Thought we saw it all with the Green Agenda, but now Branden has gone over the top. His cognitive ability has deteriorated to such an extent that America questions his sanity. Remember how he shook down Ukraine, he has now doubled down on Israel. “Do what I say or America will not supply you with offensive armaments needed in your fight against Hamas.” This time though he is playing with fire.  The situation on the ground is at stage 5, the Red Line, Israel’s survival is at stake. Israel is not about to bow down to a two-bit dictator when it comes to their survival.

Biden has laid down the carpet for Hamas, once again proving how much he loves them, but in turn HATES AMERICA. If you can’t trust your friends who can you trust.  Image preview

What has transpired here is the pressure from the various Muslim cities in Michigan. If Biden loses this state, he will lose the election.

POTUS is kissing up to the Muslim scum that has run havoc from California to Connecticut. Ilhan Omar AGAIN blasts Donald Trump and says he 'cannot be trusted ...These radical trouble makers demand special treatment, they threaten state and local politicians, demanding their rights; keep in mind that the majority are not U.S. citizens. They have tailgated their way into the U.S, skipping over our open borders.

Biden now proposes those in Gaza who have been displaced to come to here, yes here and they will continue to f..k up our country like Hamas did to the Strip. The lunatic has gone berserk by even thinking of allowing these terrorists to come here. The only place deserving of them is six feet under.