April 30, 2016


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A few minute before midnight, Christine Stuart of reported


Malloy To Reporters: Budget Negotiations ‘Are Hitting A Wall’


The following is an excerpt.   Democratic legislative leaders just came up with a budget proposal on Thursday that addressed a $920 million budget deficit. “That deficit grew an additional $40 million on Friday after revenue figures were released following April tax collections.   Malloy said his team agreed to stay at the negotiating table until noon Saturday to reach a settlement “but it’s clear for me that that’s not going to happen.” He said Democratic legislative leaders are treating this like a revenue issue when it’s “a revenue issue and a spending issue.”


At 8:10 PM, Christine Stuart had reported that  


Revenues Fall Short Leaving 2016 and 2017 Budgets In The Red



Noting that – April tax revenues did not come in as anticipated Friday, which means this year’s deficit will grow to about $256 million and the 2017 budget is $960 million in the red.

Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes said most of the revenue shortfall the state is experiencing is related to declining income tax collections. Read more at Revenues Fall Short Leaving 2016 and 2017 Budgets In The Red »





 Will Your Legislator, Pass or Fail!!!!


 Let’s take a look at what has transpired on the Hill in Hartford  within the past few days.


 The recent vote by State Senate Democrats will have a chilling impact on some legally registered Connecticut students who will be denied access to the taxpayer funded $40 million dollar financial aid pool.   Their denial will be usurped by undocumented immigrants who will now be allowed access to the pool. 


Act SB-147 entitled AN ACT ASSISTING STUDENTS WITHOUT LEGAL IMMIGRATION STATUS WITH THE COST OF COLLEGE was assessed by the Office of Fiscal Analysis which wrote “The bill results in no fiscal impact to the constituent units of higher education as it does not alter the total amount provided for institutional aid. “The bill does result in a potential redistribution of such aid to recipients”. Their opinion can be accessed at analysts report.


It is interesting to note that Republican Senator Art Linares from Westbrook, CT’s Senate’s only Hispanic would have voted ‘no’ on aid to undocumented students as reported by as “opening the financial aid pool would crowd out legal residents”.  Linares further stated “I am very concerned about our current financial situation,” when addressing the near $1 billion state deficit in the upcoming fiscal year. “We have to solve those problems first before we take on additional burdens that would create additional stress on other residents.” 




 In Oct, 2015, the Wall Street Journal wrote WSJ: Wealthy Connecticut’s Pension Problem Is a ‘Ticking …Time Bomb noting “Connecticut has roughly half of what it needs to pay future retirement benefits for its workers, with one lawmaker calling the situation a “ticking time bomb.”

 Yet, the State’s failure to manage the State employee pension plan has not deterred our State legislators as Connecticut House Sends Bill to Senate Setting Up a State-Run Retirement Plan for Private-Sector Workers(Christine Stuart / CT News Junkie)




 On April 28, 2016, Democrat Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney proposed increasing the state’s hourly minimum wage to $12 by Jan. 1, 2020 which was denounced by Senate Republicans as described within article captioned Connecticut Senate debates, for a while, a $12 minimum wage

 Here is what others are saying on this issue. 

 Former CEO of McDonald’s: $15 Minimum Wage Will Cost Jobs
Jon Miltimore is the Senior Editor of Intellectual Takeout, Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  | April 25, 2016

Ed Rensi, the former president of McDonald’s USA, wrote an article that appeared in Forbes in which he argued that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour could cost about a million jobs in limited service restaurants.

Rensi, who worked at McDonald’s for three decades before he became Chief Executive Officer, made three key points: 1) A $15 minimum wage would eat up 75 percent of the profit for a typical McDonald’s franchise owner; 2) Franchise owners would be compelled to shift to automated kiosks to protect their bottom line; 3) the job losses would primarily impact young workers.

  UC Berkeley last week offered a real-life case study on this very topic.  Continue reading at …..


