Sooner or later the ubiquitous church in the center square or town green is going to be torched, blown up and buried. You say it can’t happen? Look at Seattle! Who would think of the police letting the city burn. CHOP under control of criminals condoned by the mayor in a summer of love fest.

And Jesus Christ, he isn’t a Christian, nor a Jew according to the pseudo Palestinian re-writer of history; Christ is a Palestinian. Don’t laugh, soon the Jesus statues will becoming down in the Black Baptist Churches. Columbus, fogettaboutit, he is going back to where he came from. Spain ran roughshod over the America’s in the name of the Church, killing millions and at the same time plundering the land. Many Latinos are Jesus loving. Won’t be long before their beliefs are thrown to the wind. Columbus Day is on the outs, now Indigenous people day.

And don’t forget the Jew hating Heindlick deBlasio who warned the Rabbis on social distancing. Yes, he gave them a warning; and the same time went for Churches, no services allowed. And that Murphy governor of New Jersey was joined by the Lunatic NY governor Cuomo, a nut case if there ever was one by forbidding religious services of all kinds. Oh, wasn’t that the same Cuomo who stuffed nursing homes with Covid-19 patients resulting in 20,000 unnecessary deaths?

But we saw those protests country wide, the liberal torch bearing governors didn’t say boo to these folk. Oh no, not them, they let them destroy cities across the land. Not to mention killings, rapes and arson among their midst. No arrest though. Bottom line here is simple as one, two and three; liberal criminals can due no wrong, but law abiding citizens can. Seems backwards to us.


Currently the inner city CHOP ZONES are under the control of the ANTIFA anarchists. No police dare enter! But once the inner city enterprises are torched, robbed and looted to the core, the Chauvinist marauders will look elsewhere for their booty. That means the likes of Beverly Hills, Homby Hills, Woodland Hills and the iconic Malibu will be their next target; RIPE FOR THE TAKING. There is much to be had in these enclaves; police protection is nil, but diamonds and gold are of plenty. And you can only imagine what these gang-bangers will do to their women prey.

Security services will get the call, but guess what? They have seen what happened in Seattle; thumping in their chests will start the beat of fear. Not on their life will they enter these new CHOP zones – think chop shops. Their VICTIMS will have nowhere to turn to. Billionaires will be chopped limb to limb until there is nothing left but barren bones. Safes will be rifled, houses burned, vehicles torched. Then, maybe then will these ultra liberal scum come to their senses and realize the threat when the breakdown of law and order occurs. Yeah, they will call the police for protection.

Mr. Hollywood Mogul, “Hello, this is Mr. Billionaire, my property has been invaded by anarchist thugs, can you please send the police immediately, we need help? OMG, they are raping my wife, please hurry.” I think my girlfriend will be next.”

Police Dispatcher, “So sorry Mr. Billionaire, the police precinct is under attack. All of our efforts are now focused on saving our lives. Please call back tomorrow. But thank you for your call.”

So far none of the above has happened, but if the governments don’t take a stand before it metastasizes, it will. The sacrosanct billionaires will flee the country if possible, heading toward their island retreats or multi million dollar yachts. They will leave behind the world they previously basked in. Parties, orgies, drugs will be distant memories as they flee to new horizons. The lawless thugs will fight to the death over the spoils. However, If it comes to this the Army, Marines and National guard will be called upon to save the day. BET ON IT!


The story below is brought to you by Fox News. Bring Obama and Biden in to testify under oath. Catch them in lies like they did to FLYNN. NO DOUBT OBAMA WAS THE HEAD OF THIS COVER-UP-CABAL.

Think of Biden now telling people that Trump won’t leave office if defeated. This is exactly what they tried to do to Trump by stopping him from assuming the office of the Presidency.

Don’t let the lame stream media fool you; what do you think the Mueller investigation was about? And then the Impeachment? The liberal progressive scum were trying to overturn a freely elected president.

Indict Obama and Biden. Bring them to justice. America demands that they are put on the rack, stretched until their brains pop from their sculls and their cajones turn blue. What we had here was a third world attempted coup d’etat.

