Despite the recent violence Baltimore is a testament to the liberal ideology; the city had 233 murders in 2013 placing it just a notch or two below Detroit. So the outbreak of  violence in the hood is no surprise – 37.4 murders per hundred thousand placed Baltimore in the top five. In the mayor’s words: “Too many people have spent generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs who, in a very senseless way, are trying to tear down what so many have fought for,” she added. “It’s idiotic to think that by destroying your city, you’re going to make life better for anybody.”


OBAMA has done it again. Not only did he have a ceremony celebrating the deserting Muslim extremist  (exchanged for five Jihadists) lovers parents, the Bergdahls, he has gone one better by paying for the scum of humanity, the Boston Marathon killer’s parents to attend Tsarnaev the younger’s Boston trial.

Click here for a bird’e eye view of the excrement mother’s bellicose tirade at America.

Our money, your money is paying for the accommodations at $200 per night plus security; in total the bill is estimated at $100,000.  Obama AUTHORIZED this.

Every American is outraged; this is beyond the pale, an outright insult.  Obama has thrown American Patriots under the bus. Not only did this horrible mass murder occur on Patriots day during the Boston Marathon the home of the American Revolution, it occurred because Obama’s administration did not follow up on previous intelligence provided by Russia warning that the brothers were extreme Islamists.

Iranian negotiations are ongoing supposedly wrapping up by the end of June 2015. We had to insert the 2015 because when they say June, is it 2015, 16 or 20120. Remember they have been negotiating for nine years. However, and we are not the first to bring this to your attention, the Chief negotiator for the Iranians is John Kerry who takes his orders directly from our first Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama who takes his orders from Iran’s Ayatollah. To do things right Obama should have the signing on July 4 (hey why not wait for four extra days); the Rose Garden is recommended for its sublime environment.  And at the same time the Israelis should light up the skies over Iran like never before.

Obama is guilty as charged for providing support to America’s enemies. His Jihad against the greatest nation on the face of the earth continues.


Like weed creep, infestation by varmints intent on spreading disease eating organisms  across vast amounts of planted acreage have dessimated huge swaths of America’s farmland.  Pesticides, for instance Round Up, generically modified organisms and such, have saved farmers billions of dollars by increasing crop yield with an exponential savings in labor. But a new animal has arrived with the intention of doing farm work that has traditionally been done by imported and illegal labor.

Little notice has been given to the fledgling automation of the agriculture industry; although they have been mechanizing for many years, for instance tree shakers cause fruit, such as apples, peaches and plumbs, to drop into basket type devices where they are harvested, washed, quality controlled, boxed and marketed eliminating the need for manual labor. Strawberry farmers are now using video sensors attached to robots to pick the ripe berry without human interventions. Whole fields are picked in a matter of hours that once took days. Planting seeds by machines has replaced the human hand,

The heady days of Cezar Chavez’s army of Mexican grape pickers is over.  As labor demands have increased, farmers have explored new ways of doing things by eliminating what has been previously done by hand. Automation is now doing jobs what were once handled by the immigrant farm hand. Emerging across the landscape robots are now picking the pockets of farm labor while at the same time picking fruits and vegetables as well.

This does not bode well for those with less skills as we enter a new era in food production. This microcosm manifests the new paradigm where high tech will bring forth a revolution in all aspects of human endeavor. Automation has gained traction faster than a speeding bullet, evolving quickly by replacing mundane tasks done by the less skilled. This is a sign of the times where the unemployable will rot in the fields of despair.  Look for more revolutions to come as the machine replaces manual labor at a frantic pace.


Depends on what the meaning of “is is.” “I never had sex with that women.” “I deleted only my personal emails.” “Under penalty of law our tax returns are correct.” “I believe that lesbians and gays can marry.” And we can go on and on. But the latest upheaval is the Quid Pro Quo donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for securing uranium rights by the Russians.

This is a cloak and dagger affair which included the “usual suspects.” This has put America at risk because the Russians control 50% of America’s uranium supply; but for a $31,000,000 donation and a pledge for another $100,000,000, security was the last thing the Clinton’s thought of.

Oh we forgot to mention that Clinton said he never met with Frank Giustra, a Canadian, who made his wealth by betting on the resources extracted from the bowels of the earth.  Despite denials by the Clinton brain trust that Frank Giustra never met Slippery Bill at their bomb shelter in Chappaqua the facts proved otherwise.CHAPPAQUAlies Clinton’s modus operandi will not change once Hillary mounts the thrown. Because the difference between lies and the truth is only what you can get away with. And the Clinton’s certainly have taken advantage, with the help of the lame stream media, to lie their way into positions of power.


A city rolls snake eyes, Atlantic City has run out of luck; no more comps. The city at one time had visions of Vegas East Coast, but those visions have been swallowed up by the Atlantic Ocean which ebbs and flows at the front door of the iconic casinos. Even the “Donald” could no make it in Atlantic City, his tenure there has left a trail of bankruptcies rivaling the downfall of many of the “elephants” that roamed the casinos. What sets Atlantic City apart is the proximity to New York – fifty million people within driving distance were not enough to raise Atlantis. Atlantic City skyline from 47th floor of Revel

What doesn’t set Atlantic City apart from other failing cities is that Barack Obama received 85% of the vote in 2012 joining Chicago, Jersey City, Stockton and Detroit. Bankruptcy is now the plan. Reorganization lawyers have been hired against all odds to put a plan in place to solve the $400,000,000 in debt owed by the city. What is on the table is layoffs and debt relief. Current year deficit is running close to $100,000,000; that is real money that seems to have gone into a sinkhole.  The population of AC is only 40,000, mostly of the liberal persuasion that consistently spends more than it takes in.

