The Democrat party has pushed through numerous laws, regulations and rules, which were rubber stamped by numerous presidents; this allowed the importation of peoples from Islamic countries; Jewish members of Congress have, in many cases, been co-sponsored many of these laws, the reason being that they wanted to show that they were members of the team.

Jewish voters consistently have voted Democrat. In the most recent presidential elections 70% or more of the time those of the Jewish persuasion have voted Democrat. Their vote is now coming back to haunt them. Ivy league schools which have a large percentage of Jewish students are the target of Muslim, Antifa and outright antisemitic mobs. Many of these agitators are members of Hamas. As noted previously, Israel and antisemites are one in the same. If you are anti-Israel, you are antisemite. Jew Haters abound on these campuses. Supporters of Hamas are ubiquitous.

Yale University’s undergrad student body is 27 percent Jewish (1,500 Jewish undergrads out of 5,477 total). Percentage-wise, it narrowly beats out its Ivy League rival Harvard University, which is 25 percent Jewish (1,675 out of 6,694 undergrads). But Cornell University has 18 percent Jewish students (3000 out of 16000) and Columbia University 20 percent Jewish (1800 out of 8800)both have more Jews in total — 3,000 and 1,800, respectively.

Jewish congressman and Senators went along on this liberal experiment because they did not want to offend their progressive colleges. Maybe they knew what was going to happen, but they kept their mouth shut. In other words they didn’t want to shut the door which they came through. However, Muslims have taken over cities one by one, they request separate facilities, they don’t abide by the U.S. legal system, but worship Sharia Law. The bottom line here is we now have millions of Muslims in America who are a force to be reckoned with. Only Trump can stop this.

But let us be clear on this breakdown of certain segments of society, which are fused by Jew Haters, outside agitators and Joe Biden. Republican States don’t tolerate this type of behavior. They have laws which are enforced. In fact they are law abiding states where civility is the number one priority. Without the enforcement of laws, anarchy prevails.