The Day of Recogning is at hand. Tomorrow, in the corn fields of IowaFlag of Iowa, hundreds of thousands of Democrats and Republicans alike will turn their plowshares into votes. Candidates have been tilling the soil for close to a year now, some deeper than others. Iowa is a caucus state, relationships matter, slapping the flesh gets it done.

At the end of the day, only one candidate will be driving the combine. One day before the vote, expect the unexpected. Our guess is that Bernie Sanders will scorch then burn Hillary the liar Clinton; this will demonstrate the viability of his campaign particularly on a national level. Clinton, mind you, was  a known factor in Iowa, her infrastructure in place from 2008 where Barack Obama turned her into silage, she was to be the Queen of Corn in 2016. However, the honest people, there are honest pragmatists in Iowa who obviously know that Clinton is rotten to the core.

However, a socialist by the name of Sanders via Brooklyn New York, now out the Green Mountain State of Vermont, swamped in like a swarm of piranha like locusts hungry for the ethanol vote. Clinton was blind sided by Sanders, she felt a burning sensations and called for help; Chelsea and Bill arrived. How can this happen to me again, the people like me, they trust me, I will give them what they want or at least tell them that I will. Why are they defecting to the old codger, one who will need a wheel chair in four years?

Hillary is bred to be deceptive, to dodge questions, to deceive, to fabricate, to lie, to blame others; we venture that the majority of people in the Hawkeye state can tell the difference from a boar and a pig.


How many times have you been stopped by a policement, given a ticket for traveling five miles an hour over the limit, perhaps they grabbed you for plowing through a stop sign, a rolling stop at that; did they ticket you for not wearing a seatbelt? And that orange light which turned red at the last instant cost you $200. Yeah, you know what we are talking about, you break the law and the law comes down on you like a lead balloon. But this does not happen to the teflon  MOUTH OF POLITICS, Hillary Clinton, she is too Big to Jail.

What she did was provide assistance to the enemy, her server was tapped like a keg of beer, yet she says she did nothing wrong and won’t apologize. The FBI and State Department are knee deep in the investigation, worming through the evidence, 100’s of investigators seeking the truth, or are they? Americans have had enough of the trash talking lady Clinton, enough crap has come out of her mouth to fill a barnyard. Hundreds of emails were labeled secret, top secret and for your eyes only, Special Access Program or (SAP). They ended up on her closet server, the one she installed to bypass security. Remember Clinton wondered if it could be wiped clean, like with a cloth.

The State Department is culling these emails releasing them at a snails pace. However, they will not release 22 classified Top Secret and seven as SAP, these are more than top secret, only a dozen people are allowed access to them, yet they ended up on Clinton’s ignominious server. Bluntly this is a violation of the oath Clinton signed when taking office, but it is more, Clinton has consistently lied about why it appeared on her server. We no why. Clinton instructed her surrogate, Huma Abedin to cut and paste these from a secure server, how she got her hands on this only God knows, wiping the title classification and any other culpable data from it before it was copied and pasted on the Chappaqua server. CHAPPAQUA

Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, insists she never sent or received emails on her personal server that were marked classified at the time. We will tell you this, if this liar received classified information, even if it was not classified as such, but did not know it or understand how secret it was, she is not qualified to be the President of the United States; she is an incompetent antagonist unworthy and incapable to protect America.

The best place for Lady Clinton, one that will keep her mouth shut for good and protect the security and future of the United States is in solitary confinement.lies


Remember Japan, once the envy of the capitalistic world, today a bag of bones shrinking faster than the Fukushima reactor. Image result for fukushima daiichiWhat happened to their state controlled, keiretsu cabals is the question; the economists don’t have an answer, but it is plain as the light of day; they hobbled, like a cripple from the dragon.

After the implosion of their stock market twenty plus years ago the government stepped in large to alleviate the pain, dropping interest rates in a vain attempt to spur the economy; sounds like our dim-wits here took the same approach. However, things are so bad in Japan right now, the people are afraid to spend their money.

This has caused the government to step into the fray once again. This time they have gone over board with the Mother of all policies. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is charging banks who make deposits in the BOJ, interest. In other words banks that don’t loan out money will be penalized by paying the BOJ a fee (interest) for keeping or depositing their surplus funds in the bank. This is a way of telling the banks to loan out money to anyone who needs it, good credit or no credit.