And in an Editorial by Investors Business Daily

UC Berkeley Touts $15 Wage Law, Then Fires Hundreds … Of Workers After It Passes

 Labor Markets: Hundreds of employees at the University of California at Berkeley are getting schooled in basic economics, as the $15 minimum wage just cost them their jobs. Too bad liberal elites “fighting for $15” don’t get it.


A week after California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the state’s $15 minimum wage boost into law, UC Berkeley ChancellorNicholas Dirks sent a memo to employees announcing that 500 jobs were getting cut.

 Coincidence? Not really.  Continue reading at …..


 In February, 2016, the Yankee Institute lent insight into the problems which had beset the Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles through their article captioned Promoted Former Commissioners Avoid Blame for DMV …Debacle



This has been a tumultuous year for Connecticut taxpayers.  Governor Malloy and our State Legislature have been on a spending spree with taxpayer dollars yet it appears that only now they have come to the realization that the state is broke.  Worse than that – the State’s high debt and deficits have rating agencies questioning the financial stability of our state as Most Wall Street agencies have ‘negative outlook’ on CT … as noted by

  In an article captioned The 10 Worst “Sinkhole States” in America | Wolf Street written in March, 2015 it is noted that “The taxpayer burdens in Connecticut and Illinois weigh over twice as much on each of their respective taxpayers as the burden in California”.


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Gold is once again on the rise. The pundits can’t nor are they willing to understand the attraction to gold;  steadfast has it been in an island of global turmoil. Uncertain on what will happen have caused many to insure themselves with the metal.

What have the naysayers missed? One wonders why they even mention gold at all. And the volcanic rise of Trump, Sanders and Carson, not to mention Carly Fiorina who would have thought. The pundits failed to miss their rise too. Americans are fed up with the Boehners, McConnells, Reids, Pelosis, Clintons and Bushes of the world. They are plain old ready for a revolution. teapartylogoredThe boxes of tea in our logo have names on them, Democrats, The Fed, Public Unions, Big Government and entitlements. Yes, Americans are FED UP with do good politicians who only care about getting reelected.

We tell you what, America and the world is in turmoil. The socialists thugs running the paper printing scam are now worried about the next three years, we would not be surprised if some of them commit suicide. They are desperate to find a solution when none except gold exists. They have dug their own grave and now will reap the benefit of disastrous monetary policies over the past 45 years.

February Blog Entry:


During the past six months we have tried to educate the sceptics that the United States dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on.  The likes of Goldman-Sachs (with a name like Goldman, why would they be bearish on Gold – very confusing to us) forecast a $1000 ounce of gold, others saw an implosion to $500, not so fast says the market. When Goldman speaks people listen or do they? Today gold mounted a robust rally closing over $50 higher as it continues to close in on $1250 per ounce. In the last 30 days gold was as good as gold rising over $150.

To the naysayers out there, look what is happening in the world; in one word it is defined as TURMOIL. Globally people have lost confidence in their leaders – why do you thing Trump is doing so well and on the other side, Hillary the Liar, her momentum stopped dead in New Hampshire. Oh don’t worry she says, we are going South and the FBI, me worry. A little kick-ass by that Sanders fellow in the Palmetto State may be in the cards. Talking about the cards, Hillary then heads for Nevada – Ok Harry Reid is going to be shoveling the manure for Hillary, but what good will that do. Sanders may have a trick or two up his sleeve.

Anyway you look at it, oil tanking, zero interest rates and in some cases negative rates, one would think boom times are here. The average family is saving at least $1000 a year on gas, plus oil and natural gas to heat the abode. Doesn’t seem they are too anxious to spend the savings though. Europe on edge, suicide bombers perfecting their craft, Syria going down in flames. Latin America’s bargain with the devil is not working out so well; just ask the people in Venezuela. And we forgot to mention the dictator in North Korea, shooting his mouth off again. Guess he figures that do to his lack of manhood he would shoot off a missile. Lot of good that did.

Keep your hopes up, things can only get better.  The higher gold goes the worse it will be for the status quo. Remember, the Central Banks were set up by politicians to print money ostensibly to feed their minions, this became the loop for reelection; it continues today. Once the printing stops, the true revolution begins, the free-loaders will no longer be in control, but the men/women of conscince and integrity will once again rule. Work will be rewarded not the other way around.

