The Illegal Somali Alien of the House of Representatives pulls the RACE CARD after Kevin McCarthy banishes her from the House Foreign Affairs committee. She claims that by doing this, “America is less safe.” Imagine that?

So a Muslim Suicide Bomber blows up in front of the camera to accuse House Majority Leader of not only racism, but misogyny to boot. We have heard these accusations before, when she referred to Congress supporting Israel, she said,  “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” Too bad McCarthy couldn’t launch her out of the earth on one of Musk’s rockets.

We don’t need people like that denigrating America, especially one who looks up to Jeremiah Wright, Remember his quote, “not bless America, but God Damn America.”

Nation of Islam founder and notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan defended Representative Ilhan Omar’s glib description of the September 11 attacks Monday by dismissing the attacks as nothing more than a false-flag operation designed to draw the U.S. into Middle Eastern conflicts.

And remember her speech at the Council on American-Islamic Relations concerning 9/11 attack on America, “some people did something.” 

She deserves to by thrown off the committee, but real justice would be to throw her out of the country 



Ilhan Omar (from Wikipedia)

Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, in October 1982. According to the biography posted on her own website, she lived there for around eight years before her family fled to a refugee camp in Kenya, moving to the United States four years later, and eventually settling in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis in 1997.

In a 2018 interview with the Intercept website’s “Deconstructed” podcast, Omar said she became a naturalized U.S. citizen before she turned 18 years old, explaining that “My father became a citizen and so I got my citizenship through that process.”

In the same interview, she said her family resettled in the U.S. in 1995. Since a would-be naturalized citizen must first live in the U.S. as a permanent resident for five years, 2000 would be the earliest year in which Omar’s father (and Omar herself) could become citizens. Since Omar was born in October 1982, she turned 18 in October 2000. So, based on the sequence of events presented by Omar, it appears she became a U.S. citizen at the age of 17, sometime between January and October 2000 —

Although Omar’s account makes sense, and we found no substantive dispute over it, we were unable to locate any official documentation that supports that version of events. We asked Omar’s spokesperson and district director to provide any official documentation that would confirm the date of her naturalization, but we received no such evidence.

The Congresswoman’s spokesperson reiterated that she became a U.S. citizen in 2000 and pointed out that an individual cannot be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives without demonstrating citizenship, but the spokesperson did not have Omar’s “personal government documents.”

Until and unless evidence of that nature becomes available to us, definitively establishing that Omar became a U.S. citizen in 2000 she has pull off one of the greatest cons in history.

Excerpts above taken from article by Dan MacGuill Published 16 July 2019


In the AP story, Omar’s replies to all this are those of the victim combined with overtones of the royal “we”:

“We choose not to further the narratives of those who would oppose us” Omar’s statement said, adding that she believes the claims are being made by people who want to stop a black, female Muslim from sitting in Congress.

The chronology of all this, briefly, follows:

  • 1982 — Born in Somalia;
  • 1991 — Went to refugee camp in Kenya;
  • 1995 — Came to United States as a refugee, becoming a citizen at some later point;
  • 2002 — Took out a marriage license to marry Ahmed Hirsi (AKA Ahmed Aden), but did not marry him except in a Muslim ceremony; they had two kids;
  • 2008 — Parted from Hirsi; a Muslim divorce, not recorded, took place;
  • 2009 — Married Ahmed Elmi; a marriage certificate exists;
  • 2011 — Parted from Elmi, with a Muslim divorce;
  • 2012 — Reunited with Hirsi and had a third child;
  • 2017 — Formally divorced Elmi (after being elected to the legislature);
  • 2018 — Married (re-married?) Hirsi and was nominated for Congress.

At the very least, a busy lady — one with a fondness for guys named Ahmed.

It is outrageous that her father got a job at the post office when so many of our citizens are unemployed. How did that happen? Secondly, she became a professional nutrition educator at the University of Minnesota. No doctorate here. Omar also wrote, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.

In November 2021, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert said she had shared an elevator with Omar, and that she and a Capitol Police officer both mistook Omar for a terrorist. Boebert referred to Omar as the “Jihad Squad”.  Omar said that she had not shared an elevator with Boebert, that the story was made up, and that Boebert’s comments were “anti-Muslim bigotry”.