Does anyone imagine what a policy like that would cause in the United States. Say you had a $100,000 in your bank account and the government forced the bank holding your funds to charge you, say 5% a year, for keeping the money in the bank. We know what will happen then, the deposit will be withdrawn and the depositor would convert the paper into GOLD.

You say it can’t happen here! Wait, we are living in a funny, fluid and ….ed up world. Thank you economist, thank you Obama, thank you Bernake, thank you Yellin. Thank you dumb politicians who have stolen the wealth of the middle class. You are personas non-gratae. THE REVOLUTION IS AT HAND.


Since 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window, governments have been free to print fiat money and spend at will. Why not, no one will stop them. Secondly this keeps the politicians in power. Without handouts to one constituency or another no one would vote for an incumbent.  What is confusing to us is why do governments bring up the gold subject so often? This does not make sense. This action is similar to digging up an old body looking at for a moment or two then covering it over until next time.

The main reason governments bring up the dead is because they fear them and so it is with gold. Suppose gold never existed, what would prevent governments for printing as much wallpaper as their pretty heart desires? Nada! Like a governor on a car, the shadow of gold keeps the thief within certain parameters.  Gold is the invisible hand restraining governments from going off the deep end as did Weimar in the 1920’s.   Picture of a 5 trillion dollar note.

When government loses their credibility, a REVOLUTION is ready to fill the gap.

The old saying went like this, “when the United States sneezes, the world catches a cold.” The world is now topsy turvy, today the world looks at China not the United States for the sign of a sneeze. What appears to be the onset of more than a whiff of a sneeze in China has caught the attention of the developed and undeveloped world. First sign of problems were the ghost cities, then the unrestrained growth forecasts then went thud, then came the everyday speculators who went whole hog buying stocks in a frenzy. Then came the recent missed economic forecasts which sent up a red flag. Then out of nowhere the China crash, stocks imploded in a flash. Instead of letting the free market take care of the problem, the government decided to be the purchaser of last resort. But they were not through, China saw signs of influenza in the distance and they reacted by debasing their currency 2%. This was their Nixon moment. This has caused turmoil in the Asia currency markets. Others soon followed not wanting to miss the sampan. 

Back to gold for a moment. With the world economy in the tank, oil sliding to new lows, commodities rusting in warehouses, inflation negative in many countries; in fact some banks charge their customers for making a deposit – give them $100 and they will give you $99 a year later. Wow, that is a new twist.  With all of that being said isn’t it logical to see gold at $20 or $35 like it was in 1933? But there must be something buried out yonder, it is the call of the wild that implores the initiated to take hold, something is up while the world economies are going down.

Something certainly is up. Currencies being debased in a frenzy. China, last week spent $500 billion. With reserves now at $3.5 billion, if this continues in another seven weeks they will be out of cash. And our old friend the Chavismo state of Venezuela, we heard that they are on the verge of economic collapse, riots breaking out in city after city. The calls for Brazilian President Rousseff to quit are becoming louder by the day. And all sorts of stuff, like bombs exploding in country after country; makes one wonder what is will happen next. Wack a mole world keeps us on edge, particularly with many governments in the hands of liars, ours included.  Stay tuned for more elephants dropping by. No wonder gold is still in the $1100 range.

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A Syrian refugee being housed in n a refugee shelter, pulled out a knife and stabbed a young Swedish girl to death.  The 15-year-old suspect was restrained by other asylum seekers and has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, visited the shelter on Monday and expressed his sadness at the “terrible crime”.

“I believe that there are quite many people in Sweden who are very concerned that there may be more cases of this kind, when Sweden receives so many children and youths arriving alone,” he told Radio Sweden.

It came as Sweden’s police commissioner, Dan Eliasson, requested 4,100 additional officers and support staff to help fight terrorism, carry out migrant deportations and police asylum accommodations, The Local reported.

Sweden may reject the asylum applications of up to 80,000 migrants and should prepare to deport them, the interior minister says.

Anders Ygeman said charter aircraft would be used to deport the migrants but it would take several years.

Some 163,000 migrants applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015, the highest per capita number in Europe.

The numbers have fallen significantly since Sweden imposed tighter border controls this year.


Roman officials turned the Vatican into a Muslim holy place by covering up nude statues during a visit by Iran’s Rouhani, a ruthless Islamic killer; the Capitolini Museum was the scene of the crime. Pope Francis should have spoken out prior to the visit, he had two choices, neither of which he took. Romans should be outraged.

