The countdown for the exorcism of Eric Holder has begun. Expectations of Obama appointing a new Attorney General in the coming lame duck session has garnered some heavy negative feedback. Warnings have come from Angus King of Maine and Wyoming Senator Barrasso to that effect. But lets be clear here. The greatest threat to our freedoms is Holder’s take on the voting rights bill. To Holder, there is a racist wearing a white pointed hat in every voting district.

300,000 illegals signing up for Obamacare is a case in point. Those sign-ups did not produce the required documents on time and were deemed ineligible. Leverage that with Holder’s voter free card and America understands what Holder’s ultimate objective is; to eliminate Whitey from holding any office across the land.

Between elections there are 1460 days, certainly that is ample time to obtain a photo ID. But Holder finds it burdensome to do such a simple task. Not realizing that most citizens who intend to vote already have a government issued ID of some form or another. This is not acceptable to him. Election day sign-ups should not have to produce any form of ID let alone a photo ID. That is where the problem lies. And the canary in the coal mine is Holder’s attempt to use the poor as an example. They don’t have the means to get an ID, a birth certificate, a state issued ID card is the excuse. Of course this is another one of Holder’s canards.

Instead of upholding and enforcing the law Holder is condoning those who break it. How many times now has Holder spit in the face of the Supreme Court and lower courts that have issued decisions not to his liking?  Eric Holder, you are guilty as charged.

As the influx of illegals continues, the outflow of money from citizens pockets escalates.


Record cold has settle into the central United States breaking records set many moons ago. In fact the earth’s temperature has not risen in 20 years despite the fact that man has spilled billions of tons of carbon, according to the naysayers, into the atmosphere.

Facts are dismissed, but new untested theories are promulgated. The latest being that the oceans have absorbed the carbon, therefore the earth’s temperature did not rise.  If you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you.  To go back in time, approximately 198 years ago, Jack Frost paid a visit to Connecticut in the month of June. Not to to be out done, Albany, New York was treated to an early June snowfall; Massachusetts too and Montreal saw a foot of the white stuff cover its streets.

In 1918 a trace of snow fell in June at Mount Pocono, Monroe Co, the first ever in June in the
Mt Holly area of responsibility, tying the June PA state maximum snowfall record set
in 1907 and 1902. So as weather history is recorded one day at a time the truth be told.

But to the Global Warmer Climate Change aficionados snow will never fall on their parade. The global warmer/climate change chameleons have constantly revised, recalculated, rebutted, resorted too distortions of the facts. The lame stream media has constantly buttressed their position by eliminating counter arguments to their unproven thesis. The most recent “Peoples Climate March” took place as the UN summit occurred on September 21, 2014.  Demanding an ambitious agenda by those who spew carbon into the atmosphere.  Of course the biggest polluters of them all was not on the same page; China and India left the zealots in the cold.


Eric Holder official portrait.jpg

May have been a surprise to some, but it was expected by many. Eric Holder, one of the most controversial and race motivated attorney generals in the history of the United States has decided to step down.  Holder, as most of the Patriots know by now, is a racial provocateur, having pulled the race card on many occasion. Not able to believe the facts and decide cases on merit, Holder as does Obama, finds a racial motive behind every minority killed by Whitey.

On the other hand, Blacks killed by Blacks, don’t move the needle. The reason being, it does not get the juices flowing in the Black Community. The protest leading to the riot mentality will only be generated by their rabble rousing rent a riot diatribe blaming Whitey for their lot in life.

Holder, responsible for the killing of our Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, has not accepted responsibility; nor has he accounted for his actions.  We are quick to point out that Holder is the only Attorney General held in contempt by Congress.  It is important to point out that Holder is violently against the 2nd Amendment. 

Personally we do not hold a grudge against the Attorney General and wish him well in his future endeavors. However, in upholding the law, one must do so with an unbiased eye and manifest no impartiality, this Holder did not do. Many Americans have lost faith in his ability to enforce the law equally as required under the Constitution. To quote ex-President Richard Nixon, “you won’t have Holder to kick around anymore.”  Good riddance!


