All of our efforts were not in vain, Milton Wolf put up a gallant fight against heavy odds, losing by a scant 7% (48-41),. The important thing to remember is that he set the agenda that his 78 year old  opponent must follow for the next 6 years. Although the TEA PARTY put a lot of effort into this nationally watched race, the word around town is that we are a force to be reckoned with as we continue to march toward our ultimate victory.

All eyes will be on Kansas tonight. Hopefully the Wizard of Oz will show up. A real twister is in store pitting Republican Milton Wolf a second cousin of Obama (he is white) no less is running on the Tea Party banner against an entrenched three term Republican. Senator Roberts is expected to win, so this is a long shot, but sometimes longs shots come in;  we think Eric Cantor can tell you something about that.WIZARD OF OZ ORIGINAL POSTER 1939.jpg But this will be no yellow brick road for Roberts who carries the RINO water for President Obama. Stay tuned for tonight’s results.

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