The modesty measures were imposed prior to Rouhani’s meeting Monday with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Any directive to cover up the statues came from the prime minister’s office directly, and not from city officials who normally run the museum, according to a Rome city official.Iran President Hassan Rouhani (L) exchanges gifts with Pope Francis at the Vatican January 26, 2016.  REUTERS/Andrew Medichini/PoolIran President Hassan Rouhani (L) exchanges gifts with Pope Francis at the Vatican January 26, 2016. REUTERS/Andrew Medichini/Pool.

This is an embarrassment to the artists, the Christian people and the good citizens of Rome. Their shibboleth down through the ages has been “when in Rome do as the Romans do.”

Political correctness by Pope Francis is a show of weakness when the likes of Rouhani and the Iranian Red Guards are supporting killers in Syria, Hezbollah and the Nusra Front. Iran is responsible for exporting their Shia fanaticism into neighboring states. Killers of the first rate, they will not stop until they conquer Israel.

How many Christians have been liquidated by Iranians surrogates in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon. The Pope put those questions aside. Don’t forget, Islam is a religion of peace and now the Pope has signaled that Christianity is a religion of accommodation.





Chicago’s eponymous South and West Side have suffered another Christmas blood bath of gargantuan proportions.  Sixty wounded and eleven dead during the holiday. Although the year is not dead yet,  expect the number of murders to clock in at over 800. Well armed gangs roam the streets packing heat, exercising dominion over the hood. Rivals test their mettle. Innocents become victims of stray bullets often times they are no older than five. A better name for the South and West Sides are Butchers Alleys. Remember, Chicago was once known as the “Hog Butcher of the World.” Not many Hogs in the body count, but plenty of Beef. This doesn’t seem to bother the officials. To them, a dead Black is only a meaningless statistic. Why else would they stand by and do nothing?

“Hog butcher to the world – And they tell me you are crooked and I answer: Yes, it is true I have seen the gunman kill and go free to kill again.” Carl Sandberg had it right, Chicago is a town of killers. These aren’t the mafia types of lore, but the murderous thugs born of liberal profligacy where families don’t exist. The gang is the father and mother, they provide the love to the sworn killer whose thirst for blood has no end. Revenge is the fodder that feeds the blood lust. But don’t despair, the political crack heads yearn for more. Why else do they continue to condone gang violence?

Over Sixty shot, eleven killed. New records set by the hour.

Two girls, 13 and 14, were shot on the South Side as a violent Christmas weekend came to a close during one of the most violent years in Chicago in decades.

A total of 61 people were shot in the city during the holiday weekend and 11 of them died of their wounds, according to data kept by the Tribune. Seven people were killed on Christmas Day alone, more than on the holiday the past three years combined. Three people were killed in 2015, one in 2014, and two in 2013. Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said most of the weekend’s victims were targeted by gang members.


Donald Trump and the ‘Rivers of Blood’

Sarfraz Manzoorjan, New York Times, January 22, 2016


When Mr. Trump speaks of barring Muslims from entering the United States, I hear an echo of a British politician from another age, one who is largely forgotten here but whose views on race and immigration were as polarizing in their time as Mr. Trump’s are now. Enoch Powell was a politician whose career spanned most of the postwar period, first as a Conservative and later as an Ulster Unionist. He had grave reservations about mass immigration and frequently spoke in apocalyptic language about its consequences.

Mr. Powell was hardly an obvious demagogue. The Labour politician Denis Healey once compared him to the Athenian statesman Demosthenes. He was a classical scholar and gifted linguist, and his speeches were renowned for their erudition. Examples from Roman history are not part of Mr. Trump’s rhetorical repertoire.


By 1968, he had become the opposition’s chief spokesman on defense–if largely by virtue of the fact that, as a talented maverick, he was regarded by the Conservatives’ new leader, Edward Heath, as too dangerous to leave out. Speaking in Birmingham, England’s second largest city and one already changed by extensive immigration, Mr. Powell argued that “we must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents.”

This policy, he warned, “is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.” In the most often quoted line–an allusion to the poet Virgil–Mr. Powell said, “as I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.’ ”

The Times of London called it “an evil speech,” and the first direct appeal to “racial hatred” made by a senior British politician. Mr. Powell was summarily dismissed from his post by Mr. Heath.

Yet his lurid warning about the dangers of mass immigration resonated with many Britons. He received tens of thousands of letters of support for what became known as the “rivers of blood” speech. Three days later, as a Labour government bill against racial discrimination was debated in Parliament, 1,000 dock workers marched from London’s East End to protest the “victimization” of Mr. Powell.