2014 Blog Post:




Close at hand is the REVOLUTION we all have been waiting for; Donald Trump’s victory in five states this past Tuesday all but sealed the deal. This has caused a fury among many of the illegals. They are getting their affairs in order, preparing for the day. Bank accounts are being drained, real estate  being sold and the Ford 150 Pickup being filled with gas, waiting to cross the border into Mexico. A one way trip mind you.

They have come to the land of plenty, illegally, exporting their culture to America – some good and some bad, but America is a land of laws, Mexico is not, corruption and gangs rule the roost. What seems cruel to our liberal progressive is only fair to those who work day in and day out to support these criminal illegals; they broke the law by breaking into our country.

Mexico has a gang culture; the Bandito is a father figure.  “To separate families” says the progressive is inhumane, but that doesn’t have to be so. Those who sons and daughters here, anchor babies if you will,  have the option of taking their families with them. Slight chance of that though.

It is time that these criminal illegals must accept the card they were dealt. Why, one may ask, bring a human into a world of decay, suffering, filth, dirt, corruption, death in the country you were born? To ask an innocent child to live and suffer the consequences of a parents mistake is akin to murder. But to ask others to solve their lot in life by paying for it is most egregious and down right wrong. For the leaders of a corrupt country to tolerate such conditions is the same as condoning them. They too are guilty of sin.

Adios AmigosIMG_4021


As reported by FOX NEWS, Trump took out the broom yesterday, sweeping all five contests by wide margins.

Click here for yesterday’s results. Note the whooping Hillary took in RI.

Early returns are in, Trump forecasted to sweep CT, MD, RI and PA by wide margins, thereby  slamming the door in Cruz’s and Kasich’s face. Actually, those two contenders never had a chance. Trump’s message is getting across, the insiders are now outsiders, the outsiders are now insiders. As more returns come in we expect Trump to solidify his insurmountable lead. When the votes are fully counted look for Trump to break the 60% barrier. TRUMP

Trump’s yet to be opponent in November, Sanders or Clinton, face a tough challenge. The press has thrown in the towel on Trump all but conceding a Democrat victory. But what do they know?  Hillary Clinton is do disliked that many Democrats will sit out the election; they will be happy to see her lose. Punishing her for lying, cheating, scheming, killing, murdering, conniving, stealing and trafficking,

She has been pandering to those on the dole long enough. Hillary Clinton will get face slapped in November by the American Patriot. We can’t wait for her to step into the ring against Trump. A blood bath for sure.  (Republicans calling for CRUZ to give it up)hillarydressedup Hillary Clinton has demanded that this photo be removed from the internet. 


Donald J. Trump is on the verge of the biggest political transformation in American History. Against all odds Trump is close to securing the votes needed to be the Republican nominee. They, that is the establishment, has thrown everything at him, but nothing has stuck. What Trump has done is very simple, he has turned political correctness on its head. This is something that the pandering RINOs were afraid to do. John Boehner gone, Eric Cantor – a little to coyes – gone, Mitch McConnell, the bespeckled, old codger who plays both ends against the middle is on his last hurrah.

Trump has tapped into the American psych; found out that many of the mainstream Republicans and Democrats alike are irate at Big Government and their subsidies to the couch potato, the parasite, the leach. By the way these welfare mongers have played the system to the hilt, helped by Big Government who coaches them on how to game the system. Many of them live in $300,000 homes paid by you the taxpayer, they don’t work, get Free Everything. When caught frauding the system they claim ignorance and on top of that are very rarely prosecuted. And if they are, no jail time, just a pat on the back.

And let’s not leave out the greatest leach of all, the government employee who either moves one stack of papers on his/her desk to one corner, then back again for hours a day. When not doing that he/her is looking out the window or using the iphone. These are our employees who report to no one. Hey, remember that criminal who took the fifth, Lois Lerner, do you realize she is ripping off the system for $100 big ones a year; nice pension if you can get it. And the list goes on and on.

