Like a magician pulling a dove out of thin air, the IRS has snapped their fingers and viola, backup tapes have appeared. Hocus Pocus says the magic man waving the  wand back and forth and out of thin air they came. Have you ever heard of such garbage?

We bet that if Monica was in charge the evidence would have been preserved in its original pristine condition. But there are no interns working for the IRS, only bureaucratic bunglers hiding in labyrinths of the dark. Speak up and your career disappears faster than a speeding bullet. Now the question is: have the tapes been sanitized or will some DNA still exist?

The forensic team is working diligently we suspect to determine what if any residue remains.  And we wait patiently for their investigation to run its course.  Not expecting magic, but somehow we believe there will be a smoking gun with Obama’s fingerprints all over it.  Let’s hope!

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