Speech is free only if you are a liberal progressive says Sol Stern.  On many college campuses the (click for the Stern’s opinion published in the WSJ) 2nd Amendment does not apply to those who seek the truth. As the majority of Americans  know that the definition of a liberal is one who forces their agenda on the rest of us.

That is not the true definition of a liberal when our freedom is abrogated.  Freedom to discuss differences between individuals is suppressed by liberal progressives when the facts don’t support the progressive autocratic agenda.  One example stands out; wearing a T shirt with the Old Glory printed on it is strictly forbidden in some schools because it might insult illegal aliens. This was affirmed by the wacko 9th Circuit Court in California.

The trouble dates back to May 5th 2010 (Cinco de Mayo) when officials at Live Oak High -a school with a predominant Mexican-American student body — forced the students to remove their American flag-festooned shirts. Administrators called the shirts “incendiary” and worried that fighting would break out between white and Latino students if Latino students noticed the shirts. So, assistant principal Miguel Rodriguez told the students to turn their shirts inside out or leave school. 

Think for a moment, a large percentage of Caucasian Americans party of May 5th in celebration. This holiday is but a trifle on the Mexican calendar, hardly celebrated or remembered by most Mexicans.


Senator Ted Cruz introduced legislation which targeted returning ISIS fighters back to the United States by stripping them of their citizenship. But on the way to passage a lone Democrat Senator intervened by killing the proposed legislation. Democrat Mazie Hirono, a freshman senator from Hawaii, objected on the Senate floor when Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tried to fast-track his ‘Expatriate Terrorists Act.’  

Click here for the story.  But one posted comment to the story is deserving of a second read: These liberals will only wake up when there is a knife to their throat and their heads are ready to roll.


A quick update. Lois Lerner, Obama’s IRS water carrying Tea Party vigilante, is receiving a pension of $100,000+.  Lerner is very depressed because she can’t find a job. You have got to be kidding. We have one for her. Time for the ankle bracelets.  We have seen a recent job posting at an all women’s prison, “Help wanted: no experience necessary; attention to detail cleaning latrines in a government institution; low pay but plenty of job security.”


Colorado is prime focus  in this years governor’s race.  Governor Hickenlooper is in the midst of a tough reelection battle. Thus far he was seen as the lead pipe cinch winner. However, something happened on the road to victory. The Governor is close to suffering the agony of defeat. Yes it can happen.

The governor has stumbled badly down the stretch. Former Republican Bob Beauprez has surged ahead, up by 10 points according to the most recent Quinnipiac poll. Hickenlooper, a gun grabber, has not followed through on executing a murder; the public does not take these positions kindly. Oh, and we forgot to mention his positions on most issues are a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda.

Coloradans can make history here by voting to retire the governor. Stand up for our Constitution, the right to carry and not be dictated to by any politician no matter what his stripe who seeks to destroy our liberty.


Senator Mark Pryor, a stalwart Democrat, is up for reelection, but now so fast; on his tail is Representative Tom Cotton, who has gained an advantage.  This is good news in the Republicans attempt to wrestle the Senate from the pit bull Harry Reid.

According to a Public Policy Polling poll of likely voters, 43 percent would vote for Representative Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who is seeking a Senate seat, if the election were held today. Thirty-eight percent would vote for Pryor.

Pryor isn’t very popular in The Natural State. Just 36 percent of likely voters approve of his job performance. About half (51 percent) do not.


The first step in cleansing the population of religious thoughts is to remove from their grasp any object, books included, that will influence their mind in a religious way. Germany and the former USSR tossed religion into the fires of hell. Propaganda came down hard on the believers to such an extent that many lives were prematurely terminated.

To seek God through Christian prayer was forbidden. Now we find the same pattern here in the United States. Case in point is the Srpings Charter School in Temecula, California.  A sectarian book authored by a Christian was ordered off the shelf.

Pacific Justice Institute is representing a parent who discovered what they called a “Christian purging” of the charter school’s library.  We are coming full circle, the liberal education industry is full of venom when it comes to abrogating the right to free speech and freedom of religion. TheHidingPlace-cover.jpg