden by the publisher on the retraction.

The reason cited for the retraction:

1.  The use of key terminology, specifically the key terms “inoculation” and “vaccination” diverges from common use and are incorrect, indicating clear evidence of bias.

2.  Publicly available data from the United States Center for Disease Control (U.S. CDC) were concluded by the external reviewers to be misinterpreted to make the erroneous conclusion that the vast majority of reported deaths due to COVID-19 are actually due to other comorbidities. Such an egregious misinterpretation and misrepresentation are unacceptable.

This is completely bogus for two reasons:

1.  The editor could have easily normalized the terminology to eliminate any perceived “bias.” They simply ask the author to do a quick search and replace.

2.  The vast majority of COVID-19 deaths were in fact due to other co-morbidities. For example, the New Mexico death records where COVID-19 was listed as the cause of death and 5 out 6 were not consistent with a COVID death. If anyone wants to challenge me on that, I have access to the death data. In Massachusetts, only 10% to 20% of the deaths listed as COVID were actually caused by COVID. Most people don’t have access to the death data, but I do. So I wonder if the journal is interested in fixing their error?

Hard-to-explain anecdotes

Can anyone explain how these anecdotes are possible?

1.  The Died Suddenly group on Facebook was adding users at 20,000 per day making it the fastest growing group in Facebook history. They had to throttle the growth rate due to attempts by the British military to infiltrate the group to cause it to be shut down.

2.  The average age of the people reported dead in the Died Suddenly group has been trending younger and younger over time. How can you explain that? The only worldwide massive intervention that goes to younger people is the COVID vaccine.

3.  The embalmer data (such as The Epoch Times article and this interview).

4.  Insurance company data from insurance companies worldwide:

1.     Adults Aged 35–44 Died at Twice the Expected Rate Last Summer, Life Insurance Data Suggests

2.     Millennials Experienced ‘84 Percent Rise of Excess Mortality’ Into Fall 2021: Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager

5.  Wayne Root’s wedding: 200 guests, half vaxxed, half unvaxxed. Only the vaxxed got injured (26%) or died (7%). I surveyed my readers and the readers collectively reported very similar stats. That’s hard to explain if there isn’t a huge effect.

6.  My neurologist stats: 11 years without needing to do a single VAERS report; this year, needs to file 1,000 VAERS reports. How will anyone explain that?

7.  The polling results using third party polling firms (so not my followers) consistently showing more people died from the vaccine than from the virus. The mainstream media refuses to do similar surveys and most survey firms refuse to even ask the questions.

8.  Ten different surveys I did

9.  The fact that Paul Offit isn’t going to get the latest booster even though the CDC says he should

10.  Google searches show people became interested in topics related to vaccine safety before they became popular on social media

11.  When I ask data/statistics experts such as Joel Smalley and Professor Norman Fenton whether they’ve seen any credible data proving the vaccines are safe and effective, they are unable to cite a single reference.


1.  Turtles all the way down: Vaccine science and myth

2.  Dissolving Illusions

Slide presentations

1.  Vaccine Secrets: a 20 minute slide presentation from CHD

2.  The CCCA presentations:

1.     Stop the shots,

2.     More Harm Than Good

3.     Dispelling the Myth

Mitigation measures: masks, vaccines, lockdowns, social distancing, 6 foot rule, …

This was a very well done study, but it is of course attacked by the pro narrative people. We’d love to have an open debate about this study, but the other side doesn’t want to talk about it in a neutral forum.


Masks don’t work at all. See this article which has plenty of references. If anything, masks are more likely to hurt you than to benefit you.

There is no study at all on the 6 foot distance rule. They just made that one up.

Origin of the virus investigation

Professor Jeffrey Sachs was tasked by The Lancet to lead an independent investigation into the source of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. After he determined it came from US biotechnology, all of a sudden nobody wanted to pursue the investigation any further.

Questions for lawmakers

1.  Why can’t we have open forums where our public health officials can be challenged by experts who disagree? Is there proof that having open debate results in worse outcomes?

2.  Why doesn’t anyone want to see the Israeli safety data?

3.  Why isn’t anyone asking for Fauci’s unredacted emails?

4.  Is there a scientific reason that the CDC is ignoring me and all the experts I work with?

5.  Questions I’d love to ask Congresswoman Anna Eshoo… that she’ll never answer

Questions I’d like to ask the CDC

1.  Why hasn’t anyone calculated the minimum VAERS under-reporting factor (URF)?

2.  Did the propensity to report change in 2021 vs. previous years. What is the new number in 2021 and 2022 compared to previous years?

3.  Why do John Su and Tom Shimabukuro never talk about the URF in the ACIP meetings?

4.  I found thousands of adverse events that are elevated by these vaccines compared to all other vaccines combined in previous years. How many adverse events did the CDC find?

5.  There was a dramatic rise in adverse events reported in the VAERS system for the COVID vaccines. How could this not be a serious safety concern? The propensity to report did not increase. If you believe the propensity to report did increase, what data do you have to support that?