There are parallels between the way Mr. Powell gave voice to white working-class anxiety and Mr. Trump’s primary campaigning. And like Mr. Trump, Mr. Powell discovered a ready audience: A Gallup poll a few weeks later found that 74 percent of those surveyed agreed with what Mr. Powell had said. For immigrants like my father, who arrived in Britain from Pakistan in the early 1960s, it wasn’t Mr. Powell’s words that were frightening so much as that so many seemed to agree with them.


In recent years, the target of nativist anxiety about otherness in Britain has shifted from black to Muslim. From my background in Luton, I always looked to the United States as a place where almost everyone was “other,” from somewhere else; I imagined it as a nation that offered a welcome to all, regardless of color or creed.

That faith has been sorely tested by Mr. Trump. Like Mr. Powell, he demonstrates the appeal of a charismatic leader who presents himself as a principled truth-teller, the only man brave enough to break with the establishment consensus on immigration. As Mr. Powell did, Mr. Trump connects with voters–especially among the economically insecure white working class–who feel they’re being lied to by the political elite.

The difference between them is that the “rivers of blood” speech effectively ended Mr. Powell’s political career (he never again held high office, though he remained a member of Parliament until 1987), whereas Mr. Trump has been rewarded so far for his harsh words. Mr. Trump has drawn some criticism from other Republicans, but he is certainly not the pariah that Mr. Powell became.

Mr. Trump, like Mr. Powell before him, speaks for those convulsed by fear. In his 1968 speech, Mr. Powell quoted a constituent who dreaded a future when “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.” That paranoia–an ugly delusion that inverts the actual history of slavery–was unfounded. Yet what is striking today is that though Mr. Powell was cast into the wilderness for his views, arguably his warning about the challenges to social cohesion from immigration was prescient.

Thankfully, the rivers of blood he foresaw never flowed. But nearly five decades later, Britain’s long experience of race riots and domestic terrorist attacks suggests that the countervailing doctrine of multiculturalism has not made for a land of milk and honey either.


In Britain, Powellism was eventually defeated as a political movement in part because politicians across the divide united against his views, in part because his dire predictions proved exaggerated and, not least, because people of good will mobilized to stop groups like the National Front from intimidating immigrant neighborhoods and winning elections. But Mr. Powell’s legacy was long and bitter–a lesson for both Britain and America that the price of not confronting the fears that fuel this antipathy could be severe: Whether or not Donald Trump wins his immediate political battle, he may, like Enoch Powell, win the war of ideas.


The past weekend blizzard was a sight to behold. Snowmegeddon wrecked havoc on the Atlantic seaboard, from North Carolina up to New York blizzard conditions caused death and destruction. Traffic accidents were the norm, road closures common place, highways snarled for miles. Blizzard Jonas was advertised well in advance, the weathermen when all is said and done, correctly, we were surprised, hit the bullseye in their forecast.

The clean up has begun, some areas, like the Bronx, were at wits end, citizens wondering why the plows never came.  Snow totals varied and amounts were touted with precision accept for, yes you guessed it, Washington D.C. They operate under a different set of rules. When the other airports surrounding Washington reported their totals, for instance Dulles Airport in northern Virginia and Thurgood Marshall-Baltimore Washington International Airport in Maryland — recorded 29.3 and 29.2 inches of snow, respectively.

And that brings us to the buffoons that were responsible for measuring the snow at Washington’s Reagan National Airport. The team at Reagan National, in Arlington County, Va., use a device called a snow board, in keeping with the requirements of the NWS. The board is supposed to be placed on the ground in a location where it will not be affected by high winds or drifting snow. It is supposed to be wiped clean and replaced every six hours. According to the Post, 17.8 inches of snow had fallen at the airport as of 8 p.m. local time Saturday. Although snow fell for at least another four hours, 17.8 inches was the final measurement submitted to the NWS.

On Sunday, Mark Richards, the senior weather observer at National, stood by the accuracy of the reading, saying his team did the best it could under tough conditions.
“Everyone has to understand that measuring snow in a blizzard is a tough thing to do,” Richards said. “We would like it to be as accurate as possible,” he said. “But it’s an inexact science.”
However, Bob Leffler, a retired NWS climatologist told the Post that the loss of the snow board may have resulted in Reagan National’s observers underreporting the true total amount of snowfall by between 10 and 20 percent, which would make the true total between 19.5 inches and 21.4 inches.

Washington at its finest hour, now we know why the one inch storm on Wednesday turned into such a disaster.



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