Michael Flynn’s lawyers said newly uncovered notes from former FBI official Peter Strzok indicate then-FBI Director James Comey appeared to downplay Flynn’s calls during the presidential transition with Russia’s ambassador as “legit” during a meeting where then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden also weighed in.

The handwritten notes, purportedly penned by Strzok, were submitted by Flynn’s legal team on Wednesday as part of his court case, after acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin and the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia shared them with his attorneys.


Sherwin told Flynn attorneys Sidney Powell and Jesse Binnall on Tuesday that the notes were found as part of the Justice Department’s review of the Flynn case and that they were “taken by former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok.”

“While the page itself is undated; we believe that the notes were taken in early January 2017, possibly between January 3 and January 5,” Sherwin wrote Tuesday.

On Wednesday, after a federal appeals court ordered Flynn’s case be dismissed, Powell filed the notes and claimed they produced “further stunning and exculpatory evidence” that was previously withheld from Flynn.

Powell wrote that the notes show that “Director Comey himself and the highest levels of the Obama Administration had the transcripts of Flynn’s phone calls with officials of other countries and knew General Flynn’s calls were lawful and proper.”

“Strzok’s notes believed to be of January 4, 2017, reveal that former President Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, and apparently Susan Rice discussed the transcripts of Flynn’s calls and how to proceed against him,” Powell wrote. “Mr. Obama himself directed that ‘the right people’ investigate General Flynn.”

She added: “This caused former FBI Director Comey to acknowledge the obvious: General Flynn’s phone calls with Ambassador Kislyak ‘appear legit.’”

Powell also wrote that according to the notes “it appears that Vice President Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act.”

“That became an admitted pretext to investigate General Flynn,” she added.Video

Flynn’s legal team attached the notes — a rough, handwritten document which at points is difficult to read and partially redacted and also includes shorthand. The lawyers also submitted their own typed transcription of those notes.

The transcription assumes that in Strzok’s shorthand, “D” represents Director Comey, “VP” represents Vice President Biden, and “P” represents President Obama.

The notes state: “VP: ‘Logan Act,’ P: These are unusual times. VP: I’ve been on intel committee for ten years and I never. P: Make sure you look over things and have the right people on it. P: Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling the transition team? D: Flynn-> Kislyak calls but appear legit.”

It is not clear if the notes were intended to say what Flynn’s lawyers interpreted in their filing. But they essentially argue that Comey described Flynn’s calls with Russia’s ambassador which formed the basis for his fateful interview with the FBI as “legit.” Further, they say the notes show Obama telling them to put the “right people” on the issue, and Biden himself raising the possibility of the “Logan Act,” possible violations of which were cited in bringing Flynn in for the FBI interview.


Biden has previously gone back and forth about what he knew of the Flynn investigation during the transition period.

Last month, in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Biden said he was “aware” at the time of the investigation.

“I know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn,” Biden initially said, calling the topic a “diversion” from the coronavirus pandemic.Video

When pressed on whether he attended an Oval Office meeting on Jan. 5, 2017, where Flynn was discussed, Biden said that he was “aware that there was—that they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it and I don’t think anything else.”

Meanwhile, the transcripts of Flynn’s phone calls with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were declassified and made public by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. The transcripts detailed the discussions that would later lead to Flynn’s FBI interview and subsequent charges.

The documents include a key Dec. 29, 2016, conversation in which Flynn repeatedly urged Russia not to dramatically escalate tensions in response to sanctions imposed by the outgoing Obama Administration over election interference.


It has been known that Flynn made such appeals to Russia during the transition period ever since the FBI pressed him for details about that discussion in early 2017. Flynn pleaded guilty in December of that year to a single count of lying to investigators.

Since that charge, Flynn has fought to withdraw his plea and the Justice Department eventually moved to drop the prosecution entirely, maintaining that the FBI’s interview was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

Flynn was supposedly scrutinized at the time for potentially violating the Logan Act, an obscure law dealing with conversations with foreign adversaries–which Flynn’s legal team now claims was floated by Biden.

