Thousands if not hundreds of thousands, if Obama has his way, will be entering elementary school. Most have no education beyond kindergarten, most are illiterate, most are pawns in an illegal enterprise; Condoned by liberals, we still can’t understand why the Black Caucus has not raised a voice, with the true cost to be the ravaging of millions of dollars from hard working Americans.

To venture a guesstimate we put the dollar amount per child at a minimum of $400,000 including housing, food, health care and education. In a dozen years each and everyone of this illegal will cost local taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 per year. And the liberals sit in their easy chair while the taxpayer is sweating bullets. By the way, most of these illegals have been settled in Democrat run states, but some are being dumped in Texas and Louisian. Would anyone expect otherwise?  Hey Liberal, have you had enough already? Time for the governors of Red States to say, “hell no they must go.” IMG_4021

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