It wasn’t meant to start out that way, but on a typical cold morning in Boston harbor the Sons of Liberty (disquised as Mohawk Indians) assembled on Griffin’s dock, boarded the cargo ship Dartmouth, promptly went down into the hold, brought up casks of tea and tossed them into the harbor.  The Revolution was on, the date was December 16, 1773; this event, later know as the Boston Tea Party, triggered the revolution.

On July 4, 1776 we declared our independence from Great Britain; no longer paying tribute to King George and the Crown. A new nation was born, the greatest nation on the face of the earth.


However, as we celebrate we must be reminded that there are those within who are destined to destroy our nation, our legacy – we know who they are. Their pursuit of such an endeavor started on January 20, 2009 on the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration. Subsequent to that infamous day, the 44th President of the United States has attempted to destroy the legacy that brought forth a new nation.

We don’t have to repeat the violations here, but remind Patriotic Americans of good heart and soul that the celebration today is one that not only remembers our glorious past, honors those who served and died, but we must never forget the forces of evil that are now attempting to destroy and rewrite our legacy in their own image; a socialist style dictatorship modeled after Stalin.

For us, the thought of a second tea party is real. We must be vigilant to surreptitious plans by the evil residing in Washington who assault our rights at every turn; fortunately recent decisions confirm that the the Supreme Court is on our side. The failure of Obama to defend the homeland against all threats at home and abroad borders on treason.

We must protest and take a firm stand against a government hell bent on our destruction. Because if we don’t defend ourselves there is no one else who will. The fight we fought 238 years ago was for future generations to live free in liberty on consecrated ground. We must defend and preserve the liberty our forefathers fought for.

Happy Birthday to the USA.  God Bless America


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