But Flynn’s allies have long maintained that his conversations were legitimate and he was lured into a “perjury trap” by the FBI.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Wednesday ordered a lower court to allow the case against Flynn to be dismissed, as requested by the Justice Department — likely ending the yearslong legal saga stemming from the Russia investigation.

Fox News’ Alexander Hooper contributed to this report. 


The complete destruction of America as we know it is what we can expect if Trump is not reelected. Evisceration of our rights under the Constitution is the number one objective of the radical left. Our rights have been withered away by the slow creep of various judicial decisions handed down by progressive liberal judges – a majority of them by the 9th Circuit in California; this will continue without being challenged. We can put a stop to this anarchy by reelecting Trump on November 3, 2020, the most important day in our lives and matter of fact in the history of America.

What can we expect?

  1. Our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms will be shot down.
  2. Religion, no matter how it is expressed will be smoked from the public square.
  3. Open borders will be ubiquitous. Criminals will fill the void in cities vacated by law abiding citizens.
  4. Social media will be outlawed.
  5. Spending on all levels will go unabated.
  6. State by state will go bankrupt.
  7. Private property will be confiscated.
  8. Gangs will patrol the streets ala the Favelas of Brazil.
  9. Government Stasi type organizations will spread fear among the populace.
  10. Rapes, murders, thefts, burglaries will be common place. The emergence of Chicago type cities in every state will occur.
  11. Alliances with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will be formed.
  12. Russian apparatchiks will occupy important positions in government
  13. Conservative politicians will be sent to Gulag type camps for indoctrination and reprogramming.
  14. The elderly will be disposed of at will.
  15. Youth orientation will begin as early as two years old.
  16. Guns will be outlawed.
  17. Control of the press will be in the hands of the government.
  18. Food will be rationed.
  19. Land will become the property of the state.
  20. Scientific experiments on humans will begin.
  21. Killings of innocents by the millions are expected; think Uncle Joe Stalin
  22. The Supreme Court will be dissolved in favor of a ruling Junta.
  23. Cripples, Gypsies, elderly and Jews will be sent to internment camps.
  24. You say it can’t happen? WAIT, YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING YET!
  25. Members of the military who do not follow orders will be purged.



The Master at HITTING BACK has hit the road again with a vengeance. TRUMP trampled the media in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The crowd was exuberant. But the media gave it a thumbs down. The estimated crowd was not what the campaign expected. People stayed away for a number of reasons. Only 15,000 were in the stands out of an expected 19,000. The reason was that fraudsters applied for tickets but failed to show.

However, FOX NEWS reported a record audience for the time slot, over 8 million tuned in to the BIG SHOW. No matter what is thrown at Trump, he hits back in spades. Arizona is waiting for him with open arms. The media circus will follow because they have nothing else to report on. Yeah, Hunter Biden is spending time the same way as his father, in a rat hole. Impeachment proceedings are over and done with, but wait -Fat Boy Nadler will not let sleeping dogs lie. And there is the pop-up Covid-19 hot spots. America’s pastime is still breathing, slightly. Time waits for no man, soon America will wonder how a candidate for President is a NO SHOW. Why is he hiding and from who?


Any job, no matter what it is, dishwasher, maid, machinist, bookkeeper, accountant, doctor, lawyer, engineer, carpenter, retail clerk, salesman, plumber, electrician and nurse, consist of people from many backgrounds. One thing we can say about them and their coworkers is that the majority do their job well, do their job with pride and often times go beyond what is expected. Another thing worth mentioning, lawyers hang with lawyers, plumbers with plumber, carpenters with carpenters.

In the natural world we see the same paradigm. Robins hang with robins, sparrows with sparrows, blue birds with blue birds, pigeons with pigeons, blue jays with blue jays, crows with crows, geese with geese. And going a step further, we see cows hanging with cows, pigs with pigs, horses with horses, crocks with crocks, gators with gators, lions with lions, tigers with tigers with tigers and zebras with zebras.

