“IRON CLAD”, that was Biden’s description of our relationship with Israel. Well you can now flush that down the toilet. Another big fat lie coming our of Biden’s trap. However, Biden is not up against a paper tiger, he is up against Netanyahu, a man with a gun pointed to his head. Threats between ex-friends can lead to dangerous situations.

Israel has many relationships with our defense industry, the majority of which are critical to both countries survival. They jointly developed crucial systems with the newest technology. Breaking this relationship is not in the best interest of either. Perhaps this will force Israel to partner with one of our allies or an enemy of the U.S. At this point, the decision is Israel’s to make.

The long awaited decision to enter Rafah is close at hand. Netanyahu’s future lies on the defeat of Hamas. If he fails at this task, Israel will fail in the long run. The Jewish state can’t survive with terrorist at their borders. We have seen UNWRA being an arm of Hamas. Allowing Hamas to take over hospitals, schools, homes of private citizens and even UNWRA’s offices. The U.N. can say anything they want, but Israel has the final say on who protects them, not the U.S. or U.N. “NEVER AGAIN” is not to be taken lightly.