6.  My neurologist has been in practice for 11 years. She’s never had to report a single event to VAERS. With the COVID vaccines, she needs to make 1,000 reports. How do you explain this?

7.  The NEJM pregnancy paper by Tom Shimabukuro noted that the results on safety for pregnant women was preliminary since many of the women were still pregnant. What was the final result and why wasn’t it published?

8.  There was an analysis of the VAERS data by Hannah Rosenblum published in the Lancet. It never goes into explaining why there were elevated reporting rates and also the nature of the reported events are not normal background events. Couldn’t the elevated reporting rates be caused by a dangerous vaccine? Does she want to look at the Israeli safety data? If not, why not? The Israeli data directly contradicts the conclusion of the paper. Shouldn’t we figure out which conclusion is correct?

9.  Why does Carol Crawford not answer my questions about an open discussion with the top vaccine misinformation spreaders to resolve our differences and reduce vaccine hesitancy?

10.  Why does Martha Sharan ignore my emails and phone messages when I attempted to ask for permission to talk to the authors of the Rosenblum paper? Can’t she reply with the reason questions are not allowed?

The unanswered questions

Questions I’d love to get the answer to. These were asked, but never answered.

1.  Why did the CDC never publish the follow up on the NEJM pregnancy paper by Tom Shimabukuro?

2.  The CEO of Moderna was asked how the 19 nucleotide sequence from a Moderna patent got into the SARS-CoV-2 genome. That sequence is never found in a virus. How did it get in this one? The CEO said he’d look into it, but never reported the explanation. I’d love to know what it was.

3.  Why hasn’t any Democratic committee chairman asked the NIH for Tony Fauci’s unredacted emails? Don’t we want to know the truth about whether there was a deliberate cover-up? If there was, shouldn’t Fauci be fired?

4.  Fauci wasn’t supposed to be funding gain of function research but he was. How is he being held accountable?

5.  How much is Fauci making every time someone gets a Moderna shot? He’s a public official… why is this a secret?


People who disagree with the mainstream narrative are rewarded with censorship, permanent bans on posting on social media, demonetization of your YouTube account, revocation of your medical license, revocation of your medical certifications, loss of hospital privileges, loss of job, loss of funding, loss of friends, and a Wikipedia entry labelling you a “misinformation spreader” and/or “conspiracy theorist.”

This is a problem. I am not aware of any paper published in the medical literature that shows that such tactics result in better health decisions.

Should we use the same rules at the UN when nations disagree? Do you think that will result in better outcomes?

The way people resolve differences is by confronting the issues and talking through them. But we are not doing this:

1.  Why can’t we find anyone who will defend the CDC, FDA, and NIH on camera?

2.  Dr. Byram Bridle and 2 colleagues challenged Canada’s health authorities to a debate

3.  Vinay Prasad’s most important op-ed

Articles about the corruption of science

1.  The head of the CDC’s outside committee on vaccine safety does not want to see the safety data collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

This is objective proof of a broken system. It is indefensible. Caught on video camera. There is no reason that anyone in a position of authority on the COVID vaccines would refuse an opportunity to see the most thorough post-vaccine safety study ever done: one that shows causality of serious adverse events.

Professor Grace Lee should be removed from her position by the CDC. Why isn’t she? Does anyone care?


If the above isn’t enough, there are hundreds more “hard to explain” data points.

1.  List of over 1,200 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals

2.  The safe and effective narrative is falling apart

3.  Think we got it wrong?

4.  How the authorities can INSTANTLY stop the spread of “COVID misinformation”

Using all the available evidence

There is an excellence article written in August 2020 by Norman Doidge entitled “Medicine’s Fundamentalists” which talks about the “all-available-evidence approach.” It should be read by every doctor in America. This is how medical science should work.

The precautionary principle of medicine

The precautionary principle medicine seems to have been thrown under the bus during the pandemic. It says in the face of uncertainty, one should take reasonable measures to avoid threats that are serious and plausible.

For example, the Pfizer clinical trial showed the vaccine saved only one COVID death per 22,000 injected. That means we might only save around 10,000 lives if we inject 200M Americans. So if VAERS, which is at least 41 times under reported, is showing over 12,000 deaths associated the vaccine, any reasonable person should say that killing more than 41 people to save 1 life is nonsensical… shouldn’t we put a PAUSE on this intervention until we resolve the uncertainty?

In the current system, questioning the CDC or other authorities results in serious retribution as mentioned earlier.

Is that really the right way to handle scientific dissent?


Are the vaccines “safe and effective” as claimed?

To answer this, science requires that we look all all the available data and see whether the data is more consistent with the hypothesis of “safe and effective” or “not safe and effective.”

All the data that I and my colleagues have seen end up being placed in the “not” bucket.

We are open to being shown we got it wrong on the hundreds of pieces of evidence we have examined, but nobody is willing to discuss the data with us to resolve the issue, not even for $1M dollars.

I even went to extraordinary lengths to offer the Israeli safety data to ACIP Chair Grace Lee. Her response: she called the police on me. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know: they simply refuse to look at any data that goes against their currently held beliefs. That’s the way science works.

Please share this widely.


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