Moving to countries we see the same pattern, Chinese hang with Chinese, Japanese with Japanese, Indians with Indians, Nigerians with Nigerians, Egyptians with Egyptians, English with English, Italians with Italians, Swiss with Swiss, Germans with Germans, Swedes with Swedes, Pakistanis with Pakistanis, Iraqis with Iraqis and Iranians with Iranians. Notice that we didn’t include the United States, nor did we include other integrated countries. And how about Ireland where Catholics and Protestants have been going at it for years. Not to be outdone are Sunnis and Shia going back a millennia plus.

Digesting the data reveals many observations, the most important one is the likes hang with the likes. Once outside forces come into play to disrupt the archetype you have negative feedback. Exterior powers forcing a certain end often times bring discomfort, pain and feelings of anxiety. Anytime a result is forced on a human against his will undoubtedly bring a quick reaction. Protests, riots, revolution are some of the techniques used by the partisan left anarchists to force such subjugation. There is a paucity of exceptions, history has recorded them. However, the integrated countries, the United States for example find themselves in the former.

The long term plan underlying these experiments start by obscure measures. Often time by courts which are supported by the liberal media. Again, we see examples of this through social programs, reeducation, federal mandates, states regulations and city and town policies. Those most affected are afraid to stand up for their rights due to the fear of ostracization. Group mentality and fitting in has stifled the voice of those who think differently because of the fear of mental and physical abuse. We see this today.

Groups who proffered the ideology of forced socialization on all levels will go to no end to reach their objectives. This includes the mob mobilization to wreck havoc on the infrastructure of major cities. The use of force is a common practice in negotiating techniques. You saw what happened over the past 3.5 years, a fake investigation and throw this in your face impeachment proceedings. So you see that the enemy will go to no end in reaching their ultimate objective, that is an authoritarian dictatorship.

However, we believe this will backfire as more law abiding citizens realize the long term consequences. Living in peace and tranquility is now shattered, it is in question. Will this be our future? Or will we take our future back in November?


The diseased plagued liberal brain altered POS are having a field day. First came the Covid-19 pouring 4 trillion gallons of gasoline on the budget fire, a dream come true for the perverted minds of socialist miscreants, then the George Floyd shooting was, as we now see, icing on the liberal frosting of a caked printing press on Space X fuel. Powell, the FED chief has added nitro to the fire, as if gasoline wasn’t enough, he alluded to the fact that the FED is now dipping into the corporate bond market. Imagine, the FED, the printer of last resort, buying high yield corporate bonds. No criticism by Trump on this one. Seems Powell has outdone all the predecessors before him. Guess he has picked up after Molotov, throwing the cocktails into the private sector mix.

The scenario being played out is the best of the best for the mentally deranged progressive. Free money for those who don’t work, more welfare payments, more deferred mortgages, taxes and whatever is owed to corporations. But that is not all as the George Floyd tragic episode ratcheted up the calls for eliminating the police department. Brings to mind the Muslim controlled areas in Sweden and England, where no Swede or Limey dare to enter. Let a Cop or Whitey attempt to pass through the barrier, they do so at their own risk. These areas are controlled by the anarchists of today. They have only one objective, to destroy Capitalism; to bring about a Castro/Chavez utopia and kill those who responsible for victimhood.

The Democrats now have the best of both worlds. Free money to their partisans and putting the police on notice that brutality is a non starter. The Republicans are now in a rock and hard place. But Trump has not ramped up his reelection campaign. Saturday, in Tulsa Oklahoma, President Trump will have the chance to get his message across in earnest. And BTW why hasn’t the RAT come out of his rat hole, yes we are speaking of Joe Biden. Is he trapped in there?

BEWARE FOLKS, THE NOVEMBER 3 ELECTION WILL BE HERE IN A FLASH. Already the pervs are on the march for mail in voting, another euphemism for voter fraud. You say it can’t happen here, take another look at ballot gathering, more voters on the roll than eligible voters in districts, towns and states. Eliminating voters who haven’t showed up in two years is the best way to cleanse the rolls, but the pervs have gone to court to challenge this.



