Dear Members of the Media,

Since early March, we have been sending you Press Releases regarding a ‘new’ movement within the Tea Party movement.

The NoRino2016 movement is a grassroots coalition of over 62 Tea Party groups throughout the nation who have pledged to withhold support of any moderate candidate….aka a RINO.

What happened in Mississippi last evening was an absolute disgrace. ANY republican who supported Cochran should be deeply ashamed.

He won by courting liberal democrats, praising Obama and dismissing the Tea Party, which is, for the most part, a faction of the republican party.

A larger fire has certainly bit lit within the Tea Party movement.

We will be asking Chris McDaniel to run as a “write-in” candidate to which every Tea Party group will be encouraged to support in any way possible.

We are asking that the media report about the national grassroots coalition NoRino2016, as it is certainly playing a part in national politics by volunteering for conservative candidates no matter what state they are from.

They have also pledged to withhold support of any RINO nominee.

Thank you,

Barbara Gonzalez



Contact: Barbara Gonzalez 908-902-5728
Ann Ubelis 843-473-7712

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