Who is Ilhan Omar’s husband?

Omar has been married to Tim Mynett since March 2020.

Mynett, is known as a political consultant whose consulting firm, the E Street Group, received more than $523,000 from Omar’s campaign during the 2020 election cycle.

Omar’s campaign was the E Street Group’s biggest moneymaker.

The connection between Omar’s campaign and Mynett’s consulting firm was brought to national attention by her critics and opponents.

In response to the critics, Omar’s campaign terminated its contract with Mynett’s firm on November 17, 2020, saying the termination was to “make sure that anybody who is supporting our campaign with their time or financial support feels there is no perceived issue with that support.”

The two have also faced rumors that the relationship began as an affair.

Beth Mynett, Tim’s ex-wife, accused the two of having a relationship when she filed for divorce in August 2019.

Omar is currently married to Tim Mynett 

Omar is currently married to Tim MynettCredit: Splash

What happened at Ilhan Omar’s congressional office?

On October 26, 2021, it was reported that there was a suspicious substance found outside her office on Capitol Hill.

While it still remains unclear what the substance was, staff members were told to avoid the area until further notice.

Other offices were seen on the seventh floor of the Longworth House Office Building and were told to shelter in place.

Following an investigation, Capitol Police confirmed that anything hazardous came back negative and the building then reopened.

Has Ilhan Omar been married before?

Throughout her life, the U.S. Representative has been married a total of three times.

Prior to her relationship with Mynett, she was married to Ahmed Hirsi.

The former couple first entered a faith-based marriage in 2002 but then separated in 2008.

After that, Omar then married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a British Somali, until they got a faith-based divorce in 2011, when she got back with Hirsi.

Despite a 2011 split, Elmi and Omar did not get a legal divorce until 2017.

In 2018, Omar and Hirsi then got legally married but filed for divorce soon after in 2019, citing an “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage.

Throughout the course of their on and off again relationship, the couple welcomed three children together, Isra, 18, Adnan and Ilwad.

” alt=”Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was Omar’s second husband.” width=”805″ height=”960″ data-src=”” data-credit=”” data-sizes=”(max-width: 375px) 335px, (max-width: 520px) 480px, 620px” data-img=”″ data-srcset=” 335w, 480w, 620w, 670w, 960w, 1240w, 1005w, 1440w, 1860w, 1340w, 1920w, 2480w” /> 

Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was Omar’s second husband.

Did Ilhan Omar marry her brother?

Over the years, Omar has faced criticisms of her marriage and claims that she married her brother for years.See the source image

Former President Donald Trump fanned the flames of those allegations in July 2019 saying “There’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. I know nothing about it.”

When Omar was seeking a state House seat in 2016, the conservative sites flagged a screenshot of a since deleted Instagram post that was allegedly uploaded by Elmi on June 12, 2012.

The caption of the photograph posted shortly after Omar gave birth to her third child identified Elmi as holding the baby girl, calling her his niece.




Everyday we wake up to the sound of GUNFIRE. The world is in turmoil, Cadavers are piling up, one by one, never to be seen again. Blood is spilled in every nick and cranny; doesn’t matter who you are, but chances of you being hit by a 38 missile is real.
We won’t go into specifics here, however there is a cult of killers walking the streets, we won’t name them though for the sake of protecting the guilty. You have seen them, we have seen them, America knows who they are, where they are, but the Woke Pols and lame stream media continues to patronize their existence for the sake of Wokeness.
The evidence will be subjected to interpretation by millions; no cover-up allowed of the latest incident. The innards of the perpetrators have released the natural venom as if they were set on fire. The rage of adrenalin raced through their bodies, no cure for the disease. The maniacally performance of the gang was such that it has gone nuclear.
Who and why would this be called a normal operating procedure? Definitely not in our America.  But then again, we see this type of vigilantism on the streets of America daily.
Be aware of the shaping of the events to their liking;  don’t be misled by the usual suspects who are raising the racist flag that White Privilege was to blame. Actually the joke is on them. Will they ever agree to clean up the Street Rats? 

“Let’s call this footage what it is—murder,” U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, tweeted.