“You’ve got to ask yourself a question: ‘do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” Iconic! Dirty Harry didn’t get that moniker because he was Mr. Nice Guy. His brand of justice played well back in the time. Today, with community policing, he most likely would be an outcast, not suitable for today’s force.

However, let us stress one thing, that most Americans never come in contact with a Policeman. And if they do it is probably for speeding. The ones who have physical type altercations with police most likely have called attention upon themselves just like a speeder. And so it is, that police respond to situations based upon the visibility, sensitivity and the threat they face.

Yes, police occasionally do take the law into their own hands. We find that to be the case regarding George Floyd. Not knowing what was going inside the pig’s head, but we can assume that this pig wanted to teach Floyd a lesson that would carry over to the Black community. As we have seen, it resonated throughout the country. States, cities and towns went into protests and marches.

So what can we do to repair the relationships with communities of color? One thing that must be said is that the Black Community must take responsibility for the way others see them. Federal statistics indicate that Blacks are three times more likely to commit a crime versus their overall population percentage. And that brings us to CHICAGO.

Posted on June 8, 2020

American Renaissance

18 Murders in 24 Hours: Inside the Most Violent Day in 60 Years in Chicago

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, a longtime crusader against gun violence who leads St. Sabina Church in Auburn Gresham, said it was “open season” last weekend in his neighborhood and others on the South and West sides.

“On Saturday and particularly Sunday, I heard people saying all over, ‘Hey, there’s no police anywhere, police ain’t doing nothing,’” Pfleger said.

“I sat and watched a store looted for over an hour,” he added. “No police came. I got in my car and drove around to some other places getting looted [and] didn’t see police anywhere.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on May 31 alone, Chicago’s 911 emergency center received 65,000 calls for all types of service — 50,000 more than on a usual day.

Pfleger noted the systemic problems that have plagued minority communities for decades — like joblessness, food insecurity and a lack of housing — were already heightened by the COVID-19 outbreak, which he said “made a bad situation worse.”

Floyd’s killing in Minnesota simply brought further to the fore the “hopelessness and anger” felt by those living in blighted communities, added Pfleger, who said the current unrest reminds him of the rioting that broke out when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

There you have it, a breakdown of law and order. Black on Black killing doesn’t resonate. This is the case throughout the Black community. But a White killing a Black brings protest. Why? Because this is seen as a Race Crime.

Introspection is what we call for. Communities have to look into the mirror, they must understand what has caused this travesty. There is no pulling punches here, the answer is right in front of us. The break down of the Black family over the past five decades has let loose generations of criminals, who by the way have been given lenient if not any sentences by liberal judges, to continue to hold sway over the “HOOD.”

It is the responsibility of each individual to insure that they take advantage of the opportunity given to them. This great land is like no other. Therefore it is priority number one to call out those patronizing politicians who sanction Chicago type environments.

Parents, relatives, teachers, counselors, mentors, politicians and people of the cloth must instill the “right from wrong” doctrine into those who are most vulnerable in today’s society.

Editor’s Note: Graphic Language

A black woman in Chicago filmed a Facebook live video of armed citizens defending local businesses. According to the woman, people should be allowed to loot stores because they’re already insured. 

“They let these people come outside with they AK-47s. Ak-47s to protect they stuff from black people. They ready to kill black people, the Arabs, the fake a** Ramadan mother f**kers. They got M-16s, AK with they people’s out here. Everything y’all. Look at this s**t,” she said, flipping the camera to a nearby store. “They got mother f**kin’ AKs out here and I’m going to get my cousin that’s a police officer right now and ask him are they legally able to carry these mother f**kin’ guns like this.”


It is become more clear by the day that the finger prints on the smoking gun are Obama’s. His administration was given the order to spy on the Trump Campaign. There is no denying this fact.

