Expecting a terrorist attack, Britain has raised the alert level to serious. ISIS is thought about bringing chaos to a major city.  David Cameron has warned the citizens of the radical element driving ISIS and will confront them if need be.

Up to this point not much has been done to counter the “rag tag” army. Far from it, they have had free reign wrecking havoc across the Middle East. Now they are planning to bring their war to the British Isles. As noted previously England is a prime breeding ground for ISIS, with 5% of the population Muslim,  recruiting new jihadists is easy as one, two, three.

Cameron added the “threat is growing” from Britons travelling to fight with IS, saying at least 500 people had travelled from the UK “to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq”.

According to news reports, the Pope is also a target of ISIS.


Instead of protecting the homeland, Obama has pulled troops from the southern border with a new charge sending them to wilderness areas in Arizona, Nevada and Utah to harass Americans. But reports are coming in that place the greatest threat at the Mexican/Texas border. Members of ISIS and al Qaeda  are joining the illegals carrying with them arms and chemical weapons; some are undetected, for example anthrax and botulism – toxic substances to say the least, a small drop can kill thousands in a millisecond.

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