A Call to the States

It’s time. No. It’s way past time, for the various States that comprise the United States of America, to stand up and show some patriotic backbone. They apparently think that since their federal congressmen and senators are corrupt turncoats and cowards, Marxists and fascists, out to destroy our freedom and American way of life, that they must meekly follow along, exhibiting the same behavior. To this notion I say, in lieu of cruder, more vulgar verbage: Balderdash! Poppycock! Twaddle! Claptrap!

As the far left has come to dominate the Democrat Party over the past 80 years, and the Republican Party in the past 25, Americans have been slowly de-educated regarding the history of our once great nation. We have been made to forget that it was the States and their elected representatives who were the driving force behind our world-changing revolution. We have been taught that it was simply some individual white slave-owners, acting out of personal greed and racism, who accidentally created the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The truth is that these men represented the people of their States, and saw the advantage of uniting to a limited degree. A very limited degree. The Constitution, written by men looking out for the common interests of their various States, gave few and well defined powers to the new federal government. Well defined and clearly separated too, were the three branches of the new system, separated to prevent exactly what we have been witnessing in the past six years. The States and their people were unequivocally given power over everything not included in the short list of federal powers, implying also the power to tell the federal government to – insert preferred phrase of choice – when federal acts and actions were deemed by the States –not necessarily the Supreme Court – to be unconstitutional.

Over the past six years, Americans have been subjected to a wave of governmental lawlessness unprecedented in our history, a crime wave largely unopposed by the federal establishment that threatens to “fundamentally change” America into a monolithic fascist police state. It’s time for the States that, unlike Obama, the Democrats, and the Republican Establishment, still believe that the Constitution is the ultimate Law of the Land, to take a stand. They need to tell the federal government that it must – repeat, must – obey the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress.

Internal scandals aside – and these alone are enough to have in the past sent hundreds, if not thousands of federal “officials” to prison – the invasion of our country by foreign nationals is a crisis of major proportions. It’s been intentionally created by Obama and his puppet masters, and genuinely puts the continued existence of America as a free nation in jeopardy. It’s estimated that some 51 million foreign nationals, a number equal to nearly 20 percent of our total population, have entered the country illegally. Put another way, nearly one in five people in America is a criminal, someone who made it clear from the beginning their disdain for our laws.

It’s recently come to light, too, that these criminal invaders are bringing a variety of potentially lethal diseases with them – TB, adult chicken pox, measles, H1N1 influenza, dengue fever, Ebola, and others. The threat is so serious that the Center for Disease Control has activated its Emergency Operation Center to deal with it (http://www.infowars.com/cdc-confirms-activation-of-emergency-operation-center-in-response-to-immigrant-influx/). Funny, though, this fact seems to have slipped by the TV network news and the rest of the “mainstream” media. Seems they don’t think it’s important that diseases that had been pretty much wiped out in America are being reintroduced by the criminals that Obama, the Democrats, and the Republican establishment want to make U.S. citizens. They also seem to have overlooked the fact that medical personnel at the facilities where the criminals are being housed have been threatened with arrest by the civilian security force Obama has created to guard them. And at the risk of being called a paranoid conspiracy nut (actually, a compliment nowadays), the federal government could easily use a real or faked epidemic to quarantine cities, counties, states, regions, or even the entire country, and impose martial law to “maintain law and order.” With the current crowd in D.C., this is not far-fetched.

Since law enforcement at the federal level has become corrupt and refuses to obey the Constitution, the States must intercede. What needs to happen, and now, not next week, or next month, or after we do a study, or after the next election, is for the legislatures of the various States to make it unmistakably clear that they will enforce federal immigration law. In addition, they need to authorize their attorneys general to empanel grand juries to look at bringing charges against the federal “officials” responsible for breaking our laws and endangering We, the People, the citizens of these States. They need to authorize the arrest of these lawbreakers, up to and including Barack Hussein Obama. To wait is to court disaster.

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