POLITICSU.S.WND Share Tweet Email Print

Senator given authority to subpoena ‘collusion’ investigators

Now can demand ‘records and testimony’ of many Obama administration officials

WND StaffBy WND Staff
Published June 4, 2020 at 3:41pmShare on FacebookTweetEmailPrint

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WIs.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Thursday was given the authority to subpoena dozens of former members of the Obama administration who were involved in the Russia collusion investigation.

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The Obama Justice Department’s probe of the now-debunked collusion claim, which included illegitimate spying on the Trump campaign, led to the special counsel probe of Robert Mueller, which couldn’t find sufficient evidence of collusion.

Johnson has explained that dozens of leaks of national security information fueled the “Russia narrative, first of Russia helping Trump and then, all of a sudden, the Trump campaign colluding with Russia, which set up a special counsel, even though, by the end of January, the FBI knew full, full well that there was nothing to that hoax, that they still allowed a special counsel to be set up in May of that year.”

Johnson said it’s clear that there was “corruption,” and the objective was to “sabotage” the Trump administration.

TRENDING: Limbaugh: Rioters ‘are paid, and they are laying in wait’

The Washington Examiner reported the vote in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to issue the subpoenas was 8-6, along party lines.

The committee endorsed a plan to “authorize the chairman to issue subpoenas for records and testimony to U.S. government agencies and to individuals relating to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation, the DOJ Inspector General’s review of that investigation, and the ‘unmasking’ of U.S. persons affiliated with the Trump campaign, transition teams, and Trump administration.”

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Subpoenas also could be delivered to individuals involved in the information leaks.

The Obama administration’s Crossfire Hurricane probe of Trump-Russia collusion also is under review by U.S. Attorney John Durham. Sources say it has turned into a criminal investigation.


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Jerusalem PostHealth & Science

Former MI6 head claims COVID-19 was made in a Chinese lab

Sir Richard Dearlove said there was good evidence that the virus was engineered, but that it’s escape from the laboratory was accidental.


Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief, British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). May 3, 2011. (photo credit: LUCY NICHOLSON / REUTERS)

Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief, British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). May 3, 2011.(photo credit: LUCY NICHOLSON / REUTERS)Advertisement

A former head of the British intelligence agency MI6 has said that he believes the COVID-19 virus was created in a lab and spread accidentally. Speaking to The Telegraph‘s Planet Normal podcast, Sir Richard Dearlove cited recent research which claimed to have found key evidence that the virus had been manipulated to bind to humans.If accurate, the research would have far-reaching political effects as governments around the world re-examined their dealings with the Communist state, including raising the question of reparation payments from China to the rest of the world for the damage caused by the virus.Read More Related Articles

Recommended by“I do think that this started as an accident,” Sir Richard told the Telegraph, citing a peer-reviewed paper by Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George’s Hospital at the University of London, and the Norwegian virologist Birger Sorensen.According to Sir Richard, the pair claimed to have identified “inserted sections placed on the SARS-CoV-2 Spike surface,” which allow the virus to bind to human cells, in contrast to alternate theories that the virus originated in animals, likely bats and pangolins, and mutated naturally to make the jump to human hosts. And they warn that current efforts to develop a vaccine are likely to be unsuccessful, as the true causation of the virus’s effects are being misunderstood by other scientists. The researchers are therefore working on their own vaccine, produced by Immunor AS, a Norwegian pharmaceutical company led by Mr Sorensen according to the Telegraph.The research paper was “a very important contribution to a debate which is now starting about how the virus evolved and how it got out and broke out as a pandemic”, Sir Richard said, adding: “I think this particular article is very important, and I think it will shift the debate.”Dalgleish and Sorensen’s article was re-written a number of times after early versions failed to achieve publication. An early version seen by the Telegraph suggested COVID-19 be known as the “Wuhan virus,” and said that it was “beyond reasonable doubt that the Covid-19 virus is engineered.” The authors originally noted: “We are aware that these findings could have political significance and raise troubling questions.”However, the paper was not accepted for publication until the authors had re-drafted to remove explicit claims against China. Following the edits, the science presented within the paper was deemed of sufficient worth for publication in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery, chaired by leading Stanford University and University of Dundee scientist