Freshman U.S. Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost, D-Florida, said it “Doesn’t matter what color those police officers are. The murder of Tyre Nichols is anti-Black and the result of white supremacy.”

We will patiently wait for the Chips to fall where they may.



The hammer has come down on ANTI- American scum that sat, notice we said “sat” on House of Representative Intelligence Committee. Kevin McCarthy has torched these lying bastards, who by the way, should be in the Iron Bar.
Omar, an illegal alien to boot, a Jew hater, an incestuous marriage with her brother no less, yeah brother or was it her father, we give up?; Schiff, “we have the evidence, yeah we do to, you lying piece of Mierda; and last but not least, the vendor to the Chinese of top secrets that were uncovered while bedding a spy from China have been booted from the INTEL COMMITTEE. Big name Democrats fire back after Speaker McCarthy keeps them off committees

They are now squealing like Pigs at the trough blaming Right Wing members of Congress for their demise. There is nothing better than to listen to the viral invective coming out of their diarrhea mouths. It is music to our ears. 

McCarthy alleges Swalwell’s prior relationship with a suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, Schiff’s alleged propensity for lying to Americans and Omar’s outspoken criticism of Israel would keep them off their respective committees.


Rep. Eric Swalwell suggests “kicking every Russian student” out of U.S. universities | KRON4


Trump Mar a Lago raided, none of his lawyers present, Biden’s two, three locations, who knows how many, quietly, under the dark of night, with Biden’s lawyers present, handed over to the FBI Top Secret documents, but still, days later, found more – this time without the FBI present. Search the Corvette and you are bound to find a Quid Pro Quo with the China in the rocker panels; guaranteed.

And don’t forget, some of these documents were found on November 2, 2022, but kept from the fake news media until now. This is the same type of covert operation that was called Russian Disinformation before the 2016 election. Both of these situations were aimed at preventing TRUMP from the Presidency. He pulled off the Monster Win in 2016, but was prevented from a second term by the incestuous media in collusion with the Democrats seeing that Trump would not repeat. 




Doe U.S. have any shame? Ukraine is in the throes of fighting for their life against a more powerful adversary. Russia is utilizing all means necessary to secure victory. Bombing schools, apartment buildings, utility infrastructure, and government offices. However, to match the firepower of the Devil himself, Ukraine needs tanks, powerful tanks to counter the onslaught. 

The United Kingdom (UK) is providing them with 14 tanks. But where is the United States and NATO? What are they providing? The current situation is in a standstill. Germany won’t acquiesce to sending tanks unless the U.S. agrees to do the same. Millions of lives are at stake in this standstill. 

NATO IS THE NEW NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN. Allowing Hitler to move on the western front. Today we see Russia moving on the western front. If their advance in Ukraine is total, who is next, Poland. Where is Biden? Most likely holing up in his basement.

UK to send heavy battle tanks to Ukraine

Rishi Sunak promises to send 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine after phone call with Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has pledged to provide heavy tanks and artillery systems to Ukraine, drawing swift reproach from the Russian embassy in London.Al Jazeera Logo Vector Download - (.SVG + .PNG ...

Sunak promised to send the 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine following a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday, according to a statement from his office.

The German government signaled it may send its own Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine if the U.S. also agrees to send Ukraine the M1 Abrams, with Chancellor Olaf Scholz insisting Germany will only act in concert with allies.

The three U.S. officials said Berlin has tried to put the U.S. on the spot about sending Abrams tanks, and there has been frustration within the Biden administration with Germany over the back and forth. The officials insist the German pressure is not going to work.

At the same time, the officials said President Joe Biden would not pressure Germany to send the Leopard tanks to Ukraine. 

Asked Friday about sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine, Biden was noncommittal. “Ukraine is going to get all the help they need,” he said. 

But both Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley have recommended against sending M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the three U.S. officials said. 

Milley and Austin have cited how long it takes to train personnel to operate the tanks and how difficult the tanks are to maintain. They also have argued they are not the right vehicles for the fight in Ukraine right now, according to the officials.

One U.S. official said Austin has argued the training to operate and maintain the tanks would take months, and even though the Ukrainians have proven adept at learning many new platforms, he continues to resist sending the Abrams. 