When Trump gets his hands on around Hillary Clinton’s neck she will either drop out or continue to lie her way to the greatest defeat in a generation. What has she ever done, career wise she has rode on Bill Clinton’s back. Don’t forget the beating she took by Obama in 2008. She can never laugh that one off.

And, don’t tell the press, but she is taking a beating from Bernie Sanders. Feeling the Bern do you, Hillary. Without superdelegates and the Black vote, Hillary Clinton would be out there offering curb service. No kidding! Mr. Sanders has pried the lid off Clinton’s can and most intelligent Democrats realize it is empty. We are glad to see the Lying Clinton sweating bullets as she looks toward California in the first week of June. Another beating by Sanders is expected. No suntan lotion will  protect her from the BERN. trumpbillboard3TRUMP


From the Drudge Report
DONALD TRUMP Still Outperforming Cruz, Sanders and Hillary Clinton! Cruz and Sanders Both Eliminated in 5 Days

To keep up to date on the happenings of the campaign you can go to his Facebook page with the following URL,  You can also get information at the following URL “TIME TO PLAY THE TRUMP CARDon Facebook. Either way, there is a whole lot of information there.


We can think of more colorful words to describe the beast running against Bernie Sanders. A liar first rate, a thief to boot, but what is most disgusting is the support she has received from older women and people of color. The only think Hillary Clinton has accomplished is pushing her career through deceit, lies and trickery. Her agenda is Hillary only. How has she helped Black people; and women, she lives with a predator.

Blaming others for her mistakes and judgments. One of her main weapons is to always call for an investigation; she wants the truth to come out. But this is the tactic that confuses. Why didn’t she tell the truth in the first place? Why did she do what she did? In the case of the email server she was caught with her pants down. Why didn’t she release all of the emails in the first place? Because she knew that the law was broken, now the investigation matures toward the election with no end in sight.  No problem here; Obama gave her a pass last week, saying that she is guilty of being careless, that is all. No laws broken here.

If the FBI recommends prosecution and Loretta Lynch fails to act, there will be hell to pay. If anyone in this country doesn’t believe that White people can’t “smash and grab” wait and see. Click here for the Ten Senators that voted to confirm her. These RINOs must go. 

And no narrative is complete without mentioning Benghazi.

Who’s lying about Benghazi? ‘Not me!’ says Hillary Clinton as she insists she never told victims’ families the terror attack began as protest over an anti-Islam video

Read more:

If the Salem Witch trials were held today, those prosecuting the so-called witches would have no problem defining Hillary as one. And you know what happened to twenty of them.

The central figure in this 1876 illustration of the courtroom is usually identified as Mary Walcott.


Much ado has been written concerning Trump’s ideology. To tell you the truth we don’t care if he is liberal or conservative; it make no difference to us. This is what the lame stream media doesn’t get.

Trump, to us, is an iconoclast, the vehicle which we will use to implode big government. Trump will do to the United States bureaucracy what he has done all his life, get the best deal. Count on him ferreting out fraud, theft, redundancy, parasites and leaches. Yes, he will get it done or else. “Your fired” is his shibboleth.



The Democrat race in the early going was too close to call. What was once to be a walk in the park, a given, has now turned into horse race. Bernie has torched Clinton to the point that she is now wondering what happened. Whacked by a socialist, gee wasn’t she the socialist, but whacked indeed by a 74 year old curmudgeon from Vermont via N.Y.

Just eight years ago she was whacked by a newcomer from Chicago. Again Clinton is on the defensive, spreading falsehoods, pandering and doing what she does best lying to the American people. According to the latest results, Clinton captured 57% of the vote to Sander’s 43%, but what is telling that Clinton lost most of the state, picking up New York City and the Island on her road to victory.

So what’s the big deal, she won the Black and Hispanic vote, this was expected. The rest of the state told her to go back where you came from.

Click here for both the Republican and Democrat voting map. Very telling when it comes to Clinton’s pyrich victory.  The map spelled loser for Clinton.