We wish them good luck at the bankruptcy table as they roll the dice for what maybe the final time. Casinos were to be the “pie in the sky” for the cities hopeful, but as it turns out that many of its citizens who worked the casinos are lining up for government comps.


Vlad is one bad dude, a bully machine throwback to the 1900’s; mentored by Uncle Joe. First it was Crimea, next Ukraine, now he is sending defensive missiles to Iran.Vlad has his eye on the Baltics too.  Hey, you got to hand to him, with the likes of Obama mired in quick sand, thugs are given free rein; this is the new reality.

On the cusp of an Iranian deal  and the Ayatollah has Obama eating out of hands;  Vlad the bad warns the United States to take that, a virtual thumb in the eye by selling the missiles to the rug merchants. Vlad is not through with his aggressive rhetoric, he warns Israel not to sell weapons to Ukraine. Covering all the bases while Obama wets his pants.

And then Vladimir intones that the missile deal to Iran is of a defensive nature. Well, ho ho ho to that! Defensive means that any violation of the pending nuclear deal will prevent the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Throwing that in the face of Obama before the Iranian deal is inked is one more shot across the bow. Squeezing Iran more by increasing the sanctions is the correct approach, not eliminating sanctions. In time Iran will beg on their knees for relief. And then again by squeezing them there is a possibility of a green revolution over throwing the Iranian trouble makers.

Soon, very soon Israel will have to make a move if the United States likes it or not. Israel has been put into this awkward position by the weakness of Obama. Make no mistake about it the evil ventures of Muslim terrorists, be they the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Boko Haram, al Qaeda or the Taliban, it is Obama who has given them the go ahead.

Case in point, China and Russia have large Muslim populations, but very little terrorist attacks. The common denominator is a tyrant government with muscle and when necessary they are not afraid to use it. This has not happened in the Middle East and Africa where government have fallen because they failed to act when the first terrorist attack hit.

There is only one way to neutralize the threat from these Islamic killers; carpet bomb them to death by blowing them to kingdom come.


Hey how about this? Governor Christie, wants to bulk up government coffers wider than his girth; wading through the “Live Free of Die State” of New Hampshire he proposes more taxes by taxing the rich. By the way New Hampshire does not tax income, sales or social security. Seems like wind bag punctured his presidential balloon before it rose to political heaven. P1050726.

What is upsetting about his robust taxing scheme is that he is a Republican who wants more from Joe taxpayer’s hard earned stash. His plan is to reduce social security payments to those making $80,000 and eliminate the payments on those making $200,000. Don’t forget social security deductions are withheld from earnings after taxes; taxpayers receive no deduction for these payments often called payroll taxes. They are later entitled to their fair share of social security payments; why not? They paid in like anyone else.  And to top it off the majority of tax payers pay taxes on their social security benefits when received – in many cases at the top rate of 39.6%; talk about double taxation!.

An outside observer with an independent take would ask, why is Christie campaigning at all. His state is in the top three when it comes to bleeding the taxpayer, when New Hampshire is in the bottom three. Christie needs to learn from New Hampshire not the other way around. Hey Governor take the GW back to New Joisy. George Washington Bridge from New Jersey-edit.jpg

We suspect that the New Hampshire voters see through the Christie rhetoric and self aggrandization and realize that Christie will do for New Hampshire what he has done for New Jersey – more tax and spend.


Tea Party entities were targeted under the direct order of Barack Hussein Obama; Lois Lerner knelt down in serving the master and his cause. Now it has come to our attention that the Holder justice department has given Lerner a free pass; they have eliminated the possibility of arrest.  This government employee, a servant acting under Obama’s auspices has spit at and trampled the Constitutional right of Freedom of the Press and Speech of the TEA PARTY.

A government employee who takes the 5th amendment is guilty as charged.  Clam up and you are guilty, go straight to jail. Government employees have no right to remain silent. They have taken an oath to obey the laws of the land. This did not happen.  They must be tried in the People’s court by We The People. Otherwise there is a conflict of interest when the government is the judge and jury. Therefore, without any reservations, this woman should be arrested by the Sargent at Arms, prosecuted and incarcerated.

What has happened here is unprecedented; an administration that targets its own citizens, stifles their freedoms and then dispenses goodies to criminal government employees. A REVOLUTION is the only answer to a lawless government. Join us in targeting every Democrat and Republican alike who has condoned this sorry chapter in our history.

The Obama Administration’s latest gift to the former IRS tax-exempt chief came recently when U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ron Macheninformed the House of Representatives that he would not file charges on its formal contempt citation against Ms. Lerner. This absolution, which shields Ms. Lerner from a grand jury probe, came on Mr. Machen’s final day on the job.

An off shoot to this affair is the destruction of emails by government employees destroying their illegal actions which is prima facie evidence of their criminality.


The Republicans should have a field day with this tax cheat, liar, withholder and destroyer of evidence in matters concerning government investigations. Hillary Clinton is nothing but a common criminal who has used her or her husband’s position to escape the grasp of the law. Keep in mind that she is a lawyer which by itself ought to tell you something; if  not for her big mouth she would have been incarcerated long ago. But now, this is Hillary the untouchable entering the political fray once again.

Putting this in perspective we bring you back in time to Travelgate. The abuse of Presidential power known as Travelgate elicited another series of lies. She induced a White House lawyer to assert flatly to investigators that Mrs. Clinton did not order the firing of White House travel aides, who were then harassed by the F.B.I. and Justice Department to justify patronage replacement by Mrs. Clinton’s cronies. Keep in mind that Hillary had them fired because of sloppy book keeping, the type of record keeping Clinton now scorns when it comes to producing her emails. Click here for more on Hillary Clinton’s email obfuscation in regard to House of Representative investigators.