The bottom line here is this, Austin and MIlley are chicken shit. They don’t want to incite Russia into a nuclear style event, which in our opinion won’t happen unless Russia is pushed back out of Crimea. 


George Santos should be the envy of the Democrat party. A word of advice, EMBRACE HIM – because he is a liar, has Brazilian ancestors (people of color), is Gay, was supposedly a Drag Queen and does a good schtick.

Got to hand to George, he gave his Democrat opponent a licking in the November election while capturing 54% of the vote; in a Democrat district no less, this is considered a landslide. The overwhelming response in QUEENS, put him over the top. New York Congressman-elect George Santos

CNN — CNN Five Things Logo

Embattled Republican Rep. George Santos disputed claims that he was a “drag queen in Brazil,” telling reporters Saturday he was having “fun at a festival” as he refused to engage with questions from reporters on the debunked assertion that his mother was in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

“No, I was not a drag queen in Brazil, guys. I was young and I had fun at a festival. Sue me for having a life,” Santos told reporters at LaGuardia Airport, marking his first public response to reports that surfaced earlier this week.George Santos denies claims he performed as a drag queen | CNN Politics

The congressman – an out gay man – was identified by a longtime Brazilian drag performer who posted a picture of herself with another person in drag who she alleged was Santos at a Rio de Janeiro-area parade in 2008.Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., and Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., are sworn in by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy of Calif., as members of the 118th Congress in Washington, early Saturday, Jan. 7, 2023. 

The takeaway on all this, is simple as one, two, three. The Republicans need to take heed here and employ the same techniques George utilized to Win. The Democrats have been doing this for years. Just LIE, LIE and LIE some more, promise to give away the sink, kitchen and house and you will get the votes. 

Democrats got their assed whipped by a Republican who learned how to win, Now is the time for the rest of the Republicans learn from his experience. 



‘Bi-polar’ Biden DOJ has ‘very different treatment’ of Biden, Trump docs cases: Trump attorney

Biden previously called Trump ‘just totally irresponsible’ for allegedly mishandling classified documents

Trump attorney Jim Trusty claims the Biden Justice Department is “criminalizing something that’s not criminal” in former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case on “One Nation with Brian Kilmeade.”

JIM TRUSTY: Under the Presidential Records Act, the way it’s supposed to resolve is through collaboration, negotiation and at the very worst, a civil suit filed by one party or the other. In other words, the archivist or the president. Here what we have was a situation where President Trump goes down to Mar-a-Lago immediately, is told, “You’re not going to have a skiff, you’re not going to have access to classified records the same way other presidents do.” They take that away from him right from the beginning, which was probably a bad sign. They begin negotiations and conversations, and he turns over 15 boxes worth of material.


The DOJ should pull apart that Corvette, like they do a car operated by a drug smuggler. Perhaps, they will find more Top Secret documents hidden in the rocker panels. Experts say drug mules are easy to find, hard to catch


Your are a slave, just like your Great Grandaddy, working in the fields for pittance,” This is the divisive call to the Black man. The Race Card has become ubiquitous in the people of color community. Their ancestors may have been sold by their Great Great Grandaddy through a slave trader who was also Black, to a White plantation owner. But in all of history we have yet to see proof where those from Latin America were related to plantation cotton pickers.

Democrat agenda is covey to the people of color that the White man, the White Devil has kept them down. Therefore, the White man is evil because he has White Privilege. The conventional wisdom is that an employer will higher a White man over a more competent Black man. That is the song they sing and the song they preach. The only problem with this is that there is no evidence to support such non-sense.

Perhaps White Privilege existed in some form four decades ago, but it is non-existent today, at least in most areas of endeavor. For instance, employment, education, sports, politics and entertainment have evolved to the point where equal opportunities to all are color blind. But don’t tell that to the Screaming Liberal. They see a White Devil with privilege behind every desk. If White Privilege exists at the magnitude the liberal media tells you, how then, have people of color attained such success in a White Man’s World?

The bottom line here is simple, as long as one White Racist exist, White Privilege would still exist. 

NUTS, NUTS, NUTS. CLICK HERE: swipe and paste.